Best Apps Where you can Earn Money Online Thinking how?

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How to Earn Money From Mobile Phone? 22 Apps Where you can Earn Money Legal money:


Want to earn money? If yes, then you are at the right place I am writing this article on the apps where you can earn money.

Till today you paid money to download the app from play store, called paid apps but today I am going to tell you 10 apps where you can earn money.

These all apps are tested by myself so if you work you definitely going to earn money, here you need to a simple task, play games, share your content, watching videos and wallpapers.

apps from where you can earn money

Sounds interesting, yes so check out these 10 apps which help you to earn money online.

List of Apps where you can earn money:


Below are the listed apps which enables you to earn money, rewards, and cash-back to earn some extra through your mobile app.


1.) How to earn money online from Tik Tok app:


Most of you know about this app and those who don’t know TikTok is a short video sharing platform.

This app is popular between youngsters age between 13-21, who make short videos basically lip-sing videos where you need to act according to the audio clip.


With over 100 million downloads this is the fastest growing video sharing platform, which attracts marketers and brand for brand reach.

Now the question is how you can earn money through TikTok?

There is a feature called live stream which is added in which when any creator goes live, viewers can send them stickers, emoji.

You need to buy those stickers and emoji then only you can send and as creator get these in the live stream they can redeem them to real cash.

As you grow and more followers you get you can put ads on your video, advertisers itself contact you for paid promotion.

Big brands such as Coca-Cola create challenges and competition as a sponsor and you get the prize for that.

how to earn money from Tik Tok app

You can promote other creator and charge money for promotion.

Overall TikTok make you famous and you can use this for promotion, adventure is willing to pay $50 – $500 per post depending upon engagement.

So if you love to create short videos go and grab this opportunity.

How to earn money through Instagram 2019 


2.) Loco :


Live Trivia game show loco app is a quiz platform where you can play the quiz.

loco app where you can earn money

Here you need to answer the questions in realtime and earn real cast when you give all the answers correctly.


This game is hosted 2 times a day at 1:30 pm and 10 pm.

This is Top #2 app in Google Play Store, you just need to register your self with your Paytm number, answer 10 multiple choice questions and earn money directly to your Paytm account.

Multiple people playing this game simultaneously so the winning amount is shared between all the winners.

So if you have good knowledge love to play quiz games grab this opportunity and earn money.

You can also invite a friend and in return, you get lives which you can use during playtime.


3.) Apps where you can earn money Dream 11:

dream eleven

Most of you know about this app due to the huge amount of advertising, if you have knowledge regarding cricket, or any other sports you can play in this app.

Dream 11 is game prediction gameplay where you make your team including all member bastman, blower, the wicketkeeper, captain etc.

In the app, there are ongoing matches where you can join by paying entrance fees and when your selected player perform well you get rewarded money.

At initial stages, you get 100rs when you verify your details and after that, you can add money from Paytm or receive the winning amount.

Go test your knowledge and earn money.


4.) Mpl :


Mobile premier league (MPL) is an app where you can earn money just by playing basic old games.

This app is a #top3 app in Google Play Store and here you need to sign up and play games through tokens.

You can buy tokens or get by sharing games with your friends and family members, it is the biggest e-sports platform where you can participate in tournaments and win real cash.

Games such as.

1.) Fruit chop

2.) Monster truck

3.) Runner no 1.

4.) Gem Crush

5.) Ninja jumper

The games are run 24/7 and you can withdrawal your money through Paytm, UPI or bank transfer.

The easy simple user interface to play and win.



5.) Google opinion rewards :


Yes, give your opinion and earn money that’s how Google opinion rewards. Here you need to sign-up and log in and earn money through paid surveys.

google opinion rewards earn rewards through app

There are many apps where you can earn money through surveys but Google rewards are the best app.

As you complete survey Google pay you to reward points which you can redeem. There is also expiry dates of your reward so use it before it gets expired.

You get 12 months to use your reward credits.

The survey is from Google so you can trust and you did not get real cash but earn rewards points which you can use to purchase Google apps, books, etc.


6.)  SquadRun :


This app is available is the play store where you can earn SquadCoins, you have to complete tasks which results in Squad coins and further you can redeem these in your Paytm wallet.

Here you get tasks or you can say mission which you need to complete in your free time as you complete task you get coins after completing threshold coins you can redeem them.

As soon you sign-up and log in and complete your training you get 500+ coins.


7.) Viggle :


What if I say earn money just by watching videos and movies. Yes, Viggle app where you can earn money just by watching videos the more you want the more you earn.

This app is available for both Android and Ios which provide your rewards points on behalf of watching shows and listen to music.

You can redeem their points for your purchase or cash it to your bank account. So go watch your favorite shows and make money.

This app currently not available in India.


8.) Paytm money :

Earn money from Paytm money app

You are familiar with Paytm but did you know about paytm money?

What is paytm money? Paytm money enables you to invest your money in mutual funds.

If you have knowledge about mutual funds you can use this app which enables you to invest the money as low as 100rs.

Track your progress and up or down you can sell your shares any time and withdrawal your money directly to your bank account.

Free registration just provides all the details and get verified and start your investment, you can invest in all leading  AMCs in India.


9.) Freelance and up work:


Did you know about freelancers, if you are related to online earning you definitely know about freelancing?

In freelancing if you know any type of work related to any industry such as blogging, graphic design, video editor, voice over or marketing.

Freelancing means working for any other person for some duration and charge money for that.

Both these applications provide you a platform where you can sign-up fill your details and make your gig( what service you are providing)  and start your earnings.

Part-time work with a high amount of earning freelancing is the best platform and there is need for freelancer in upcoming years.


10.) Swagbucks :


apps from where you can earn money swag bucks

Earn money for everything you are doing in the internet watch videos, fill the survey, play games, refer friends or participate in daily pool contest.

By doing all these tasks you get points which you can redeem gift cards for Amazon, PayPal cast etc.

This app is available in both Android and Ios. Till now $97,000+ to the members so join download the app.


11.) BookScouter :



book scouter

Apps where you can earn money, this is best for you here you can sell your old books.

Here you can sell your books for maximum money just by comparing offers from more than 30+ vendor’s.

This app is available for both Android and Ios, you can also buy books al lowest price just by visiting buy section and find the lowest price.

So sell, buy your old books or others make money from your home comfort.


12.) Ebates:


ebates online earn money through this app

Today every one love to shop online even you also so what if I tell you apps where you can earn money while shopping.

Ebates with over 5M+ downloads here you earn cash back points on your purchase which you can redeem through PayPal or check.

You will get 5$ as a welcome bonus with over 750+ stores listed you can Shop and get cashback.

You can also refer to your friends and earn bonus cash back. So don’t wait just go and download the app to start your shopping.


13.) Dreamstime:


You love to take pictures so why not make your hobby your passion.

Earn money by selling your photos with Dreamstime the leading stock photography app. You can use your smartphone to take photos and upload to Dreamstime stock marketplace.

Keep updated with your selling and new updates on the app and make more money by finding what people are searching for.

Give some time to do research and find what type of pictures users like click and upload and earn money.


14.) Shopkick :


This is another app just like some of the above where you shop for your product, complete tasks and earn gift cards in store and online.

Reward points (Kick) earn kicks just by walking to nearby store scan selected products and make purchases.

Sounds interesting go and download the app and start your earning.



15.) Meesho :


Make your online store with Meesho here you need to sign-up and sell products you get commissions on every purchase.

These are the apps where you can earn money with zero investment just create an account and start.

Start reselling start your online business with zero investment.

With over 1M+ downloads and 30 lakh resellers, it is #2 top most app in google play store.

How to start

Registered your self in the app, search for the product you want to sell share with your friends and family and earn money.


16.) Google Tez:


You are familiar with referring and earn but Google Tez is somehow different here you get 51rs every time when you refer someone.

Do transaction, send money to your friends or pay bills you get a scratch card, the amount varies 0 – max as per offer and the amount is directly credited to your bank account.

There is some other app as Phone pay, Paytm, free recharge which works on the same principle. Comment your views reading your experience.


17.) Surveys On the go:


surveys on the go


After Google opinion rewards this is the second best app for surveys but this app is not available in India.

As the name suggests on the go you get surveys to fill out these surveys and earn cash, 0.15$ – 2$ per survey you can earn and the survey related to your daily life.


18.) Money App – Cash for free apps:


Earn money for trying new apps, watch videos, complete survey, play free games, test services and earn.

Cash money directly credited to your PayPal account.With over 1M+ downloads and  100,000


What are you waiting for go download this app and share your experience?


19) Snapwire :


This is another Android app that is based on selling your photography talent, click the best quality photos from your phone and upload here.

The cool part of this app is as you level up yourself you can request for paid buyer request. If you get nominated you get rewards or if your photos purchased you get paid.

Sounds interesting so why waiting downloads the apo and Start exploring.



Write a review and earn money this app provide you Reviews for various products and services you can also write your review and experience and earn money.

With over 100k downloads working good to pay you for your views and opinions.


21.) Decluttr :



You buy a CD, DVDs, games, books all techItem can be sold here and earn quick cash.

Buying and selling portal where you can buy and sell your old stuff. This app is currently not available in India but soon be available.

There are 3 simple steps scan, send, get paid, this app is available for both Android and Ios users.


22.) Batooni:


As the name suggests this app is used for calling purpose, it is recently launched and it is one of the best apps in online earning.

The concept behind this app is when you want to make call someone use Batooni app for this, app interface is just as dial pad.

When you make calls with this it will show you a 10-sec video add for which you will get 0.25 per call, you can watch the maximum 10 ads in one day.

Means you can earn 2.5 rupees per day 70 rs in one month with this app if you like you can download it through the play store.



This is all on apps where you can earn money some of the apps are not currently available in India but soon available.

Go check out these apps if you like please provide your feedback and share it with your friends.

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