How to Enable Adsense Auto Ads to Monetize your Blog

How to use Adsense auto ads to Increase Your Earning and User Experience:


Being a blogger you probably know that rank higher in Google is how much important & after the update of google that page loading speed is now a ranking factor, your blog loading speed matters a lot.

There are many things which affect page speed & you need to optimize your blog for AMP (accelerated mobile pages) for fast speed.

Today we talk about ads which you implemented on your blog, Did You know that ads affect page loading speed around 1 sec more.

So what is the solution?

Google adsense auto ads
Google adsense auto ads for AMP


Automatically smarter ads for amp is the solution, Google, as we all know, has captured the hearts of many publishers, not because of any reason but because of their ability to provide quality services.

You all know that Google Adsense is an ad network which serves ads on your content & you make money from it, now they come with auto ads for amp.

Google has just introduced one of its latest feature which is the Google Adsense auto ads. Now if you’re familiar with AdSense, this shouldn’t be much of a hassle trying to decide.

The ads placed on the website are handled by Google and also sorted by Google to know what commercial fits what site and what should be seen by who.

If you notice, from the explanation above, there’s already an amount of automation done by Google, but with the Adsense auto ads ad feature, the automation has gone a step further.

What is Google Adsense auto ads for the amp?


Google Adsense auto ads are the latest feature added by Google in order to provide quality, lightweight ads which increase your page loading speed.

It is a feature that uses machine learning or artificial intelligence to determine the best way to optimize ads, either by where they are placed or the types of advertisements that should suit a website.

Even the amount of ads that a website can hold per time, with this new ad format, you’ll notice that the automation has been taken a step further to make things a lot easier and efficient to handle.

AdSense auto ads vs manual:


When we talk about Manual ad placement it takes much time & effort to place ads on the blog on the other hand adsense auto ads to make it easier, also automatically decide how many ads to show on a particular page which helps in increasing your revenue.

Publishers who are having a lot of difficulties maximizing their opportunities through AdSense can now use this feature, to ensure the best results, the publishers who also want to  make the best out of AdSense,

So the next time you hear Auto ads, do not let your mind wander off to a particular advertising unit for cars but an electronic ad format that is poised at making publishing worth it.

The seeming disadvantage to this new ad format, however, is that you now have no control over the number of ads that you can place on your website,

Google would use its algorithm to determine the number of advertisements that should suit your site and what goes where.

The feature also would not tamper with any manually placed ad you have before the time of your activation of the new feature.

What is auto ads for AMP & how to setup:


AMP(accelerated mobile pages) is a framework used to make your site load fast and provide a better user experience.

Recently Adsense launches its Auto ads for AMP when we apply ads on our site the loading speed increases so us to reduce this loading time  AMP ads launched.

Earn 10% more with fast and best Ads for AMP pages

Get start with Auto ads AMP

1.)  Sign in to your Adsense account and in left side click my ads > Auto ads.

2.) Click on Auto ads for AMP


Auto ads for amp


3.)  Select Automatically get new formats if you want Adsense to add new format when available.


4.)  Copy  the amp-auto-ads script in the <head> tag of amp HTML.


Copy the AMP head tag

5.)  Copy the AMP auto ad code in the body of the HTML.


Copy AMP body tag


6.)  Paste your code to AMP HTML


Paste AMP head and body tag to AMP HTML



IT takes 10-20 minutes to appear on your page


AMP auto ads live


How to use Google Adsense auto ads:


The fantastic thing about this new feature is that it only requires a line of code, on all the pages of your website, you wish to display ads and that it, the automation begins.

We would straight away be talking about how to activate the new feature.

With the presumption that you have a Google AdSense account, you should log in to your account.

Go to your ads, after that you click on Auto ads.


Click on the ‘ setup Auto ads’ button and wait for a new dialogue box to open.


You’d now have to configure your global add settings, making sure you enable the “automatically get new format toggle button’.


Click on save, and that’s all you’ll be needing.

adsense auto ads code

Where to place this ad code of auto ads

GO to theme header

Adsense auto ads where to place


From time to time you can monitor how this new feature is doing and how it increases your revenue with Adsense auto ads.

Adsense auto ads review:


After using Adsense auto ads for 2-3 weeks I found it much better in terms of quality, speed & revenue.

When you use auto ads it provides lightweight ads, that provide fast loading pages & more relevant ads which increase your earnings.

Good user experience, which loved by googling a lot if you provide good user experience to your visitor’s google loves it & you see the higher ranking.

You see around 10-20% increase in your revenue, this is my opinion my review regarding auto ads you can also look A/B test google auto ads here.


Adsense auto ads are the best feature in aAdsensewhich make ad placement much easier, provide lightweight ads which results on fast loading pages & you also see in increase in your revenue around 10-20%.

What’s your opinion comment below, if you have any question feel free to contact us.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful article. Just 1 quick question – can i use auto ads and auto ads for amp simultaneously?

    • thanks for your feedback.
      Yes, auto ads place ads in your blog but it does not filter fast loading Ads.
      Whereas amp auto ads filter fast loading ads to your amp url.

      Use both.


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