What is an e-Sim in India How this technology works

How e sim works? Future of Sim cards in India and worldwide, latest :

Technology is updating day by day everything becoming smarter but did you know about sim card future?  Ans is e-Sim cards know how e sim works.

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Till today even big companies such as iPhone, Samsung not even adopted this technology, maybe we can see this technology in 2020.

what is an e-Sim Card?

This technology brings many benefits to manufactures and even you so let’s know what actually this technology is and how e sim works.


What is an e-Sim Card?

The term “e-Sim” stands for the embedded sim card, this is like a chip that is installed in your mobile phone and you don’t need to change it.

This chip works as the current NFC or other authentication chip which stores all your information and you can use it whenever you need it.

 e-sim is a Sim-card that is embedded in your mobile device , this sim stores all information that is important to identify and authenticate the mobile subscriber.

When you want to change the operator or service provider you didn’t need to remove any sim as this is embedded in your smartphone.

This sim is known as E.U.I.C.C ( embedded universal circuit card).

All the information in this sim can be rewritable for all the operators, you can rewrite it whenever you want to change the operator.

Currently, only a few devices start providing this technology as a secondary sim but in the coming years, this will be common to all.

How e sim works the embedded technology:

This technology is the same as old sim service works only now you don’t need to carry those plastic cards or go summit documents to change operators.

All the identification information required to buy a sim is stored on the internet and when you want to change the operator

You can simply login fill detail and your e-sim rewrite with the new operator and you need not buy every time new sim card.

G.S.M.A the association that represents network operators worldwide promoted e-Sim because of its benefits.

With this technology, there is no time delay between switching from one operator to another, no need for sim tray and extra sim card space.


Benefits of this technology:

The device can be smaller as sim slot space can be removed there is no need for sim-tray, carry plastic sim cards and the sim can also be used in devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands, and all upcoming devices.

Apple introduced this technology in its apple watch 3, the important thing about this technology is that it needs to supported by the network operator.

So not today but in the future when all operators provide the support we can use this upcoming future technology.


Is e-Sim better than physical SIM?

Definitely, yes no dought that this new technology is far better than old plastic sim cards because of

1.) Devices will now be thinner.

2.) No need for the plastic sim card or sim tray.

3.) Faster switching between the network operators.

What you think about this help to manufactures as well as users.


E-sim in India availability:

If we talk about the availability of this embedded technology in India, so currently there are only a few phones which support this technology.

And if we talk about the carrier or network provider so Airtel and Reliance jio support this technology, Airtel provides this facility only for postpaid users.

Apple e-sim feature for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are now available in India, all these support dual sim facilities with one e-sim.

Later other brands also switch to this technology because this is going to be the future of the sim cards.


What is EE Network? Does EE support e-SIM:

EE is the most advanced digital communications company in the UK, EE is the part of BT group company in Britain and the first 5G provider.

Yes, this network support e-SIM technology and  5G devices such as one plus 7 pro, Oppo Reno 5G, Samsung S10 will work with EE.

In the EE sim pack, you will get the same traditional SIM pack but instead of the plastic card here you get an e-sim with QR code.

Scan the QR code using your device get registered with EE network and their regular monthly plans, Apple duel sim works on EE.

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