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future of 3d printing all you need to know

WHAT IS 3D PRINTING AND FUTURE OF 3D PRINTING   3D printing and the future of 3d printing is one of the hot topics in the manufacturing industry these days and future of 3d printing is going to boom in the market in future. For quite some time now, there has been a lot that has been […]

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Digital payments : Future of payments

  DIGITAL PAYMENTS BY SOCIAL MEDIA Hello and welcome friends today we will discuss how social medial approaching towards Digital payments. So first let us know what digital payments are Digital payments are the future of payments, a paperless transaction using peer to peer payment methods. A digital wallet is used to do digital transactions (payments), these wallets […]

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Ai robot human like robot do you know

Ai robot human-like robot Sophia- Ai robot recognition as a Saudi citizen made international headlines — and sparked an outcry against a country with a shoddy human rights record that has been accused of making Ai robot. A humanoid robot called “Sophia” trolled tech billionaire Elon Musk at a conference on, Wednesday when asked about […]

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Artificial intelligence – history and future scope of Ai

What is Artificial intelligence or future scope of Ai  A clear understanding of Artificial Intelligence does not transcend our present activities. Minsky and McCarthy, during their time in the 1950s, had described artificial intelligence as the tasks that are operated by a machine, which if a human were to perform would have to apply intelligence. In […]

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  • Puneet
  • Updated July 24, 2018

Bitcoin , Cryptojacking in your Desktop browser

What is Bitcoin & crypto jacking? Do you know what is bitcoin and what is crypto jacking, sometimes you fell your laptop or computer CPU making more noise so check out this weather if this happening to you? Bitcoin is a new digital currency or you can say crypto-currency that was created in 2009 by […]

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