5 Best Writing Assistance Programs for Beginners 2019

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Make your Article more Better with Best Writing Programs:

Authors, students, bloggers, and content writers, they all need the best writing assistance programs. These tools are designed to empower writers to create quality articles or papers.

best writing assistance programs

They can also improve one’s writing skills, productivity and boost concentration.

However, the only concern for writing professionals is choosing the right tool from the numerous options available. So, if you are planning to get serious with writing and need the best writing assistance programs, here are some incredible tools for you.

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1.) Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the popular editing tools used by most beginners and expert. It features an intuitive interface and comes packed with features that make proofreading tasks a breeze.

And unlike many other similar tools, it can improve the quality of your paper and cause you to finish your proofreading task in no time.

This powerful editing tool can also correct numerous mistakes in any piece of writing.

In other words, whether you are writing a novel, essay, research paper, article or blog post, you can use Grammarly to make your work error-free and fluent.

With Grammarly, you can identify the slightest of grammar mistakes such as structure problems, misused words, repeated words, tautology, typos, spelling mistakes, passive voice and many more!

The tool also has a free and paid version. But the paid option offers access to more advanced features and let you conduct in-depth checks.


2.) FocusWriter:

Writing an article or research paper requires regular visits to the internet. But the problem is that writers often encounter too many distractions online that derails one’s attention.

Social media is one of the popular distracters. You may find yourself spending more time on social media than on your writing projects most times if you cannot control your activities online.

So, if you find yourself spending too much time on social media or visiting other sites online, then FocusWriter can help you stay on course.

First, it runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system. And even though it cannot edit grammar errors or improve your writing, FocusWriter can boost your productivity and concentration.

So, if you are looking to produce more words without losing focus, you will gain a lot from this tool.


3.) Scribus:

Scribus is a powerful desktop publishing program designed to offers great writing assistance to those who need help. It is also an open-source tool, meaning you don’t need a license to gain access or use the tool.

Everything is free, and the program also comes loaded with advanced features such as ICC color management, PDF support, CMYK, editing of vector drawings, and many more.

This writing assistance program is one of a kind. It comes with everything you would require to create top quality brochures, flyers, books, newspapers, and many more! But then, bear in mind that you will need some patience to learn how to use this program.


4.) Hemingway Editor:

The Hemingway Editor is another popular writing assistance program used by many professionals and beginners.

This tool helps to spot run-on sentences, adverbs, adjectives, passive voices, among other mistakes that can ruin a piece of writing.

So, if you are looking to improve the quality of your paper, then Hemingway is a wise choice.

Hemingway also has a clean interface and is super easy to use. Errors are highlighted in varied colors so that users won’t leave any stone unturned while editing.

The tool also helps to spot hard-to-read sentences and other errors that you can fix to improve the readability of your paper.


5.) Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is the most used word processing tool in the world. It is popularly used by educators, bloggers, enterprises, businesses, students, and other writers around the globe.

The program is quite simple to use and features a simple design, which makes it possible for users to create, view, edit or share documents with ease.

The proofreading and editing tool in this program enables users to customize their documents.

And due to its advanced collaborative features, working on the same document is a breeze for all parties concerned. Bosses or co-workers can work on the same document and make any adjustment to improve the paper.



So, these are some of the writing assistance programs out there. They have diverse functions but are designed to enable writers to create quality articles or papers.

Using the ideal writing programs can also benefit you in the long run. They can improve your writing skills and confidence. So, if you are looking for the best writing assistance tools to use, you can make your choice from this list.

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