How to Earn Money from Facebook Instant Article (Updated)

Want to know How to Earn Money from Facebook Instant Article follows these tips:

Hello, and welcome friends today we learn how to earn money from facebook instant article and make $500 every day.

If you are a blogger or new in online earning you heard a term page speed, page speed is the important ranking factor in google as it provides better user experience and fast loading pages on the slow network.


how to earn money from facebook instant article


To compete with this Facebook launched a new feature Facebook instant article, it is just like news feed in google search result which provides lighting fast loading pages within your Facebook app.

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Make money with facebook instant article from your fan page:

The Facebook instant article is the feature which only works in facebook app, as I said it provides faster loading pages and you can integrate ads in your instant article and then publish on your facebook page.

As users read your article facebook display ads and you can earn money from that so let us know all in detail.

Facebook has its own ad-network known as facebook audience network you all probably know, through Facebook audience network.

You can monetize your Mobile apps,  instant article, websites and now you can monetize your facebook videos through facebook watch.

Facebook launched Facebook creator studio, through which you can join the video community and monetize your facebook video through facebook watch have a look.

Other ways you can make money from facebook

In this article, we will talk about how to earn money through facebook instant article or how you can make 500$ a day from Facebook, so let’s start

Earn money from facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media right now, and it is an entirely undisputable fact.

Companies, individuals, startups and even families have spoken about how Facebook has caused better bonding between families, clients, and leads.

Also evident that Facebook has affected the lives of many individuals and the online citizens can attest to this.

How does Social media affect our lives have a look.

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What is Facebook Instant Article?

Have you ever click on a news item on the Facebook app and have it load the app in a faster way? Now that’s the Facebook instant article.

The instant article is an innovation from Facebook that helps publishers get their content to load ten times faster than the standard load time it would take on the website.

instant article


What this new format seeks to achieve are faster loading and less waiting time.

It can be noticed that instant article causes a tremendous increase in the viewing of contents as more and more people to get to view content because it loads faster and even works on the slower network.

The format is quite mobile-friendly and affords you the luxury of seeing things more efficiently.


How to Make Money From Facebook?

Now coming on how to earn money on Facebook, so friends if you are running a blog or going to start a blog, not necessary to use a custom domain and hosting.

You can start using, by making a free blog on Blogger, WordPress, Wix and more free platforms for building your site.

And if you have a question that Adsense verifies my blog or not, so in instant article, there is no need of this you can start earning from the first day using your facebook page.

It uses RSS feed articles from your blog or website and places its ads on it.

And when you publish an article, it automatically updates on production articles, and you can post it on your facebook page.

instant article payment setup


When viewers read your instant article, you start making your money, and when you cross your 100$ threshold, you get paid.

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Now I will tell you how to start your journey through the instant article, what are the steps you need to follow for verification.


How to Set-up Your Facebook Page to Earn Money:

Before starting with the process first, you need to set up your page connect your site with your page and submit for approval is the first step.


steps to sign-up for instant article


1.) Sign-up:

First thing’s first, you need to have signed up for Facebook and own an active account, after that you still need to sign up for instant articles. Once this is in place, you can proceed to the next step.


2.) Create or choose your official page:

The next thing after sign up is to either create a page if you do not have or to choose a page if you have an existing Facebook page.

Want to create a facebook page is super easy, follow this link and choose your niche, fill all the details and done.

If you already have quality followers page, this is awesome you can connect your page to your blog or website.

Connect your page


earn money from facebook


The next thing to do is to show proof of ownership of your website by providing the URL you intend to use, and after that.

You’ll be given a metadata tag that you can place in your HTML tag, and then you can add the URL to your setting. When you get to the settings, you’ll see simple steps you can follow.


3.) Production RSS feed:

It is used to auto-load your articles from your blog or website, if you are using WordPress, you can download instant article plugin which will create your RSS feed URL.

To get URL, go to search bar type your domain name/fee/instant-articles.

You see your RSS feed, copy the URL and submit it to the production RSS feed.

And if you are not using WordPress, you can use Feedburner for creating your RSS feed URL.


4.) Create your content:

The next thing for you to do is to start creating your content. You can create your content on your website and right away start your publishing directly to your Facebook page.

The whole process is made simple as you don’t have to start creating separate contents, just a one-time content and you get to deploy on other platforms.

You have to submit at least ten articles for your review process, after that when you verified you could place ads and publish.

If you are using WordPress, submit your page id and ad code, and it automatically places ads in the production library article.


Facebook Instant Articles earnings:

All set now its time to know how to set up the payment option, and also see the proof of Facebook instant articles earnings.

So below you can see the screenshot of one day earning from a 1000 page like fan page so you can understand how much you can make.

Facebook instant articles earnings are sometimes much more than Google Adsense some of them earning $500 a day.

Next question is how to get ad code, for that you need to create an account on audience network.

When you submit RSS feed URL, next to that, you see audience network option you can follow  create an account

Audience network is just like Adsense, your ad network where you have to sign up and fill your payment method.


earn money from facebook instant article




For this next step, you can create a customized form you want to give your content or contents moving forward. You can choose color schemes, fonts, outline and a whole lot of other things available for your use.




This is the final stage.  Where you have to submit your work to Facebook for final approval so that your content can go live. The standard review time is usually between one to two days.


instant article review


now you can start to earn money from facebook when your verification gets successful.



Whenever you think about blogging, the first thought is will Adsense approve my blog or not.

Everyone thinks this when it comes to online earning, but the instant article is the solution for your all problems.

It does not require a custom domain or a good hosting provider just need a good quality content site you can also use blogger or WordPress.

Here you only need a facebook page and connect your blog or website with the page share your articles on the facebook page and Earn money from Facebook.

Some of big facebook page or website earning more than 1000$ a month from an instant article

You also feature others post on your page, if you have the right amount of followers on your Facebook page.

This is all if you face any problem love to help you out the comment below and follow us.

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  • Updated August 31, 2019
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