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Digital payments is the Future of Payments Cashless way

[below_main_header_two] How Social Media Approaching towards the Digital Payments what are its benefits:   Hello and welcome friends today we will discuss how social medial approaching Digital payments. So first let us know what digital payments are Digital payments are the future of payments, a paperless transaction using peer to peer payment methods. A digital […]

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Do you know about Ai Robot the future Robot

[below_main_header] Future is Now With Ai Robot, Did you Know about Sophia the Robot: Ai robot human-like robot is the future of upcoming technology, most of the work now done by robots so are you ready for it.  Sophia- Ai robot recognition as a Saudi citizen made international headlines — and sparked an outcry against […]

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Artificial Intelligence History and Future Scope of Ai

[below_main_header_three] What is the Future Scope of Ai and How it Will Affect our life know complete info:  A clear understanding of Artificial Intelligence does not transcend our present activities. Minsky and McCarthy, during their time in the 1950s, had described. Artificial intelligence as the tasks that are operated by a machine, which is a […]

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What is an e-Sim in India How this technology works

How e sim works? Future of Sim cards in India and worldwide, latest : Technology is updating day by day everything becoming smarter but did you know about sim card future?  Ans is e-Sim cards know how e sim works. Hello, friends how are you, I hope you are good so my question is have you […]

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  • Puneet
  • Updated November 30, 2019