Facebook Monetization Enable ads on your Video with Ad break

Facebook Monetization Guidelines and Eligibility complete guide in 2020:

Hello, friends today I will tell you how to insert an ad on your video through Facebook monetization, what are the eligibility criteria and all.

Put ads on your videos through creator studio and Facebook Watch these are the platform launched by them for video content creators.

If you don’t know about creator studio read a complete step by step process on how to earn money through Facebook creator studio.

The ad network known as Facebook audience network helps the publisher to monetize their content (written), video or apps.

Creator studio is especially for video content creator and now a new platform Facebook watch launched by them to help creators and viewers.

Here you need to sign-up and upload your video content, increase followers, set up Facebook video page and establish your presence.

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On 29 August Facebook watch video monetization, launched globally and now ad breaks service is enabled for all eligible pages.

facebook monetization


As you all know, Facebook video monetization is in testing and some of the big pages and creators getting ad break in there video so now it is open for everyone.


What is Facebook Watch?

This is a new term facebook watch basically it is a new social video platform form them similar to youtube.

On 9 August 2017 facebook launch this platform Facebook watch which is available on every platform mobile, desktop, app.

Here you can find shows, videos, live stream and much video content based on the most talked, trending, what make the people laugh.

Live shows you can like, share, comment follow and see what your friends are watching if you want to know more read official news about the Facebook new platform.

Now they launch this platform globally with its Facebook ad break service through which you can monetize videos.

facebook video monetization with ad breaks

What is the Facebook ad breaks service?

Facebook is testing its video ads from the last 1 year with the limited publisher but now every eligible page can sign-up for video monetization.

Facebook ad breaks are the short ads that you can use in your eligible videos to earn money, the ads are automatically placed or you can select your placements.

You can use ad breaks only on the video which is a minimum of 3 minutes for better results. If you use automatic ad placement that’s great because it generates a better user experience.

You can also turn off Facebook ads for individual videos if you want not to place an ad on a specific video, you can select advertiser, category ads that you don’t want to show in your content.

Eligibility for Monetization Facebook videos:

1.) Publish regular video with up to 3 min or more, create engaging content.

2.) At least 10 thousand likes on your Facebook page you can not use profile.

3.) All video on your page, total video count should be 30 thousand views (views only count when it view more than 1 minute in the last 60 days.

4.) Meet with Facebook eligibility standards

Check your Facebook Page see if it qualify for ad breaks services

You can check your Facebook page that it is eligible for video ads or not from here.


how to check facebook page is eligible for video ads


Language and country eligibility

This service is currently available in the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, and much more read complete available countries.

Over a few months, this will expand for more countries and languages so bookmark this page for the last update.

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Facebook video monetization ads formats

Ad break contain

1.) Mid-roll Ads

2.) Pre-roll Ads

3.) Image Ads

Similar to youtube & Maybe revenue share also be the same 45-55 % as currently it is not mentioned.

The payout is the same as Youtube you need to complete 100$ to get your payment, & the payment is sent on the third week for last month’s earnings.

In case you are not able to complete 100$ then the amount is added to your next month’s earnings. Payment options are Bank account or Paypal.

In creator studio insight new metric audience retention added so that publishers can better understand viewers’ behavior.

Your video can be viewed on Facebook watch in addition to the news feed on Facebook and this can be a great chance to increase your reach to monetize your video.

What is Facebook for the creator launchpad?

Facebook creator launchpad program a new creator tool for creators it is a limited program so go and apply for the launchpad.

A creator who selected is eligible for cash bonuses on their video 4 videos per month and the opportunity to access ad break service in their video and earn money.

This program is designed for creators in the united state who produce quality content, authentic content has engaged on Facebook.

Program benefits

1.) Rewards

When you get verified, hence one video per week or 4 videos in a month can be eligible for using Facebook ad break service.

2.) Growth

You can reach to more number of the audience through promotion, furthermore, keep In mind that Facebook is pushing video content more than written.

So as a result, you can take benefit of this by pushing quality content to your page and get more reach to wa ider audience.



Sign up for in-stream video Ads

You can sign up for audience network and in products go to in-stream video ads and sign up for this.

After approval, take integration code and put it in your inventory and can use ads in your stream online video.

 How to monetize Facebook page

Besides Facebook video monetization you can also use these ways for monetization if you have a Facebook page with a good number of followers you can also use these ways.

Facebook page can be monetized in many ways some of them are

1.) Sponsor products

2.) Sponsor articles

3.) Affiliate marketing

4.) Selling online product

And one of the best facebook instant articles read here complete info.

This is all for Facebook video monetization how you can enable monetization if you have any question comment below.

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