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Google Duplex- make phone call for you

Google Duplex make call for you
Book you seat through google duplex

It’s All About (The) Google Duplex




Duplex is something that can make phone calls to create any meeting like a salon session or a restaurant booking for you by phoning those places, communicating with an individual and getting the work done.

That demonstration drew a lot of laughs at the keynote, but following the dust settled, a lot of honest questions popped up because of how Duplex will try to fake being human being.

What’s Google Duplex?

The Google Duplex a fresh tool that aspires to use the technology of the Artificial intelligence (AI) to “accomplish real-world jobs over the telephone” relating to Google’s developers and AI experts.

Working of google duplex
How google duplex works

For the present time, which means very specific responsibilities like making consultations, but the technology has been developed with a vision on enlargement into the areas.

Spending billions to make a cool way to make meal reservations appears like something the company would do but is not a great use of the money, expertise and time.

This remarkable creation of the Google is also more than we noticed in a demonstration in case it ever before leaves the laboratory will be far more than we see or listen to on our end.

A couple of huge financial institutions of data and the pcs to process it engaged that isn’t practically as cool as the ultimate result.

However, they are crucial due to the prime reason that making some type of computer conversation and think, instantly, just like a person is hard.



Isn’t Google Duplex exactly like speech-to-text?


The answer is no. The duplex was created to change just how your personal computer “discussions” on the telephone.

The target for offering this tech is to make things reasonable natural and then for Assistant to believe on the travel to find a scheduled appointment time that works.

If Jim says, “Yeah, about this — I don’t possess anything available until 10, is the fact Okay?”

Assistant must know very well what Jim says, find out what which means, and think if what Jim offers is wonderful for you.

If you are busy anywhere at 10 and it’ll take 40 minutes to operate a vehicle to Jim’s Storage area, Assistant must have the ability to figure that away and say 11:15 would be good.

Equally very important to Google is the fact that this wonderful tech answers and appears like a person. Google has said it desired the individual on the telephone never to know these were talking to some type of computer, though eventually chose it might be best to tell them.

Will people utilize it?

Some scoff at how enough time Duplex really helps you to save, but there are occasions when something similar to it might be truly convenient and a genuine “assistant” for a comparatively simple conversation.

One ideal situation is having the hands full — basically or figuratively — and attention divided.

When getting together with these very poor systems, people immediately make an effort to game it by communicating as easy as possible.

This technology has been showed internally at the business.

Revealing Duplex at a TGIF personnel meeting on Thursday night of the week.

Insiders say, execs seemingly insisted that disclosure of the bot’s AI position had been being mentioned well before the I/O demonstration,

in addition to honest implications of using this assistant.

Duplex would identify itself to the people answering the telephone at businesses as the Yahoo Assistant, the professionals discussed.

In areas where notification must get before a call can be saved, Duplex will also notify folks of that, too.

Google still proceeds to avoid questions about which businesses, exactly, it used because of its demo.

Nobody working there’s commented on precisely what their degree of participation of the Duplex demonstration was, yet.

Still, as the quarrels over precisely how moral services like Duplex are continued steadily to trend.

It’s something we’re improbable to see vanish anytime soon.

Indeed, Yahoo has said it programs to move out trials of Duplex technology within the Google Assistant.



Ai is rolling out very fast and here is the latest example of Google duplex.

Duplex is making calls for you, booking movie tickets.

What you say about this comment below your feedbacks.


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future of 3d printing all you need to know

Future of 3d printing



3D printing and the future of 3d printing is one of the hot topics in the manufacturing industry these days and future of 3d printing is going to boom in the market in future.

For quite some time now, there has been a lot that has been said and heard about this particular technology.


Technically, the technology may be termed as the processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with a material being added together.


In simple words, this technology is simply the future of manufacturing.


The engineers of the modern era would not have to go through the hassles of manufacturing, using the conventional techniques such as casting, molding and such other stuff.

Future of 3d printing is going to boom in the market.


All that one needs to do now, is to make sure that they have the perfect software design in place and the best 3D printer that can help them manufacture the product as per their need.

The uses of 3D technology in the future are more than what can just be predicted in today’s world.


 How Does 3D Technology Work?



 How Does 3D Technology Work?


To start with, the first step of getting a model 3D printed is to make sure that the model is perfectly designed in a computer software.


Once given to printing, the model that has been so designed on the software are now printed much like the inkjet printers.


The entire object is made from the bottom up, with a layer of the material with which it is to be printed is posted on it, with every passing layer.


This method of printing the object is known as fused depositional modeling (FDM).


The 3D printers generally use molten or semi-molten plastics or even powders, which are then joined together by the help of the adhesives.


Future of 3D printing (Scope) might also bring more wonders to the world of manufacturing.

Importance of the Technology:


Apart from the already stated manufacturing industry, the technology is finding rapid importance in the field of biotechnology.


The technology has helped to print human tissues from the early parts of the 1990s’.


However, it was not until the recent past that scientists have finally developed a human heart by the help of the 3D printer, showcasing the value of the technology in the field.


The technology has also left a buzz in the Aerospace & aviation industry, Automotive industry, Industrial printing, personal printings and much more.


Future Of 3D printing in India


According to most of the engineers and market analysts in India.


The current scenario of 3D printing in India seems to be quite positive.


As this idea is completely new in the nation.


The analysts are hopeful that in the coming years a growth in the market share for the 3D printers can be seen.


Also, due to the wide range of its application in almost all the manufacturing sector,


the future of this particular sector is assumed to be pretty interesting and also something to look out for in the next few years.


The leading companies in the nation too report of a significant rise in the demand for 3D printers in India and are hopeful for the future scope of 3D printing in the nation.


In India especially, the 3D printing technology is also finding special use in the jewelry industry, where expensive high-end 3D printers are being installed to get the perfect shapes and designs for the customers.

Future  Of 3D Printing Across The World


With something as good as the 3D printing technology coming up, it is almost certain that the manufacturing industry.


As a whole would be looking out at this technology for better and well-finished products.


However, to make sure that the technology can be used in the future, the future of 3D printing (Scope)  largely.


Depends on the improvements that can enhance the use and the feasibility of the 3D printers as a whole.


And the scientists are already working on the same.


Wider Use Of The Printers:

The scientists and the developers are trying to make sure that a wider range of material can be used.


For manufacturing with the help of the 3D printers and for the same, they will have to


sure that more materials can be given as input when it comes to the input feed of the 3D printers.


This would largely affect the uses of 3d printers in the future and if possible.


It would only make 3D printing all the more desirable and sought after.

Reduced Cost Of The Printers:


  • Recent days, although the printers are in much use and demand, the cost of the printers are yet quite high.
  • Thus making it unaffordable for many industries all across the world, thus bringing a deceleration in the growth.
  • The demand of the printers in the scope of 3D printing technology in future.
  • The same concern needs to be addressed by the researchers and the developers alike.
Need Of New Design Tools:


With the passing days, the design tools are going to affect the industry largely.


The 3D printing technology will soon demand the use of the latest design tools.


Such that the level of precision from the 3D printers is further elevated to the next great level.


And especially in the jewelry industry or in the aviation or in the medical sector.


The need for precision is at a much greater level than others and the same can be met with the help of the new design tools.

 Customisation Taking New Heights


With the use of the 3D printing technology, one can expect the customizations in today’s world to take new heights.


Even day to day objects might get customized as per the need of any individual.


And would help people have the best for themselves.


This will surely be a reason for the growth in the demands of the 3D printers from across the world.


And would have a positive impact on the scope of the 3D printers in future.


Overall, 3D printers are one of the best ways to change the ways of manufacturing and with the recent trends.


And the advantages that come along with this particular technology, it is almost obvious that in the very near.


Future the technology would be taking up a huge chunk of the manufacturing industry from across the world.


Any Question and your feedback is important so comment and share this know more about future technology.


creator studio YouTube – 50% increase in growth

Youtube creator studio

Have you checked the YouTube creator studio features, which are launched recently

On March 7, 2018, Google announced the new features of YouTube creator studio all over the world in which new matrices, best impression, and many unique qualities are also included. Finally, the applications are launched after beta testing.

Youtube creator studio beta

Probably, it is a fact that new and creative ways are the reason of attracting peoples. Living in the technology is not a big task but not connected with the technology is quite an alarming situation.

To understand the necessary reach of YouTube, new features with new creation are launch just for the understanding of the new beginners.


For deep understanding, it is entirely necessary to understand the new studio features. However, rolling the small things is the reason for significant achievement just like the YouTube channel activity.

In the creator’s world, the new elements of matrices are moving available in the YouTube Studio creator features. Within a couple of weeks, you will definitely aware of with the use of new features.


Benefits of using YouTube creator studio:


To manage the YouTube channel, first, you need to download the latest version of Creator Studio on your computer.

It’s also called the statistical control system, through which you can see who watch your video.

Even, you can response the comments and tag the video. Also, you will be able to manage your video, which allows the facility of editing, annotations and adds captions.

However, we can say that it plays the role of video Manager.

Youtube creator studio


  • YouTube Analytics
  • Best impression
  • Unique viewer facility
  • Easily updated
  • Three new analytics
  • Thumbnail Impression
  • Click through rating


Features of New YouTube Creator


  • Thumbnail Impression


The first impression is the last impression. In YouTube, an impression includes the way of counting peoples, who thumbnail to your video.

However, it also tells about the potential reach or the idea of explaining the value of your content. To earn a thousand numbers of views, only the impression has the best opportunity.

Youtube creator studio

Meanwhile, it does not only depend on the matrices impression, but also it reflects the generated impression in your YouTube thumbnail, included subscription feed, searching option, homepage, and up-next options.

Just keep in mind that the traffic and notifications are not included in the impression data. It’s quite essential to understand every substance, such as where the viewer can view the video and count the number of an impression.



  • Click Through Rate (CTR):


The best part of adding the impression in your video is adding the click-through rate impression, which tells the percentage value.

Moreover, the rating can turn to the best impression of views, for instance, the titles and useful thumbnails can attract your targeted audience in a few minutes, and this process can drive up with the help of video ratting.

Youtube creator studio


If you want to focus on the more informed decision, then this metric will definitely help you out and informed a relative decision just to optimize the past videos.

If you want some change then definitely, you need to get for the new YouTube creator features click-through rate for enhancing your video impression.


However, the Click through Rate is often evaluated to see the registered impression; it’s like a subset of representing video through attractive way so that people can watch videos and your channel’s view can increase.

End screen and external websites are not included in this manner. The CTR impression depends on the following thing:


  1. Audience
  2. Place of impression shown
  3. Type of video content


Always remember that your thumbnail video has a higher value instead of others. The subscription feed has the up next, watch page and home page option.

The range between the CTR impressions is about 2% to 10% only. When your video gets the 100 viewers, then the value of your channel can be enhanced rapidly.


  • Unique viewers:


 It showed the estimation value of connected peoples, who watch, subscribe and connected to the desktop, Smartphone, and tab. With the help of unique viewer feature, a person can quickly count the viewer list.

Youtube creator studio

The best part of unique views is you will have many fundamental ideas regarding your videos so that number of peoples can watch the videos.

In the estimation of views, there are two things included that is cross view with multiple devices and a repeat view system.

The update analytical will come upon with the feature of new dashboard facility inside the software. YouTube says that there is the one stop shop beta testing facility for assuming the channels data.



How you can access the Creator Studio software:


However, at first, the Creator Studio is feeling like an overwhelming process. A lot of options are included here; choose that option which one is you like most.

If you don’t get the usage of this software, you can explore every category, with the one by one process.

While trying, there is nothing would be broken so keep working because through this process you will get the perfect software overview



  • Select Profile picture: In the right corner, at the top level of your profile, there is an option of picture access in every YouTube page.


  • Select the Creator Studio option: after selecting the profile picture, the next option is to choose the option of Creator Studio software.


Main options in the software


Introducing the new matrices, along with new dashboard in which a summary can tell the recent data.

The main of entering new metrics is to give a platform for YouTube channel so that everybody can understand the primary meaning of entertainment.

Youtube creator studio earning


  1. Dashboard
  2. Video Manager
  3. Community Channel
  4. Analytical
  5. Create
  6. Send feedback


Meanwhile, the option of android mobile is different regarding IOS computer. The best option is android application can use this app free of cost.

It means you don’t have to buy any more. In simple words, we can say that it is the best way to manage videos like a manager.

If you want to learn more and more, you need to go to the support page, so that you can learn the basic of the Creator Studio App in a right manner.



Today, the YouTube can break the ice in the world of technology. To make a more comfortable life for the creator, YouTube is performing the best and well manner way to use the YouTube channel quickly so that you can earn money.

The critical design of Creator studio is specifically for the videographers. There is an option of replacement like you edit, delete or choose to run the video.


There are three new metrics in the latest version of creator studio classic. Meanwhile, with better understanding, you can know every problem of video platform.

Also, you may find the best suggestion of Creator Academy videos, which is helpful as well as beneficial.

It is assuming that the studio will become the most used application within the few weeks because the video editors always find the best way to earn.

However, after some weeks the dashboard will roll out, along with the features of new matrices system.


How can you say that the new features of Creator studio are entirely different from the previous one?


The new studio is not jumping at once; it can evaluate the process slowly. It is assuming that the defaulter creator app is going to become famous within few weeks.

If you are new users, you just need to know everything regarding creator studio new version. As we all knew about the new way of earning a handsome amount of money is the video creativity.

First, you have to make the channel then upload your video to gain the extra cash. The better thing is to subscribe the channel just to connect with the fans and enhance the viewers.


How can the data be interpreted easily?


If you are focusing alone the CTR service, then it’s not enough, also not recommended for the engaging viewer.

You have applied some attractive ideas so that more people engage in video viewing and liking. Also, the subscribe option will depend on the impression Click through Rate (CTR). The following are the primary points of interpreted the data:


  1. View duration will depend on the higher and lower CTR.
  2. Make attractive video instead of uploading content
  3. Must check the traffic source
  4. Understand the source of impression data
  5. Depends on the core of the audience


If you want to get the ideas, first you need to check the engaging viewer on the other channel, after that make it yours.

However, you have to understand the traffic source before using the new features of YouTube creator studio.

According to the chart, you can see the YouTube analytics views.

Moreover, if the video is according to the all broadcast audience, then the chance of video-friendly user can be enhanced.

If you have not tried up till now then first a trial look before buying the software.

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jio prime membership-extended for 1 year free

jio prime membership-extended for 1 year free

Jio prime membership extended for one year (2018)

Hello and welcome friends, Good news for all, free jio prime membership for one year.

As lots of news going on, about jio prime member, what will happen after 31 march as there is no news update.

Here is official news from jio no need to worry

Yes, as jio prime membership the last date is 31 March, and jio announced that all the existing prime members would get an additional 1-year free subscription.

The company announced that existing member able to get the membership by logging in to my jio and select complimentary jio prime membership.

Prime membership offered by jio last year at 99rs for one year.

For the new users, all the conditions are same,

The new user can get a one-year membership just by paying 99rs for one year.

In prime membership, all the users get extra additional data and some other benefits than non-prime members.


To get this free 1-year prime membership here are the following steps you need to follow.

  • This offer is only for the existing jio prime members, ie, For those members who join the jio prime membership before 31st March 2018.
  • As After talking with jio care, This is a limited period offer so hurry up.
  • At night 12:00  on 31 March 2018 when you log in to your my jio app.
  • Here you find, get now option, which you have to select and fill out all the details and summit.
  • After the submission of application, as I said it is the limited period offer, so your request raised for free 1-year membership.
  • As it gets approved
  • Yeh, you are now jio prime member for one year more for free.

For the new users,

All the new member or the member who join after 31 march need to pay

399rs for (plan 84 days) and 99rs prime membership for one year.

all latest Jio plans

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How to use online casino websites without trouble

casino websites

How to use online casino websites without getting into trouble





Online casino is for sure an addictive entertainment. People attached to this have a tough time getting out of it.

However, with the online gaming industry revolution coming up these days’ people can entertain themselves anywhere and everywhere they want.

One can try their luck against any opponent from anywhere across the world. However, there is a concern that most of the people might be having.

Is Online Casino Potential To Get One Into Trouble?

laws associated with the form of entertainment

Before we get into the question rightfully asked, we would love to go into the other detail of the laws associated with the form of entertainment.

Indian government and the state governments in the nation are at large against gambling and casino.

Only 3 Indian states allow legal casino and the states are Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

The Indian government as a whole restricts casino or at large gambling of any possible types and in most of the states across the nation, the same is perfectly illegal.

However, when it comes to the online gambling, the industry has a different story altogether.

The online casino business is still just a budding industry in the nation and the government as of now has no legal framework about the same.

Having said that, it must also be noted that the government has not granted permission to any of the companies who wished to start up their online casino websites from India, showing that the government of the nation is hostile against online gambling as well.

But, as there is no legal framework, people can enjoy the online casinos that are available these days without much of a hassle.

Many of the online casinos accept even Indian currency, given the fact that India is among the leaders when it comes to the number of online casino players in the nation.

gambling addiction

Given the stance that India has had against casino and gambling as a whole.

It is tough to believe that it would allow online casinos without any intervention.

However, right now, there is perfectly no legal hassle that one might have to go through if they enjoy the service provided by casino sites such as Casino.com.

With no legal framework ready for the online industry, no breaching of law as of now can be stated.

And hence make it safe to play casino on the legal websites.

The same notion can change if the government would ever want to make a legal change in the framework

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Android P – Latest beta preview update available

Android P




As the world of technology is aware of, Google recently released a preview of its latest operating system (OS) for developers; this operating system is called the Android P.

There hasn’t been any update on what its actual name is going to be until it’s release.

Latest updates at Google’s I/O conference.

Google released the beta update for preview, here is the list of phones currently available for update.

  • Essential Phone
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Nokia 7 plus
  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Vivo X21UD
  • Vivo X21
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

If your device is on the list you can download android preview version and check out its cool new features.

Maybe Google’s latest operating system could stand for a desert, but only time will tell. What we do know are the most recent features/redesigns it will have and its release date.

Top 9 new features/redesigns and release date of Android P(Android 9) that you need to know

Android P Release date:

Android 9 will be out in around August, which will be around 3-4 months after Google’s I/O conference which is going to be held in May.


The following are the features that we know of so far thanks to the developer release of Android 9:

  1. Quick reply feature:

The new Android 9 will feature a quick reply to a notification. Now users can just answer texts even without ever opening the app. Even images can be seen entirely without ever opening the app.

  1. Privacy is improved:

With Android 9, the users will not have to worry about their privacy as Google has added the restriction of apps that can access your phone’s camera, microphone etc. when they are not being used.

  1. Better indoor mapping:

Before Google Maps could only show precise routes outdoors, but with the help of Android 9’s new indoor mapping feature, everything indoor will be as detailed as it was outside.

  1. Will improve your phone’s battery life:

The new Android P will enhance your phone’s battery life, exponentially. Google doesn’t tell much as to how it will improve the battery life of your phone but, if the developer version has proved that then at least your battery will get better and not worse with time.

  1. Screenshots can be edited:

This feature in Android 9 will let the user crop their images. On top of cropping, users can also edit the screenshot with a highlighter and a pen, which can be used to draw doodles.

  1. New auto-rotate touch button:

This feature will prove to be quite handy. Now users will not have to slide down the menu and click on the auto-rotate option—now they can simply just rotate the phone, and at the bottom left of the screen, an auto-rotate touch button will appear.

  1. New crispy and colourful settings menu:

This version of Android will improve upon the dark and hazy designs of previous Android versions. The settings menu is dark as well as colourfull; almost looks crispy and sharp.

  1. The time is on the left side:

Another new design the Android nine will have is that the time will be displayed on the top left of the screen. The battery will be shown in the same position—top right of the screen.

  1. It will include a notch display:

This notch display which was made famous or infamous depends. If you liked it or not because of iPhone X is coming to Android P.

This feature will be a little different than Apple’s as it will include options on how the notch display will look and it will not interfere with the notifications.

It is still updating; maybe some new features will be added in the official release.

Till then these are the top features/redesigns of the latest Android version.

What you think what should be the name of android p, suggest


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Digital payments : Future of payments



Hello and welcome friends today we will discuss how social medial approaching towards Digital payments.

So first let us know what digital payments are

Digital payments are the future of payments, a paperless transaction using peer to peer payment methods.

A digital wallet is used to do digital transactions (payments), these wallets store money in digital format, which can be used to make payments for the purchase of goods and services.

Nowadays digital payments expanding and social media is now also approaching towards digital payments.

Social media has undoubtedly come a long way always introducing innovative technology that would surprise everyone’s mind! This time, it’s the mobile shopping that has even got in the form of social media applications like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The latest evolution by the pioneers includes payment gateways implementation within its media space.

For example, we pay for different services like purchasing products, groceries, booking movie tickets, etc. through various mobile apps.

And to get a good share of this mobile payment market, Facebook and WhatsApp are introducing a feature of peer-to-peer payments with its gateway integration.

Digital payments through Facebook

Facebook messenger PayPal partnership(Digital payments)

There is no surprise that Facebook has one of the most active business support angles hence; it has launched peer-to-peer payment support through chat app Messenger worldwide.

However, for now, it is only available in the USA since the feature is still being tested to ensure it has hit the bar high.

It will be gradually rolling out to the public in upcoming time. For now, here’s how it works:

The users will see a “$” button in the Messenger message composer once this feature is available to them.

Facebook will then ask the users to enter the debit card information if the option is tapped.

Here’s a huge convenience for them; they are required to use Visa and MasterCard debit cards rather than entering bank account and routing info.

They then hit pay after entering the amount. The money is at once delivered to the recipient’s debit account from the debit account of the sender.

At last, a confirmation message is received at both ends about the details of time and transfer status.

Payment through WhatsApp

For now, this isn’t where the story ends.

A UPI based payment gateway similar to Hike is being launched by WhatsApp due to its millions of users (200 million and counting) proving to be a complete social media tool.

The new payments feature are still being tested in which will permit the people to transfer money to other users except for the accounts of the merchant.

By the Indian’s UPI, it has been built offering 71 banks for now.

The digital, peer-to-peer payments have been in working for a long time now, and it has,

recently launched its service in India which is indeed one of the most important markets for them.

According to TechCrunch reports, the feature popping up has initiated in both iOS and Android version in India.

It works by going to settings after which configuration of the feature by the user is required through by selecting a bank and verification of the phone number via SMS.

After that, the primary WhatsApp interface will have the option to send a payment to another

peer(the same place where you share video, file, etc. in your chat session).

While now only in US and India, these upcoming modes would help the migrant workers to skip high-fee remittance services.

With that, imagine the social media payment methods would do for digital financial inclusion.

Its potential seems just like Tencent’sWeChat that came up with WeChat Pay in 2013 and. Since then, it triggered its way to social platforms and e-commerce boasting of about 95% market share.


As we are growing digital word is becoming a part of our life, and when it comes to digital payments, we can say that this is the future of payments to buy or sell goods.

And in future, we can make payments send money to friends through our social platforms just sitting at home and all payment done.

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Adsense auto ads: how to setup complete info

AdSense auto ads

    Adsense auto ads


Google, as we all know, has captured the hearts of many publishers, not because of any reason but because of their ability to provide quality services at a very cheap rate now, they come with Adsense auto ads.

Google delivers servers, analytics, SEO tools and the likes just to make the internet a much fun experience for its users,

little wonder why they can gain access to the very heart of the technology industry.

With this much said, Google has just introduced one of their latest feature which is the Google Adsense auto ads.

Now if you’re familiar with AdSense, this shouldn’t be much of a hassle trying to decide.

Google AdSense is a service provided by Google where publishers within the cycle of Google content sites get to display the adverts others have paid for on their website, and they make money off this service.

The ads placed on the website are handled by Google and also sorted by Google to know what commercial fits what site and what should be seen by who.

If you notice, from the explanation above, there’s already an amount of automation done by Google, but with the Adsense auto ads ad feature, the automation has gone a step further.

WHAT IS Adsense auto ads

Google Auto ad is the latest feature released on the Google AdSense feature.

It is a feature that uses machine learning or artificial intelligence to determine the best way to optimize ads,

either by where they are placed or the types of advertisements that should suit a website.

Even the amount of ads that a website can hold per time, with this new ad format,

you’ll notice that the automation has been taken a step further to make things a lot easier and efficient to handle.

Publishers who are having a lot of difficulties maximizing their opportunities through AdSense can now use this feature,

to ensure the best results the publishers who also want to  make the best out of AdSense,

but are under the constraint of having to sit down with and move things around can too

use this very innovative feature introduced by Google to up their games for their website.

So the next time you hear Auto ads,

do not let your mind wander off to a particular advertising unit for cars but an electronic ad format that is poised at making publishing worth it.

The seeming disadvantage to this new ad format, however, is that you now have no control over the number of ads that you can place on your website,

Google would use their algorithm to determine the number of advertisements that should suit your site and what goes where.

The feature also would not tamper with any manually placed ad you have before the time of your activation of the new feature.




The fantastic thing about this new feature is that it only requires a line of code,

on all the pages of your website, you wish to display ads and that it, the automation begins.

We would straight away be talking about how to activate the new feature.

With the presumption that you have a Google AdSense account, you should login to your account.

Go to your ads, after that you click on Auto ads.


Click on the ‘ setup Auto ads’ button and wait for a new dialogue box to open.


You’d now have to configure your global add settings, making sure you enable the “automatically get new format toggle button’.


Click on save, and that’s all you’ll be needing.

adsense auto ads code

where to place this ad code of auto ads

GO to theme header

Adsense auto ads where to place


From time to time you can monitor how this new feature is doing and how it increases your revenue with Adsense auto ads.

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