Freelancing for beginners How to Make Money as Freelancer

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How to Earn Money as Freelancer Complete Newbie’s Guide on freelancing for beginners:

Are you also in search of a parttime job but not getting the proper information on freelancing for beginners or how to make money online or as a freelancer?

You have heard this word many times such as freelancers, freelancing, freelance jobs,  yes or no comment below.

So who are these what is the meaning of these words how they are different from each other, I will answer all the questions.

There are many ways through which you can earn money online but freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online.

There are many freelance jobs online for beginners, so if you are new in this field or working but not getting success, follow these tips.

Register yourself on the best websites and follow this freelancing for beginners guide to make your freelance carrier.

earn money as a freelancer

Freelancing for beginners Who are freelancers?

A freelancer can be an individual or a group of people who are considered to be self-employed, they are not fixed employer for 9-5 long-term jobs.

They are hired for a particular job for a fixed time & when any freelancer work for others and charge money for that then this is known as freelancing.

Whether you are a writer, a guitarist, SEO advisor, digital marketer or an astrologer who knows a lot about stars, there is an opportunity in Freelancing.

For every skilled person, there is a freelance job online, for beginners they can start from scratch with this step by step guide.


It is about making money online by doing part-time jobs on the Internet there are many websites where you can register yourself.

Doing part-time jobs like Logo designing, content writing, proofreading, etc, so you can think about how much you can earn money as a freelancer.

Freelancer is the term used for people who do all such part time jobs online.

Many people work as full-time freelancers these days and are making a good amount of money from freelance jobs.

You can work as a part-time or a full-time freelancer totally as per your choice, this is one great benefit of Freelancing as anyone can work according to his or her time comfort.

Best Websites for freelancing for beginners:


2.) Upwork

3.) Pay-per-hour

4.) Yolancer

5.) Fiverr

These are the best sites where you can register your self and start your freelance career.

Example: if you running an enterprise you have a concept and you want to develop it in reality or want to develop software for your enterprise you go to enterprise software solutions tell them your idea & they develop software for you they work as a freelancer for you.

Condition of Freelancing online jobs:

When you are an experienced Freelancer, you easily get a lot of projects and tasks, especially if you have a strong portfolio, getting projects is not difficult.

But for a newbie, Getting a freelancing job especially at websites like Fiverr is bit tough.

What happens when a newbie comes to know about Freelancing the first thing he does is searching for freelancing websites where he can get a job.

Most of the new Freelancers usually make up their profiles on websites like or Upwork but when they signup.

There they see that for a single job hundreds of people apply and getting a job becomes very tough for them.

Actually, most of these Freelancing websites have two types of members one’s are members with free accounts and others are members with premium accounts.

Most of the time it happens that only premium members get a job or project from these freelancing websites.

The problem faced by beginners or self-employed in online jobs:

I am sure that, when you yourself registered as a freelancer at a freelancing site like Fiverr you must have also noticed that these websites ask you to upgrade your account by entering your credit/debit card details.

See friends, this is a very natural thing actually, for these Freelancing websites, premium members are one of the major sources of there earnings.

Whenever someone purchases a premium membership the money goes in the revenue of the freelancing site.

But for a newbie with no investment, getting a premium membership is not always possible.

Hence newbies, think that they cannot get a freelance job at these sites and Hence, in the end, they do not Google more things about Freelancing.

But the actual thing is Freelancing has a great scope. If you have skills, experience, and portfolio you can easily get some good jobs.

So Let us First talk the top ways which you can use as a Freelancer to get your first Freelancing job and earn money as a freelancer.

How to earn money as a freelancer :

As you come to this field first you need to find potential clients or you can say that find those people need your service.

For example, if you know about web development then you have to search for the people who need this work such as bloggers, hosting companies, web development companies.

These companies need a web developer, you can also start your own freelance business and be a successful freelancer.

So the main idea is to search for the potential audience and area of interest then start working, don’t just stick in one platform.

Earn Money as a freelance writer:

If you have an interest in writing and good English fast typing speed then you can go for this job, a high demanding job.

Freelance writing is a job in which you have to write content for bloggers, marketers, reviews, product explanations much more.

The amount of time you invest in your writing and quality of work helps you to get more orders from potential clients and buyers.

You can write a blog post for bloggers, offer then more freelance services that you are providing and start engaging with them.

You can also see more ways to earn money online by typing. 

from where you can start freelancing

Freelancing websites alternatives to get a freelance job:

Getting a job through websites is a little bit tough in the beginning until you set up a strong profile so what to do to get job.

As I said don’t stick with one platform expand yourself below are the places from where you can get orders and slowly build your presence in the market.

1.) Facebook groups are best for freelancing for beginners:

Facebook groups are great engaging places for those new freelancers who are looking for a job that wants to earn money as a freelancer. Competition is less in these groups as compared to freelancing sites.

Join some of the groups and see what others are discussing what people want and if you can provide then boom you can get orders.

So If you are someone with great social talking skills and need a part-time job online you can look for them in some genuine Facebook groups.

2.) Freelancer groups:

Groups are the best place to get more reach & new clients and there are many groups on social media platforms that you can join and increase your reach built your network which helps you to grow fast.

you can look at some of the best LinkedIn groups and join them.

Want to know how to earn through facebook creator studio click here

And what you find when you join these groups that there are various jobs available, find what actually people want you can discuss.

And if you find that someone interested in your work, provide them your services take reviews and share it.

These places not only help you to get orders but also give you the idea that what people need in your area of interest and work.

3.) Your personal Blog:

Let us suppose you are a blogger then, in that case, you can make your account at freelancing platforms and add a hire me button to your blog which takes people to your profile on these freelance websites.


So those people who are looking for freelancers can contact you hence if you will have some great writings or works provided on your Blog, chances are great that more people will contact you and will try to hire you.

That’s how you can earn money as a freelancer & also set up a freelancing business or company.

Side by side, you can monetize this Blog through other methods too the best way is through Adsense.

4.) Freelancing websites:

It is quite weird but still, I place this method at the end of my list. If you want to work as a full-time freelancer you can move on these sites and even go for paid accounts if required.

Fiverr and Upwork are both great sites where you can find freelance jobs. It is better to fill your profile properly as it increases the chance of getting a job.

Earn money online by helping others

Hence using any of the above 3 methods you can easily find freelancing jobs earn money as a freelancer.

Let’s see some Golden Tips below that you have to always remember while working as a freelancer actionable tips on how to earn money as a freelancer.

Android apps that pay you money read this if you want to earn money through apps.

Actionable Tips on freelancing for beginners pro tips:

tips for earn money online

1:) Take some money as advance before doing freelance jobs:

Most of the time in Freelancer Groups many people share proofs of How someone hired them as Freelancer and once work is over they refused to paid and Blocked them.

These types of scams do not happen at Freelancing websites but when you make direct contact with the hiring guy like that from Facebook groups probability of getting cheated is high.

So it is always suggested to take at least half payment in advance and when you think you can trust then you can go as you like.

2.) Try to Build a strong Profile:

When you work for someone do the job properly and get good reviews and build trust among the community and engage with customers.

This will build your resume and you can get your dream job in the future easily and also you can make a strong Freelancing profile which can help you get more jobs in the future.

3.)  Don’t wait for opportunities Go and Grab them:

The sentence is so powerful and it also implies to every business. Instead of waiting for people to list jobs, look at yourself for the jobs.

For e.g. If you are someone who sells SEO services, just find a list of new websites, do a basic SEO audit of them and contact with the report.

follow these tips share with your friends who want to earn money and make a team if possible and work together to get better results.

4.) Learn and Grow:

As you start working and getting orders that’s good but what about if I say that now you can make more money, yes start learning.

Do some research and find out what are the most popular jobs, which jobs going to increase in the future and learn them from today.

As soon as you learn ad this in your services profile, and you start seeing the results, you can also do this for jobs with less competition.

Until you stop learning you always grow and this results in you to make more money and become a full-time freelancer.

How much freelancers earn in India:

I am not able to tell you the exact amount on how much freelancers earn in India but approx 400-500$ a month freelancers are earning in India.

More or less can be this amount but if we look for full-time workers they are making far more than this.

So if you follow this freelancing for beginners guide I assure you that you start seeing results within a few days just be consistence and smart worker.

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