Buying Wi-Fi Router for your Business know complete info

What to look When Buying wi-fi Router for your Business?

Are you a business owner or an individual internet is the basic need nowadays and for running the internet in multiple devices.

We use a Wifi router, but some times we face a problem when we are going to buying a wi-fi router for your business or home.

Check out this post for your all questions related to buying wi-fi router.


The technique in the router:


A Wi-Fi router in 2017 is actually a small computer with a motherboard with a processor and some memory.

We look at the parts one by one and explain what the part does and where the differences are between a Wi-Fi router.

Wi-fi router


Wifi and Security:


Wifi is relatively easy to listen to, therefore do not do banking or tax affairs via public Wi-Fi points and preferably use VPN to surf more safely.

Of course, also provide a recently updated machine with a good virus scanner.

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Some stores have equipment in their stores that keep track of what (wifi) equipment you have been in their store.

With this so-called Wifi-tracking, these stores can find out how long customers are in their store, how often they come back and which branches they visit.

Wi-Fi radiation is, as far as is known, harmless to people, animals, and plants.




The better routers have an extensive firewall built in and offer VPN capabilities.

Routers of the Draytek brand, for example, are very extensive in this area and are therefore often chosen because of the good VPN features that allow remote users to set up a secure connection with their office.

In the Wi-Fi field, security is pretty much the same everywhere. However, the better Wi-Fi routers also offer a guest network option that is completely separate from your own network.

For example, guests can use the internet but they can not connect to your computers or NAS (network storage) systems via this network.



The memory is of great importance for a Wi-Fi router. The more memory the more equipment you can connect to the router. A good Wi-Fi router has 256 Mb or more working memory.

In addition to memory, there is also flash memory in a router, this memory is used to store the configuration of the router.

This memory is often smaller than the working memory and the size of this memory but not really out.

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The software in the router can vary enormously per brand, the somewhat cheaper Wi-Fi routers do not have the extensive software capabilities that you find in the best Wi-Fi routers.

Below you can read what can be done with this software.


Parental control:




The better routers include a parental control feature that allows you to set when a user can access the Internet and what content he or she sees.

For example, you can set the smartphone after 9 hours no longer online via Wi-Fi. And also it does not allow to pass eroticism and violence. Means you can stop allowing the user to access such sites.

The somewhat more expensive routers often have more extensive options for blocking content and also offer the easier operation to set everything up.


Quality of Services:


Quality of Services is a function that allows the router to give priority to certain data, if you call about VoIP, for example, it is very important that sufficient bandwidth is always available.

When someone turns on a download it is not the intention that all bandwidth is used for this download and the VoIP call loses quality or falls away.

Also for streaming video such as Netflix or Multiplayer gaming, it is important that the connection is optimal.

QoS gives priority to this data and, if necessary, puts downloads and other less important data traffic at a low level when necessary.


Wi-Fi range of a router:


The most frequently asked questions about buying wi-fi router that I receive are always related to the range of the router. Everyone prefers a strong router that covers the entire house and if possible also the garden.

Unfortunately, in practice, it does not always work that way a stronger router is no guarantee for good Wi-Fi coverage.

Below I will try to explain why one person has good reach throughout the house and the other does not get further than one room or floor.


How Wi-Fi works:


A Wi-Fi signal is a radio wave that is broadcast by the transmitter in the Wi-Fi router at a certain power level, the standard Ziggo or KPN router has a transmission power of 40mw.

Legally, a Wi-Fi router can deliver up to 100mw of transmitting power on a 2.4 GHz frequency. At 5 GHz, up to 1000mw may be broadcast.

However, 5 GHz has a shorter wavelength, making the signal more difficult due to obstacles such as walls and ceilings.


5 GHz is therefore not ideal for use over multiple floors. Here the 2.4 GHz frequency comes into its own better because it provides a longer wavelength.

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As you can read, there are many factors that play a role in the buying wi-fi router.

Because of this, it is never really to say which Wi-Fi router is now the best business routers in terms of coverage because every house is different.

Each brand has its own antenna technology and transmission power. My experience is very good with business routers by a wise small business.

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