How to Use New YouTube Creator Studio to to Success

Have you checked the YouTube creator studio features, which are launched recently

On March 7, 2018, Google announced the new features of YouTube creator studio all over the world in which new matrices, best impression, and many unique qualities are also included. Finally, the applications are launched after beta testing.

Youtube creator studio beta

Probably, it is a fact that new and creative ways are the reason of attracting peoples. Living in the technology is not a big task but not connected with technology is quite an alarming situation.

To understand the necessary reach of YouTube, new features with new creation are launch just for the understanding of the new beginners.


For deep understanding, it is entirely necessary to understand the new studio features. However, rolling the small things is the reason for significant achievement just like the YouTube channel activity.

In the creator’s world, the new elements of matrices are moving available in the YouTube Studio creator features. Within a couple of weeks, you will definitely aware of the use of new features.


Benefits of using YouTube creator studio:


To manage the YouTube channel, first, you need to download the latest version of Creator Studio on your computer.

It’s also called the statistical control system, through which you can see who watch your video.

Even, you can response the comments and tag the video. Also, you will be able to manage your video, which allows the facility of editing, annotations and adds captions.

However, we can say that it plays the role of video Manager.

Youtube creator studio


1.) YouTube Analytics

2.) Best impression

3.) Unique viewer facility

4.) Easily updated

5.) Three new analytics

6.) Thumbnail Impression

7.) Click through rating


Features of New YouTube Creator:

1.) Thumbnail Impression:


The first impression is the last impression. In YouTube, an impression includes the way of counting peoples, who thumbnail to your video.

However, it also tells about the potential reach or the idea of explaining the value of your content. To earn a thousand numbers of views, only the impression has the best opportunity.

Youtube creator studio

Meanwhile, it does not only depend on the matrices impression, but also it reflects the generated impression in your YouTube thumbnail, included subscription feed, searching option, homepage, and up-next options.

Just keep in mind that the traffic and notifications are not included in the impression data. It’s quite essential to understand every substance, such as where the viewer can view the video and count the number of an impression.



2.) Click Through Rate (CTR):


The best part of adding the impression in your video is adding the click-through rate impression, which tells the percentage value.

Moreover, the rating can turn to the best impression of views, for instance, the titles and useful thumbnails can attract your targeted audience in a few minutes, and this process can drive up with the help of video ratting.

Youtube creator studio



If you want to focus on the more informed decision, then this metric will definitely help you out and informed a relative decision just to optimize the past videos.

If you want some change then definitely, you need to get for the new YouTube creator features click-through rate for enhancing your video impression.


However, the Click through Rate is often evaluated to see the registered impression; it’s like a subset of representing video through attractive way so that people can watch videos and your channel’s view can increase.

End screen and external websites are not included in this manner. The CTR impression depends on the following thing:


1.) Audience

2.) Place of impression shown

3.) Type of video content

Always remember that your thumbnail video has a higher value instead of others. The subscription feed has the up next, watch page and home page option.

The range between the CTR impressions is about 2% to 10% only. When your video gets the 100 viewers, then the value of your channel can be enhanced rapidly.


3.) Unique viewers:


It showed the estimation value of connected peoples, who watch, subscribe and connected to the desktop, Smartphone, and tab. With the help of unique viewer feature, a person can quickly count the viewer list.

Youtube creator studio

The best part of unique views is you will have many fundamental ideas regarding your videos so that the number of peoples can watch the videos.

In the estimation of views, there are two things included that is cross view with multiple devices and a repeat view system.

The update analytical will come upon with the feature of the new dashboard facility inside the software. YouTube says that there is the one stop shop beta testing facility for assuming the channels data.



How you can access the Creator Studio software:


However, at first, the Creator Studio is feeling like an overwhelming process. A lot of options are included here; choose that option which one is you like most.

If you don’t get the usage of this software, you can explore every category, with the one by one process.

While trying, there is nothing would be broken so keep working because through this process you will get the perfect software overview



Select Profile picture: In the right corner, at the top level of your profile, there is an option of picture access in every YouTube page.


Select the Creator Studio option: after selecting the profile picture, the next option is to choose the option of Creator Studio software.


Main options in the software:


Introducing the new matrices, along with the new dashboard in which a summary can tell the recent data.

The main of entering new metrics is to give a platform for YouTube channel so that everybody can understand the primary meaning of entertainment.

Youtube creator studio earning


1.) Dashboard

2.) Video Manager

3.) Community Channel

4.) Analytical

5.) Create

6.) Send feedback


Meanwhile, the option of android mobile is different regarding IOS computer. The best option is android application can use this app free of cost.

It means you don’t have to buy any more. In simple words, we can say that it is the best way to manage videos like a manager.

If you want to learn more and more, you need to go to the support page, so that you can learn the basic of the Creator Studio App in the right manner.



Today, YouTube can break the ice in the world of technology. To make a more comfortable life for the creator, YouTube is performing the best and well manner way to use the YouTube channel quickly so that you can earn money.

The critical design of Creator studio is specifically for the videographers. There is an option of replacement like you edit, delete or choose to run the video.


There are three new metrics in the latest version of creator studio classic. Meanwhile, with better understanding, you can know every problem of the video platform.

Also, you may find the best suggestion of Creator Academy videos, which is helpful as well as beneficial.

It is assuming that the studio will become the most used application within the few weeks because the video editors always find the best way to earn.

However, after some weeks the dashboard will roll out, along with the features of the new matrices system.


How can you say that the new features of Creator studio are entirely different from the previous one?


The new studio is not jumping at once; it can evaluate the process slowly. It is assuming that the defaulter creator app is going to become famous within a few weeks.

If you are new users, you just need to know everything regarding creator studio new version. As we all knew about the new way of earning a handsome amount of money is the video creativity.

First, you have to make the channel then upload your video to gain the extra cash. The better thing is to subscribe to the channel just to connect with the fans and enhance the viewers.


How can the data be interpreted easily?


If you are focusing alone the CTR service, then it’s not enough, also not recommended for the engaging viewer.

You have applied some attractive ideas so that more people engage in video viewing and liking.

Also, the subscribe option will depend on the impression Click through Rate (CTR). The following are the primary points of interpreted the data:


1.) View duration will depend on the higher and lower CTR.

2.) Make an attractive video instead of uploading content

3.) Must check the traffic source

4.) Understand the source of impression data

5.) Depends on the core of the audience


If you want to get the ideas, first you need to check the engaging viewer on the other channel, after that make it yours.

However, you have to understand the traffic source before using the new features of the YouTube creator studio.

According to the chart, you can see YouTube analytics views.

Moreover, if the video is according to the all broadcast audience, then the chance of video-friendly user can be enhanced.

If you have not tried up till now then first a trial look before buying the software.

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