What is the Future scope of 3d Printing all you need to know

What are the Advantages and Future scope of 3D printing in Industries:

It is one of the hot topics in the manufacturing industries these days and the future scope of 3d printing is going to boom in the market.

For quite some time now, there has been a lot that has been said and heard about this particular technology.

Technically, the technology may be termed as the processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with the material being added together.

The engineers of the modern era would not have to go through the hassles of manufacturing, using conventional techniques such as casting, molding and such other stuff.

All that one needs to do now, is to make sure that they have the perfect software design in place and the best 3D printer that can help them manufacture the product as per their needs.

The uses of 3D technology in the future are more than what can just be predicted in today’s world.



What is 3D Printing:

It is a process of manufacturing a 3-dimensional solid object through the various process according to need using a digital file.

The process which is carried out is known as an additive process, which means deposition of material layer by layer until we get the finish component.

It is also can be easily understood by we can call it the opposite of subtracting manufacturing, where we remove material to get a product.

You can make complex objects using this technology with less use of material, this makes 3D printing is far better than traditional manufacturing.


History of 3D printing:

As we are knowing this technology we may think that this is a recent technology but this technology is invented in the 80s.

Charles Hull invented this technology and given a term known as ‘stereolithography’ between 1984-1986 such an awesome invention.

In 1992 we get the first 3D printer to get patients to know as FDM which is available commercially and people start knowing about this.

Years pass and in 1999 we see the first application of this technology in medical field creation of human bladder with this technology.


3 Trio of 3D printing:

You can also called them the pillar of this technology because as we move forward we see lots of processes available now in 3d printing.

But all the current process are the result of these three pillar technology know as (SSF) a short form to remember_

  1. SLA-1 ( Stereolithography)
  2. SLS ( selective laser sintering)
  3. FDM (fusion deposition modeling)

These are the process which is known as trios of printing technology so you can predict what is going to be the future scope of 3D printing.


Traditional Manufacturing vs 3D printing:

If we talk about how this is better than our traditional manufacturing process like milling, joining so this technology provides some strong evidence.

In this technology, you can save 35-60 percent energy as it eliminates the shipping and logistics and other storage problems.

The main advantage is that you can produce the same object or component with less material which stands as an advantage.

It also saves our prototyping cost as we know that when we go to manufacturing any component we need to prepare a prototype.

Whereas in this we can make our model in CAD software and showcase it make modification until we get a satisfactory component.


Advantages of 3D printing:

There are various advantages that this technology provides us and these can be future pillars of this amazing technology.

1.) Cost-effective for less production:

As we know that to start manufacturing we require a huge amount of investment and then until we get the breakeven point there is a loss.

Whereas in this we need not worry about a breakeven point as we can produce a single product or multiple with the same cost per component.

2.) Save Money on Complex components:

When we go for manufacturing complex components we need high precision, accuracy, and skilled labor which increase the cost of the component.

Especially in traditional, we can not make a complex component in a single unity hence we need to make all components and then assemble it.

This is not going to be the case in 3D technology because we can make a complex component in one single pice and save money.

3.) Avoid wastage:

As I early told you that making a component through this technology requires less material, it uses only the required amount of material.


How Does 3D printing Technology Works:



 How Does 3D Technology Work?


To start with, the first step of getting a model 3D printer is to make sure that the model is perfectly designed in computer software.


Once given to printing, the model that has been so designed on the software is now printed much like the inkjet printers.


The entire object is made from the bottom up, with a layer of the material with which it is to be printed is posted on it, with every passing layer.


This method of printing the object is known as fused depositional modeling (FDM).


The 3D printers generally use molten or semi-molten plastics or even powders, which are then joined together by the help of the adhesives.

The future of 3D printing (Scope) might also bring more wonders to the world of manufacturing.

Importance of this Technology:

Apart from the already stated manufacturing industry, the technology is finding rapid importance in the field of biotechnology.

The technology has helped to print human tissues from the early parts of the 1990s’.

However, it was not until the recent past that scientists have finally developed a human heart with the help of the 3D printer, showcasing the value of the technology in the field.

The technology has also left a buzz in the Aerospace & aviation industry, Automotive industry, Industrial printing, personal printings and much more.


Future Of 3D printing in India


According to most of the engineers and market analysts in India.


The current scenario of 3D printing in India seems to be quite positive.


As this idea is completely new in the nation.


The analysts are hopeful that in the coming year’s growth in the market share for the 3D printers can be seen.

Also, due to the wide range of its application in almost all the manufacturing sector,

the future of this particular sector is assumed to be pretty interesting and also something to look out for in the next few years.

The leading companies in the nation too report a significant rise in the demand for 3D printers in India and are hopeful for the future scope of 3D printing in the nation.

In India especially, 3D printing technology is also finding special use in the jewelry industry, where expensive high-end 3D printers are being installed to get the perfect shapes and designs for the customers.

Future Scope Of 3D Printing Across The World:

According to 6Wresearch, they said that the this technology going excepted to cross $79 million by 2021.

With something as good as the 3D printing technology coming up, it is almost certain that the manufacturing industry.

As a whole would be looking out at this technology for better and well-finished products, however, to make sure that the technology can be used in the future, the future of 3D printing (Scope)  largely.

It depends on the improvements that can enhance the use and the feasibility of the 3D printers as a whole and the scientists are already working on the same.

The scope of this technology is in the medical field, automotive industry, industrial printing, and education make 3d objects for study.

Wider Use Of The Printers:

The scientists and the developers are trying to make sure that a wider range of materials can be used.

For manufacturing with the help of the 3D printers and for the same, they will have to sure that more materials can be given as input when it comes to the input feed of the 3D printers.

This would largely affect the uses of 3d printers in the future and if possible, it would only make 3D printing all the more desirable and sought after.

Reduced Cost Of The Printers:

1.) In recent days, although the printers are in much use and demand, the cost of the printers are yet quite high.

2.) Thus making it unaffordable for many industries all across the world, thus bringing a deceleration in the growth.

3.) The demand of the printers in the scope of 3D printing technology in the future.

4.) The same concern needs to be addressed by the researchers and the developers alike.

Need Of New Design Tools:

With the passing days, the design tools are going to affect the industry largely, 3D printing technology will soon demand the use of the latest design tools.

Such that the level of precision from the 3D printers is further elevated to the next great level, and especially in the jewelry industry or in the aviation or in the medical sector.

The need for precision is at a much greater level than others and the same can be met with the help of the new design tools.

Customisation Taking New Heights

With the use of 3D printing technology, one can expect the customizations in today’s world to take new heights.

Even day to day objects might get customized as per the need of any individual, and would help people have the best for themselves.

This will surely be a reason for the growth in the demands of the 3D printers from across the world and would have a positive impact on the scope of the 3D printers in the future.

Overall, 3D printers are one of the best ways to change the ways of manufacturing and recent trends.

And the advantages that come along with this particular technology, it is almost obvious that in the very near.

Future technology would be taking up a huge chunk of the manufacturing industry from across the world.

Any Questions and your feedback are important so comment and share this know more about future technology.


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