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Puneet Singh


This is Puneet Singh owner and founder of Tech4uonline, my interest is in how to make money online, SEO, digital marketing, new technologies, updates how it works and what are the upcoming technologies in our life

Also, work as a Freelancer, Content writer, here I will tell you the best and trusted ways of online earning as when I do search about online earning, most of the ways are just scams so be aware and always work with genuine sites.

I am a B.tech student (Mechanical Engineer) who lives in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, certified as Google digital unlock, Display ads and working as a Digital marketing consultant

Our Approach 

Tech4uonline is here to help you getting financial freedom, guide you how to earn money online, tips to start your own business,  latest and important news related to technology, mobile reviews, new innovation in technology and much more

This blog is established on 24 September 2017 and our approach is to provide you with the best and most relevant information about online earning and the latest technology.

Our main approach is to provide relevant and genuine information that can help you, always say to give your feedback so that we can improve and I am happy that I am getting your feedback.


Our goal is to educate our readers, guide them on how to make money online, start your own business, building a community so that everyone can help each other.

Provide you cool and latest stuff from the technology world, the interesting facts about the tech world.

Give you all the equipment, so that you can start your own business, tips to grow all the best tools provided to you so that you can work smoothly.


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