5 Best Readability Checker For Bloggers to Increase Reading Score

Today is the world of infinite content creators they are actively engaging in creating good content but forgot about making easy to understand and this readability checker can help bloggers. 

This content encompasses categories like entertainment, sports, technology, fashion, etc.


It is a very good practice given that it nurtures them to improve their writings for future endeavors.


But one needs to keep in mind that all this content competes with other creators too. In order to appear top in search results, checking content readability is crucial.

Any website or content developer usually faces the problem of effectively engaging with the audience. He/she also struggles to make his/ her content impactful.

Best Readability Checkers For Bloggers

Here are the 5 best readability checkers to improve your readability score!


Well, the first to top the list is Wrytin's readability checker. It is developed and empowered by the Wrytin Technologies Pvt Limited, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

wrytin readability checker

Wrytin has an amazing tool to test the readability score. It uses the Flesch Kincaid score as the metric scale. Basically, the Flesh Kincaid score was devised by a person of the same name.

He tried testing the readability of a particular English passage for kids. The formula to test readability ease is:

Flesch-Kincaid reading ease formula: 206.835 - 1.015 x (words/sentences) - 84.6 x (syllables/words).

According to Wrytin's checker a score above 70  is considered for a starting level.

Wrytin's tool shows very long sentences in red, which is an indication that the blogger should shorten them.


The checker also asks you to change passive voice into active voice with a message displayed alongside.

According to the Flesch Reading scale that Wrytin employs, a score of more than 100 is simple, while between 0-30, is of university-level reading. 60-70 indicates a student of 8th or 9th grade being able to read the text.

One can type the passage or extract to check the score. You can even copy and paste a longer extract for the purpose.

With easy accessibility, Wrytin's checker is an amazing tool and will surely make your job easy!


This is a readability checker used by over 5 million websites. Yoast SEO is the top WordPress plugin for SEO.

yoast readability checker

Although this app is particularly designed for Search Engine Optimization, yet you can use it to create user-friendly content too. The tool works on a premium account effectively.

Professional bloggers can avail of the premium pack too. It works well!

It helps a content creation site to make good content. It adds an analysis panel to your post/page editor.

It then sends feedback about the content readability and SEO focus keyword.

Yoast SEO usually tries simplifying the content for you. It means that it works to remove the difficulties in the text.

This means that the SEO may not approve certain kinds of Literature. Yet for sites who want to gain traffic, it works at its best.

On the readability tab, it rates your content with color-coded bullet points and suggestions.

A smiling face with green indicates that your content is best to post. Red indicates a serious problem. Usually, this red emoji looks quite sad. The orange color shows some room for improvement.

The checker remarks in the form of sentences telling you the problems to be rectified.

Besides that, Yoast SEO has a complete readability analysis that allows a blogger to create easy -to- digest content.

This tool can be a good choice since it fulfills both the tasks together- SEO and readability check.


This tool is the most used one. You can find it directly on Google or Chrome. Just fill " Automatic Readability Checker" in the search engine.

readability checker

The content or piece of writing is first calculated on the basis of the number of sentences, words, syllables, etc.

After this processing, the output is put in 7 readability plugs. This will tell you about your score and grade level of reading.

You can put a sample of around 200-600 words in it. For longer books or otherwise, you can put up to 3000 words.

According to this tool, 85% of the public can read your text if you have a score of 8 or below.

This tool also checks keyword density in terms of the trending keywords to expand your blog. This helps make it appear in top searches.

Along with that, it tests the quality of your blog content and text material. It also indicates the spelling and grammatical errors.

And lastly, it enhances and helps you work on the tone and sentiment of your writing. 

This is really important to engage with readers. The tone is particularly beneficial for people who have a literature background.

Altogether, this checker is capable to do a lot of jobs. Do try it!


This is one of the many famous tools to check content readability. It focuses primarily on the content part of your text. This works in the same manner as most tools do.

You can write the content in it via a keyboard. One can even use a link or a URL that can link it to a bigger file.

Then the tool will start its processing. It will finally come out with an output.

The most interesting aspect of this tool is that it will give you 6 readability scores. So it will be upon you to follow which one of the six. The scores are as follows:

  • Flesch reading ease
  • Flesch-Kincaid grade level
  • Gunning Fog Score
  • SMOG Index
  • Coleman-Liau Index score
  • The Automated Readability Index score

Yet the grammar part of this tool is still left to be discussed!. It is a grammar Nazi too!

It will tell you about the number of sentences in your content or passage. Besides this, you will also be updated about the number of words in it.

And the tool will then segregate the complex words out of total words. You will be able to see the percentage of complex words in your text.

Accordingly, you can make your text easier to read.

Really, it's a good checker!


So this one is an ultimate grammar Nazi. It will correct your grammar as your English teacher did! However, this checker is very useful.

grammerly readability checker

Most of the time, bloggers don't focus on the qualitative aspect of the content. Yet it's important to check the grammar of a writer too.

Grammarly focuses on the grammar and " Englishness" part of the text.

This tool focuses on the details of writing rather than the technicalities of SEO content writing.

In order to use it, one needs to install it from Playstore. Then you need to add the Grammarly keyboard with your usual ones.

And then get started!

It will address issues such as the tone and structure of your writing. It will discuss everything with you like grammatical errors, spellings, complexities, etc.

So go, go! Install it!

These were the top-rated 5 best readability checker for blogger by us. They are worth a try!

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