Digital payments is the Future of Payments Cashless way


How Social Media Approaching towards the Digital Payments what are its benefits:


Hello and welcome friends today we will discuss how social medial approaching Digital payments.

So first let us know what digital payments are

Digital payments are the future of payments, a paperless transaction using peer to peer payment methods.

A digital wallet is used to do digital transactions (payments), these wallets store money in digital format, which can be used to make payments for the purchase of goods and services.

Nowadays digital payments expanding and social media is now also approaching digital payments.

Social media has undoubtedly come a long way always introducing innovative technology that would surprise everyone’s mind! This time, it’s the mobile shopping that has even got in the form of social media applications like Facebook and WhatsApp.




The latest evolution by the pioneers includes payment gateways implementation within its media space.

For example, we pay for different services like purchasing products, groceries, booking movie tickets, etc. through various mobile apps.

And to get a good share of this mobile payment market, Facebook and WhatsApp are introducing a feature of peer-to-peer payments with its gateway integration.

How to Do Digital payments through Facebook:


Facebook messenger PayPal partnership(Digital payments)


There is no surprise that Facebook has one of the most active business support angles hence; it has launched peer-to-peer payment support through chat app Messenger worldwide.

However, for now, it is only available in the USA since the feature is still being tested to ensure it has hit the bar high.

It will be gradually rolling out to the public in the upcoming time. For now, here’s how it works:

The users will see a “$” button in the Messenger message composer once this feature is available to them.

Facebook will then ask the users to enter the debit card information if the option is tapped.

Here’s a huge convenience for them; they are required to use Visa and MasterCard debit cards rather than entering bank account and routing info.

They then hit pay after entering the amount. The money is at once delivered to the recipient’s debit account from the debit account of the sender.

At last, a confirmation message is received at both ends about the details of time and transfer status.

Payment through WhatsApp:


For now, this isn’t where the story ends.

A UPI based payment gateway similar to Hike is being launched by WhatsApp due to its millions of users (200 million and counting) proving to be a complete social media tool.

The new payments feature are still being tested in which will permit the people to transfer money to other users except for the accounts of the merchant.

By the Indian’s UPI, it has been built offering 71 banks for now.

The digital, peer-to-peer payments have been in working for a long time now, and it has,

recently launched its service in India which is indeed one of the most important markets for them.

According to TechCrunch reports, the feature popping up has initiated in both iOS and Android version in India.

It works by going to settings after which configuration of the feature by the user is required through by selecting a bank and verification of the phone number via SMS.

After that, the primary WhatsApp interface will have the option to send a payment to another

peer(the same place where you share video, file, etc. in your chat session).

While now only in US and India, these upcoming modes would help the migrant workers to skip high-fee remittance services.

With that, imagine the social media payment methods would do for digital financial inclusion.

Its potential seems just like Tencent’sWeChat that came up with WeChat Pay in 2013 and. Since then, it triggered its way to social platforms and e-commerce boasting of about 95% market share.



As we are growing digital word is becoming a part of our life, and when it comes to digital payments, we can say that this is the future of payments to buy or sell goods.

And in future, we can make payments send money to friends through our social platforms just sitting at home and all payment done.

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  1. Sadly, there is not much easy choice of digital payment here in Nepal. No legal way to register a PayPal account so global transactions are very difficult. Local online payments methods like eSewa have helped a ton but without PayPal, youths like us are in a loss. Anway , nice article.:)


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