Important List of Computer Courses After 12th That Help You to Get Job

How are you? today I am here to give you the list of best Computer Courses after 12th that can help you to get an edge while applying for a job.

In today’s world, most students are joining colleges and campuses. This is an excellent achievement in society.

This open’s many new career options which you can join if you start learning some at the initial stage after 12th.

best computer course list


There are many courses to be made. Students should be kin in choosing the course. One should choose a course that is job promising so that when he or she can get a job after school.

To secure a job nowadays is very hard. Job completion is ever increasing. This has led to a lack of employment of a significant number of qualified young men and women.

This is where computer study comes in. Usually cheap, and one takes less time to complete it that’s why we listed best Computer Courses after 12th in this List.

Since these are affordable, so everyone can grab them and learn with short term computer course which is included in the list to get their best and comfortable job.

There are a few independent sessions, however, pursue. In this article, we shall deal with that one can continue as a beginner.

Computer courses After 12th that is available everywhere:

The computer and the internet are increasing very fast each year in a country like the USA.  The laptop is one of the best and significant that one can think of pursuing to make a career of choice.

Computer courses have a lot of demand in today’s world. This is the best course that can give or offers you the best rewarding job prospects.

Anywhere has one of the fastest-growing industries in IT worldwide. IT is one of the essential industries in the USA as long as revenue is concerned. This is the reason why it is good to take a computer course.

Due to the growing need and demand of the profession, there are many courses which are offered by institutions. These are either long or short term course.

One can begin by taking a basic computer course from this list and then choose a career path of interest. Before deciding on anything, make sure you have an interest in the class.

This will help one to pursue the course without any difficulties since it is in the heart of the pursuer. Taking this course may require a lot of effort and hard work from the person pursuing this course.

Students who want active jobs and graduate faster should read this article and choose a path that will suit one’s interest.


Computer courses and its demand these days

Information technology plays a huge and crucial role in people’s lives today. Everyone wants to know how the world is functioning; thus, learning is the only way to know how to cope up with the world.

Technology advances every day, and this has made people have to get to institutions to get an education. A computer being a course to be learned, it offers a good basin line on where to start if one is through with the class.

Most of the upcoming companies are using more and more advanced technology. This shows that there is a need to have the basics of how information technology is developing.

On this, more people are growing to be more professionals who are well educated in some basic computer knowledge.

As time moves on, the IT industry will become the most or largest revenue-generating industry in most countries in the world. The demand for IT experts will be high since the level of information technology is still snowballing.

With the rate in which technology is growing in our world, one ought to start with the basics of computer courses after 12th then get to know where to head after finishing the basic course.

The decision taken can be based on one’s interests and desires I tried to put all the best computer course on this list.


List of Best Computer Courses after 12th

Before excelling in the direction of desire, you ought to get to take time in making the decision on which is the course of your desire.

It is good to research and conduct on the career course you want to take. If the course is excellent and you can put the hard work on it, then you can pursue the route.

This will help you to be able to face the challenges that come up with the current world on issues on information technology.

So lets just quickly move to Important Computer Courses List which going to help you to decide which one you should adopt.


Web Designing

Web designing is one of the great opportunities for those who want to have an independent work or job. This course deals with elements of making and maintaining a site.

One has to learn different languages like Java and others. This course is a one year course, but there are others which are even shorter. The short term course even took three or four months and are also available.

In pursuing an individual career in web designing, this will be of help in doing a one year course. After you are done with the course, one can get a job quickly or even start working independently.

Because web designing or website building skill is going to be a profitable business as all the current and upcoming business coming online.

And all require a website to showcase their product or service so they hire for part-time of a full-time web developer who can help them.

You can also use this business as your teaching business where you can teach others and earn money from their also.

Computer-Aided Design

CAD (computer-aided design) is a course which you can start learning if you want to go for mechanical engineering or automotive engineering.

It is a very important computer course after 12th and essential for engineers because designing automotive parts and all other new and old components require knowledge of computer-aided design.

If you know this then you have a great future in designing, and has very good scope, start from now you can adopt free available also.


Certification course on computer technology

For beginners, this course is regarded to be the best. This course does not only deal with the computer application only but also it deals with a lot of topics which are relevant to the industries.

MS programming, MS excel, accountancy, and other subjects are the main subjects that one covers in this course. This course is the best for beginners since it sets the baseline for knowing what a computer is.

Because wherever you go nowadays you always carry a laptop or smartphone which are now capable to do all ms office and all other work.

So you have to know how to work on computers due to advancement in technology these things you have to know anyhow if you want to work in an IT company.


Marketing Course 

As you all know that how much important digital marketing nowadays, every business is now online and they need a digital marketer.

It includes email marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram and more you can learn separately or all it’s up to you and has a very good scope.

You can learn these computer courses after 12th or before also because these type of learning prepare you for the new trends and technology.

Especially email marketing is one of the best because it can help you to generate maximum sales because of the conversion rate.


Animation VFX

This is another exciting course that gives the prospect for the beginners. In pursuing this course, it helps one understand the bases of knowing what a computer is.

It helps someone to relate the field of study to what is happening in the real world.  This course is very demanding, and one can make a better career out of this course.

A more prominent study of different subjects is studied here. Some of the various topics studied are animation, 3D themes, and graphics designing.

This course is taught widely all in anywhere. If you have the skills, work will find you automatically one of the best Computer Courses after 12th in this List.



It deals with computer application in depth such as MS office, operating system, database management system etc…

Computer diploma courses impart scientific, practical and technical knowledge and also computer skills with their critical thinking capabilities.

1.VFX and animation

2.web designing

3.Hardware and networking



6.MS Office and typing course

7.Programming languages

8.Graphic design

9.Diploma in computer science

10.Digital marketing and many more…


1.Time-saving because it comprises of 1yr of duration

2.Money saver as it is 1yr course so it’s saving money

3. Offer flexibility, in this time of competition this type, of course, will help you to earn and learn

4.Lateral entry in engineering.


1.Indian railway





6.IBM etc….


With the increasing dependence on a computer system, the opportunity of jobs in this computer sector is more compare to other diploma courses as it is increasing day by day.


What is Brand Management? How it can be managed?

Brand management is defined as management of brand by improving the perception of other people what they want from you so that you can attract customers by the innovative thinking of products and services and by improving your loyalty towards your client, followers by doing all this your brand would be reputed.

Your work and efforts will decide how your brand will become popular among the influencers, journalist and in media because they play a vital role to promote your brand it is up to you how you control your business stories.

If you have bad branding it will be reflected in weak sales, poor client retention, and slack growth.


Brand Management is based on:-

1.Awareness:-It is based on how the general public is aware of your brand and products.

2.Equity:-It is based on the value of your brand if it is valuable then investors, shareholders can support.

3.Loyalty:-It is based on satisfaction and relationship, you have to engage customers by providing good products.

4.Recognition:-It is based on recognition of your brand through a logo, tagline, packing etc.

5.Reputation:-It is based on quality, service, news, customers reviews.

Your Brand messaging should be specific, expressive and innovative.

Why brand management matters?

You need to make sure you are consistently living up to your brand promises every day. Even the best brands can fall apart if not managed properly so give your time to manage your brand properly so it can grow properly.

Brand management is like a plant if you care and manage it properly then it will grow into a tree.

What is Email Marketing?

It is a kind of marketing to publicise your business products and services through email. By the use of email, one can develop a relationship with potential customers or clients.

It is the most scalable way to make sales with new customers and it creates a fast, reliable form of communication that is free and easily accessible.


The important step of email marketing

It is one of the most powerful, dynamic channel available in modern marketing while some marketing trends come and go. If your goal is to drive sales or keep customers happy in some way you need to attract people with a compelling offer and need to get them as part of our audience.

1.Create amazing email content

2.Segment your email list

3. Start blogging

4. Keep your email list clean

5. Promote through Facebook ads, Pinterest and by answering quora.






5.Higher ROI

6. Delivers message etc….

How to improve your email open rates

1. Remove inactive subscriber

2.Perfect your timing

3. Avoid spam filters

4. Make a catchy subject line

5. Write to just one person

These tips can help any campaign get better open rates, but don’t get discouraged and find some other tactics that work best for your business.

What is engineering? What engineer does?

Engineering is the ingenious, experimental, creative application of science and maths to solve complex problems. Engineers can work through various thoughts and abstract ideas and then turn into reality by utilizing the materials of nature into mankind. They isolate problems by collating them and also improve things by working more efficiently or cost-effective.

Branches of Engineering

The engineering field is so vast and it offers a range of career opportunities across all industries, it is broken down into following sub-disciplines.

1. Chemical Engineering:- It deals with natural, experimental life sciences along with mathematics and economics. It conducts research and chemical manufacturing.

2. Civil Engineering:- It deals with the design, planning, construction, supervision and infrastructure. Eg. roads ,bridges ,building ,highways ,airports etc.

3. Electrical Engineering:- It deals with the design, technology of electricity. They manufacture electrical equipment such as electric motors, radar, navigation system etc.

4. Mechanical Engineering:- It deals with the design and maintenance of the mechanical system from cars to aeroplanes it is based on core principles like thermodynamics, mechanics, electricity etc.


1.Aerospace Engineering

2.Agricultural Engineering

3.Automotive Engineering

4.Biomedical Engineering

5.Computer Engineering

6.Marine Engineering

7.Petroleum Engineering

8.Software Engineering and many more…



It is like art the more you love it, the more you will be perfect in it. It is an upsurge and innovative field it has a lot to offer which never ceases to grow. Engineering is the career in which individual develop skills, learn and expertise to lead a booming career.



In the movie industries, this course is in high demand. Most people in the world love these kinds of movies. The visual effects in films are another course that helps in making an ethical career course.

This course is a crucial thing in the film. Taking this course is a good idea, and the salary one gets Handsome salary packages if only you have to work extra harder.

Finding a job will be automatic. This job is not easy because a lot of hard work is needed, and the animator has to work extra harder and work for long hours without stopping.

One is to select this course if only you are interested in animations and arts.

Hardware and networking course

Most of the students in Anywhere are aware of this course. This course is advertised in newspapers and on TVs. The course is promising since one is guaranteed to secure a job only if you complete the course in a recognized institution.

In anywhere, there are recognized institutions where computer hardware and networking is done as per the companies require.

These institutions have a better placement record, and they offer long and short term course. Brighter students also avail scholarships to these institutions. After finishing this course, securing a job in any of the IT industries is easier.

Software and programming languages courses

To develop software, one has to learn programming languages. In IT companies, a software engineer has high demand, and this makes this course suitable to study it. NIIT is one of the best institutions that offer good and better skills in software.

They offer long and short term course. Programming languages are taught in this institution. The institution has a tie-up with soma IT companies.

The IT companies are well known all over Anywhere, and it has an excellent and better placement record. Innovative courses are introduced in NIIT each year.

Software developers can also make their application and upload to google play store and earn money from those apps.



This is accounting software. Most companies trust tally and the government uses it to store and transfer financial statements.

The tally software once updated, it becomes necessary to master the latest software version in the market.

The course is also offered in private institutions, but the recommended institution is NIIT since they have the newest version of the software. They also offer a diploma which can help one too secure a job in private companies.

Cybersecurity courses

Nowadays, most tasks are done online. This is convenient for people, and at the same time, there are substantial security threats online.

Cyber-crimes are increasing day by day, and they are becoming harder to control. The cybersecurity are about the methods to ensure the safety of people and online businesses.

In completing this course, it is easier to secure a job as a security specialist in computer systems. One can also work as a security auditor or as an ethical hacker as an independent individual.

The salary is even better when it comes to this job. Companies also hire cybersecurity personnel this hacking known as ethical hacking.

In my point of view, this is the best out of all Computer Courses after 12th included in this List so comment your best one.

Microsoft Office and typing courses

This course is fundamental and straightforward. The course is meant for those who do not have much knowledge of how to use a computer. The course is excellent in training people on how to go about typing.

Ms word is very essential in office because making the report and most of the typing work is done on ms word, ms excel, PowerPoint.

This will improve typing speed in people. On finishing this course, one can comfortably take data entry jobs or form filling jobs.

These jobs are not well paying, but they are useful to people who are retired and homemakers that’s why I put this computer course on this list.

Diploma in IT

This is a three-year course, and it is a long term course. The course is valuable. Anyone interested in pursuing this course must be ready to spend three years of attaining skills.

Taking or pursuing a diploma course is better than taking certificate courses. When one is done with the diploma course, it is easier to pursue a degree, which may take two years of study. The course is well paying if one finishes it.

Diploma in computer science

Just like the diploma in IT, this course also takes three years of study. The minimum qualifications for this course are the 10th passed students.

It can also be pursued by a student who has 12th passed in the science stream or the mathematics group students. This course covers topics like software, computer application, programming, and hardware.

If one is ready to spend three years of studying, he or she can pursue this course. It gives better skills in programming and software. After completing this course, one can pursue a degree course, which is a continuation of the course.


Graphic Designer

A person with a creative mindset and skill known as a graphic designer, who design an eye-catching graphics, infographics and logo.

Graphic designing is a course where you learn all these skills, how to design stunning infographic or logo for a company.

There is a huge demand for this skill in the market because every post or a sales page, company page require graphic to catch attention.

On research found that most of the people get attracted towards these kinds of content which are made with graphics.

Job scope is so high even if you are doing any other thing or study you can start these computer courses after 12th and work as a part-time freelancer.


Data entry operator course

This course improves one’s typing skills and the general data entry skills he or she has. It is not a well-paying job, but one can acquire office skills and entry-level typing.

The course will always suit the ones who do not have a better knowledge of computers. The study duration may vary from one institution to another.

After learning this you can also apply for these typing jobs to make money from your home comfort.


Most of the computer courses after 12th in this list are cheap and do not take long to pursue them. The diploma is the only that take a longer time to pursue them; this is because the diploma is taught in detail.

One ought to know the primary levels at which the courses are to be after pursuing any course. Payment after securing a job may also vary depending on the course one may decide to pursue.

If the salary has to be higher, the course done must have been taught into details. Taking these harder requires self-sacrifice and hard work.

Since the course is highly demanding in terms of knowledge, care, and precautions should be taken to prevent one from losing interest in pursuing the directions.

Computer courses after 12th have an added advantage since, after seeking the course, it is easier to secure a job. It is advisable to pursue these.

The benefit will be seen after securing a job since a better salary is given. The computer has changed our lives and started the revolution. Machines are here to stay.

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