Best Photo Video Maker App For Mobile And Pc Download

You also want to make a video with pictures but the problem is which is the best photo video maker app so today I will solve this problem.

Due to the high cost of software, not everyone can afford premium software, and free apps come up with watermark so what to do.

If you are also facing these type of problems then here are the best editing apps which can help you to solve your problem?

So, as an experienced editor, I’m always on the hunt for best video editor apps for android and iPhone something new to help me get my work done whether I’m at home or on the move.

best video editor apps

And the same is happening with lots of other people and that’s why I come up with this article on the best free video editor apps comment on your views.


Best video editor apps for Android:

I’ve been using mobile apps for a while now and I love how I am able to efficiently complete my work even if I don’t have my laptop by my side.

I’ve decided to provide a quick review of my favorite apps below in the hopes that it will make your search for the perfect video editor app a little easier.

When it comes to video editing we all search for the best apps, in order to get high-quality editing effects or if you are a video content creator then a good editor app must be required

Best Photoshop alternatives.

Whether you are searching for the best video editing app for youtube, Instagram or any professional work these apps can help you.

7 Best photo video maker app for Android:

1.) Share Your Creations on Social Media with Videoshop:


Video shop

Videoshop offers a wide variety of editing tools to help you quickly and easily create videos that have the exact look and feel that you desire.

Whether you want to create slideshows of your favorite photos or you’d prefer to merge video clips that you can share on Instagram, all the tools you need are available in one place, which is really nice.

You can even add filters, transitions, voice-overs, animated titles, and sound effects to your video. And, if you’re so inspired, you can also make videos using stop motion recording for a new take on your topic.

Keep in mind that, while the majority of Video shop editing features are free to use, you will need a subscription for some of the more advanced tools.

If you don’t want to spend money, then just stick with the free version, but know that your options will be slightly limited.

2.) Export Your Videos in 4K Resolution with InShot:

Photo video maker app InShot is the newest of my top choices because it lets you upload videos in up to 4K resolution; perfect for enjoying every single detail on an HDTV.

You can create videos from your favorite clips as well as put together a slideshow of your favorite photos; which I think makes a nice touch to any big event you might be hosting.

There are countless style layouts, filters, and backgrounds to choose from, so you will have no problem creating a video you’ll be proud to share with family and friends.

I’ve been using Videoshop for a while but just recently came across InShot and I’m so glad I did because it has quickly become one of my favorite video editors ever.

I actually found it accidentally when I was reading an article a friend sent me and it linked me to this super useful top 10 pages for the best video editor apps.

(I’ll link it below in case you are interested – I even found the other two apps on this list there, how cool is that?!)

Best 10 Apps for Making Videos

The only slight negative about InShot is that exporting videos in 4K resolution can take a bit of time to process.

While this can be slightly annoying if you need the video right away, it’s definitely worth it (in my opinion) to have such high-quality content.


3.) Explore More Than 1,000 Editing Effects with VivaVideo:


Viva video app


VivaVideo has more than 1,000 video editing effects you can use in any combination.

Plus, there are countless professional-grade video filters and lenses that you can use to make your videos – especially YouTube videos – really pop.

There are also stickers, text animations, and an entire library of music you can use to add that extra personal touch to any project, whether you’re doing it for fun, for work, or even for school.

VivaVideo is excellent for more experienced editors who want a little more to work with, but I can easily see how it might be a bit overwhelming to the new user.

Because there is a lot of content and editing tools available, there may be a slight learning curve with this one as you figure out how to use each and every feature.


4.) Action Director video editor app:

It is the Editor’s choice photo video maker app available on both the platforms Android and pc and available in both free and paid versions.

It does your all basic work such as importing clips, edit the theme, render the video with the simple and fast way it also supports 4k videos.

You can record, edit video and apply video effects, add voice or music from your own library, it also supports movie effect such as slow motion.

Supports mostly all form of video formats and require Android 4.3 as a basic version you can also rewind your video on the go.


5.) Filmora Go:

If you are searching for the best movie video editor app then your search ends now as Filmora is one of the best editors for Youtube/Instagram and Facebook.

It provides you all basic options of editing, as this app is free it does not stamp a watermark or any limit to edit a video.

It also comes with an export video to a popular ratio such as 1:1 for Instagram and 16:9 for youtube, all in one video editor.

Key features:

1.) Make reverse and slow-motion videos.

2.) Support importing media from social media sites.

3.) Add music from Filmora go the library of licensed songs.

4.) Slow-motion, Duplicate, rotate export videos in HD.

There is also an app purchase option for the extra effect an option but most of the things are free and you can do you all work.


6.) KineMaster photo video maker app:

This is another best app for video editing, provide all the basic and some advanced features to edit your video available in play store.

This app best fits for those who work with green screen, multiple video layers, chroma-key, special effect and much more.

It supports 4k videos, this app is free but with a watermark of KineMaster, and some tools are not available in the free version.

You can add floating text feature in your video play, export videos in all available aspect ratio, all in all, a good app which solves your all need.


7.) Quik- free video editing app

This app is quik as its name and app is 100% free available in the Play store, provides you all the essential tools for video edit.

Select your photos and video apply effect add music and let quik do its job stunning result with a quick process with free of cost.

App work with motion pictures, choose your theme to add a smiley and many more effects add GPS stickers to your video.

Use songs from quik library or you can use your own music from your library, support all formats and export your videos in Full HD.


Amazing apps to edit your Youtube Video:

All the above apps are common which you can use in all your work such as editing normal clips, a video, Instagram clips and more.

But here we will discuss about some of the best apps which are mainly focused on youtube video editing and are used by YouTubers.

If you want to get more features and funcality then switch to pc because apps for pc are way better than mobile apps.

1.) Wondershare Filmora:

This app is getting very good reviews when it comes to editing videos, it is available for mobile,pc both with the free and paid version.

If you are new or a professional this is best for both of you as if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about editing.

This app helps you with all pre-made and amazing editing options which make your video a professional look and feel with some clicks.

Many YouTubers use this and recommend it because if you know how to edit then this can take your video to the next level.

With a separate youtube video editing option in filmora, you can edit your audio, remove background noise and apply effects.

With premium features, you will get  PIP, green screen, Tilt Shift, shock, and video stabilization.


2.) Pinnacle studio:

Not having a very good camera to shoot your video then this is going to help you with all amazing editing options this has advance video stabilizing features.

This app is for pc,  with all basic editing options it is equipped with motion tracking feature, blur and you can edit 3D and 4K videos.

With its premium subscription, you will get all unique and latest features that make your youtube video an awesome video.


3.) Corel video studio:

An award-winning studio editor which is for pro editors this provides features like motion feature, lens correction, and 3D video editing.

With all basic and premium options, it is equipped with video hardware acceleration for fast rendering the edited video.

4.) Power Director 2019:

This is the free app for android users it includes, slow motion and reverses feature mode, movie effects using chroma key.

With their video stabilizer, you can stabilize your shaky videos, with all basic editing options it is with the slow-motion editor.

Key features:

Edit backgrounds with chroma key.

  • Slow-motion.
  • Video stabilizer.
  • Edit 4K videos.
  • Chromebook compatible.
  • Moviemaker.


Free Video Editor for Instagram:

1.) Moviemaker for Youtube and Instagram:

With over 5million downloads this app provide you all essential editing options free of cost, also known as alive the editing & creative community app.

If we talk about an Instagram video they should be interesting, useful as well as funny you all can do with this app just open record feature.

With its inbuild feature, you can record amazing videos with cinematic effects, you can also connect with the community to share your video.


2.) Adobe premium Rush:

This video editor is from adobe a well-known brand in the market you can shoot, edit and share videos with its amazing features.

If you are searching for the app without watermark then this enables you to shoot awesome video with a build-in professional camera.

This is the best video editing app for android without watermark, easy editing with drag and drop feature make it easy to use.

Customize titles and great sound editing options such as sound balancing, noise reduction, voice-over, with Ai feature.

Mobile editing apps for iPhone:

1.) iMovie:

This is the free app available for apple user, provide you all the basic editing features for iPhone and iPad users.

This app is simple and smooth drag and drops function if you are new can start with this it supports 4k videos.

Simple, easy to use when you learn the basics of editing then you can move to another.

2.) Luma Fusion:

This should be your first choice while searching for the best video editing app for iPhone it provides you all basic and some pro-level effects.

Through this, you can make video stories, a powerful app to edit your video as well as your audio, you get all that you need.

Drag and drop features for smooth and easy interface, make your own effects and save them for the future, you can also share them.

Some FAQ Questions:

1.) What is the best free video editing app?

For me, the best one is filmora because it does my all work what I need to perform plus it is easy to use and simple user-interface.

You can try this if you are a beginner or an intermediate or you can try all the above-provided apps and comment on which one you like.

2.) Is Windows Movie Maker 2019 free?

Yes, it is completely free you did not need to pay anything to use this and it does all basic work a simple but powerful tool for windows.

3.) What apps do Instagramers use to edit?

Instagram is the currently most popular platform because of the quality of pictures and videos, so you need the best effect editor tool.

Some of the best which most uses are:

  • Snapseed
  • Layout
  • Boomerang from Instagram
  • VSCO Cam


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Being a full-time video editor can be tough sometimes, but I find that these tools make the process so much simpler and more streamlined with photo video maker app.

I noticed a significant increase in my efficiency since introducing mobile apps to my roster of video editing tools and I think you will too.

If you are searching for video editing apps of any kind, I highly recommend you give one or all of these three a try.


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