Which is Best For App Development Ios or Android for You

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The Basic Points in App Development Ios or Android Which one is best and Why?


App development ios or android environment to develop an application is often the biggest cause of confusion among developers.

For this reason, we have come up with the list of top five things that can affect the development of an app and how it differs or is similar to both the platforms.

app development ios or android

1.) Target audience:


It is the most important thing to consider for developing an app. Not all places on the earth have a homogenous mixture of Android and iOS users.

While Android is one of the leading choices among users from a lot of places, some users solely choose iOS.

It is thus necessary to know about the demographics of the place you are choosing to develop the app for. Also, if you are considering a soft launch or beta test, you need to target accordingly.

You cannot expect to get the right feedbacks for an iOS app from a country where the maximum counts of users love to use Android devices.

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Thus it is necessary to go through at least some parts of market research to have a clear idea of what is more prevalent in your target zone. If you plan accordingly, deriving the best results will be a piece of cake for you.


2.)Development complexity:


The features that you want in the app to determine the complexity of developing the app. One of the major differences for any iOS vs Android development is the platform you will be used to develop the app.

While you can practically use any computer to design an Android app, you particularly require a Mac machine to develop an iOS application.

Also, you need to keep the version of the operating system (mobile device) in mind.

Java and C programming language has served the market for great periods but the current projects are flourishing more on Swift and Kotlin.

Kotlin is known to be extremely compatible with Java and lets you use all the frameworks from Java into Kotlin. But things are different for Swift and Objective C.

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Before you start working on developing an app for iOS or Android, you need to consider the usability and interchangeability of the coding languages to keep things under control.


3.)Development costs:


The development costs for any app – be it for iOS users or Android devices are minimal.

Coding is totally skilled dependent and you do not require spending a penny on it unless you want to hire a programmer to do your job.

The cost involved is in publishing the app in the app markets which varies in both the platforms.

While Google Play Store costs can be as less as $25, the Apple App Store can range four times that rate and stands at $100 per year. The rates are even higher for enterprise publishers.

This is where monetization comes in to make the difference and depending on the strategies you opt to increase your profits, the publishing costs can often be negligible.

If you are skilled with coding skills, then the costs for iOS vs Android development is zero for both.


4.) Publishing in the stores:


It is an important thing that can affect the choice of developing apps, especially among indie developers. The cost differences of publishing apps in both the platforms have already been stated.

Another thing that differs for both the platforms is the approval time for the apps. App Store has a dedicated team to check out an app to make sure if it meets the set guidelines.

That means real individuals apart from the automated tests will be going through your app. It can take about a day or more in some cases to approve or disprove an app for the App Store.

For the Google Play Store, an app just to pass the automated tests to get published and it hardly takes about three to four hours to get done with the entire process.

This contributes to the higher success rates of publishing an app into the Google Play Store than that to the App Store.

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In case of rejections by the App Store, the members from the deciding committee can even get in touch with you to converse about why the app was rejected.

And on what grounds to make it easier for you to bring in improvements and resubmit the app for further assessment.




It is the ultimate purpose for coming up with an app development process unless you are volunteering for some noble cause or working for a non-profit organization.

But there are not many differences to the monetization process of apps for both the platforms, the differences lie in the demographics of the target market.

In-app purchases for free to download apps and apps with the initial payment, charges are some of the most common ways of monetizing an app.

Referrals and other promotional offers are some other ways that developers consider for bringing in monetization.

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In-app ads and ad-free app versions are also effective ways to generate monetization for your work.

You can also put up a subscription charge for getting rid of the app or just put up relevant product ads on your app to generate some income.

It all depends on the strategy you choose and the audience you target.

Author Bio: Umar Bajwa is a young Tech geek and content coordinator at AppModo loves to write about Mobile Apps, Technology, Life Style and Digital Marketing


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