Best Tips To Protect Your Identity Online Stay Safe

Tips to make your online identity secure, protect your Identity online, be safe from Hackers:

Most of us use social media and other online websites for many reasons such as sharing our information, purchasing, to be updated with the current affairs and for many purposes.

There are many chances of hacking your personal information by Internet hackers and then target you for various spam activities.

Protect Your Identity Online

Security is very important when you are connected with the online world because your personal information can be used to target you.

Like every time you are listing about the hacks, data leaks and selling viewers information, even facebook name is very popular in this field.

Why encryption is very important for online security 

So protect your Identity online to stay safe, in this article, you can see tips to protect online personal information.

Here we can see some best ways to keep your identity with the highest level of privacy.

1.) Manage your passwords properly:

The password you are using should be as strong as possible because it is the first point where the hackers hack your personal information.

Don’t use easy passwords such as 1234566 or your name and other because these can easily be hacked, use a strong and secure password.

Maximum try to avoid your date of birth, family members names, pet name, and so on as your password, because it is easy for the hackers to identify.

It is best to use the DeleteMe promo code to provide a high level of protection to personal identity.


2.) If possible, use two-way authentication:

Use two-factor authentication methods to keep the data even more secure, that means every time when you log-in you will get a verification code on mobile.

Hardware security keys supported with the U2F is the most secure two-way authentication method.


3.) Be updated:

It is more important to be updated with the application and the software that you are using in your PC or Android devices.

Some of the important things you need to update frequently are Computer OS and Phone OS, Anti-virus software applications, Mobile applications, and web browsers.


4.) Check the email validity before clicking on the link or downloading the attachment:

Phishing emails can even come from your known contacts, hence also check the validity before opening or downloading the link. There is also a chance to hack your personal identity through malicious emails.


5.) Always check the plugins and add-ons connected to your mail:

Every email has an authorized third party user, in case you have found any unauthorized user then delete it immediately.

It is more secure to use a DeleteMe promo code. It keeps your identity safe from hackers.


6.) Make sure whether the website has HTTPs security before entering:

Don’t enter into the website, without checking the HTTPS security. The webpage without this is not secure to use, you can check this in the URL of the webpage.


7.) Use browser extension:

Using browser extension while searching through the internet is the best way because it prevents us from security issues.

8.) Don’t provide any personal information:

If you want to keep your personal identity safe, don’t use that information on the public profiles. It is better to have a DeleteMe promo code to prevent from hacking the personal data.


9.) Aware of the public Wi-Fi:

Using the public Wi-Fi network is not that much safe when compared to the private Wi-Fi network hence it is better to avoid the use of public Wi-Fi.

10.) Stay informed:


Check frequently whether you have all proper security measures for preventing the hackers to hack your personal information.

These are the steps that help you to keep your personal identity safe and secure from unauthorized users.

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