How to Earn Money By Selling Photos Online 2020

Want to earn money just by selling photos online? know exact way how to do:

Clicking photos is your hobby or you are a professional photographer, wants to make a carrier in photography or just want to earn money by Selling Photos.

This article is for you here I will discuss how to make money through online photo selling, some people ask can we make money by our photos.

So, my friend yes you can make money, the photos you click are known as stock photographs or you can say these are copyright-free images.

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earn money by selling photos

Sites where you can earn money by selling photos:

There are lots of sites which buy photos from you and sell them and after selling you will be paid and some sites where you can upload your photos, fill all the details and price and when someone buys you will get your payment.

Some sites sell copyright-free images on a monthly basis and you will get a commission for your photos so below are the list of Selling Photos sites.

1.) How to start selling photos on Shutterstock:

Earn money by selling photos on shutter stock is the global online photo, video and vector image seller, it was launched in 2003 and currently operated over 150 countries.

earn money by shutterstock

You can sign-up as the contributor here and upload your photos with a correct keyword, good description, and select category and summit.

After submission within a few days, your photo is approved if it qualifies and lives for a worldwide audience and when anyone downloads you get paid.

Some points keep in mind that your photo should a high-quality minimum of 4.0 megapixel the better quality the better result you get.

There are various types of earning such as monthly basis subscription, on-demand download, single download, and referral.

Depending upon the number of downloads and demand of your photo you can earn more, the minimum payout is 35$, which you can get through PayPal, bank transfer.

2.) Adobe Stock:

Adobe is one of the well-known brands in the market and Adobe stock program help you to earn money through photos and video.

You can become a contributor, must be 18 years old and the owner of every file which you upload on the community.

Upload photos from the various category such as culture, technology, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and much more with their autosuggest keyword and feature.

Here you will get 33% of commission on the purchase of your photos and you get paid when you complete 25$ in your earning, payment through PayPal and Skrill.

Benefits you get:

1.) Upload your photos directly through their apps Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge, Premiere and Photoshop Mix.

2.) Best reach to the global audience.

3.) Sell your photos on two sites Adobe Stock and Fotolia.

3.) Alamy best site to earn money by selling photos:

It is another awesome platform for photo selling it has more than 100,000 customers all over the world and paid over $200 million to contributors.

You can upload your photos, vector images, and Live news and sports images clicked in the last 24 hours for news purpose.

The best part of this website is that you will get 50% commission on your photos and they only deal with direct selling.

Sign-up for Alamy as a contributor.

4.) Fotomoto:

This site helps you to sell your photos directly from your website you just need to integrate a widget in your site and that’s it they will manage everything else.

Make money by photomoto

It is basically a print on demand e-commerce website which adds up with your site and makes your photos available for sale.

Sign-up for Fotomoto to start your journey.

5.)  SmugMug Pro:

This site looks amazing in any device with its modern design templets optimized for selling, choose fonts and color to look more good.

One problem with this that you cannot able to create a free account you need to buy a pro subscription then you can upload your photos for sale.

6.) iStock ( Getty images ):

It has over 1.5 million customers in more than 200 countries, they say that they have the largest global distributor network.

To be a contributor download Getty images app and upload your 3-6 photos for approval and then a team will review after review you get notified that your photos are approved or not.

When any customer finds your photo best fit for them then they need to buy a license to download the image price of the plan depends upon license.

When anyone purchases photos from your portfolio then you will earn royalty a commission or you can say the percentage of the price paid by the customer.

Download the Getty app

7.) Snapped4u selling photos for you:

This site is for selling event photos, so if you are an event photographer then you can signup here it is free of cost you need not pay any money.

After successful registration, we can generate a custom URL and make your own gallery, set price and organize your page for best performance.

The maximum price of one photo can be $20 and you will get a 0.5% commission on a $5 image and 10% in all the above sales.

On very 1st and 15th your earning payout is sent through Paypal.


1.) The maximum size of the photo should be 8MB.

2.) The length should be 1600 pixels you cannot edit after posting the photo.

8.) TourPhotos:

It is a hub of tourists where you can sell your photos or available them for free use if you want to available them for free use you get 1GB free space and need to buy if you want more space.

If you want to sell your photos which is the ultimate aim for us then your photos will take 19% commission of the sales you make.

9.) PhotoShelter:

This site provides you all that you need, you can create your own photo website with the custom domain provided by them.

You can sell or license your photos, choose from website templets, use their built-in shopping cart and build your own business with Photoshelter.

The only problem is that you need to buy a plan provided by them in order to get space on their site for selling photos and earn money.

10) 123RF:

Want to earn some more commission from your stock photos 123RF does this for you-you can up to 30% – 60% for each license sold.

Over 5 million buyers all across the world from 44 countries in 17 local languages so you variety of an audience to target and earn.

When you reach your minimum threshold of $50 commission you can select payment method PalPal, skrill or Payoneer and payment sent automatically on the 15th of every month.

11.) Animals Animals:

Are you Nature lover photographer if yes then this site is the best fit for you based on Animal photos such as mammals, birds, fish and much more.

The earning commission is shared 50/50  between photographer and agent, for review the size of your photo should be at least 800*600 pixels.

12.) Cutcaster:

Sell your photos with high royalty commission and a dedicated marketing team for selling your photos, make an account and upload photos.

1.) 55% commission on exclusive royalty rates.

2.) 40% commission on non- exclusive royalty rates.

3.) 10% buyers referral.

The minimum payout is $5 and you get paid on the 15th of every month through Paypal or check.

How to earn money online by taking photos through a smartphone:

Some of us don’t have High quality digital camera or as students can’t afford it so nowadays everyone has a smartphone you can use it.

earn online by clicking photos through smart phone app

Take photos from your smartphone, the summit for review and once approved you can directly sell your photos through apps.

Here are some apps where you can sign up as a seller and upload your photos directly through the app and sell them.

Make money online through apps

13.) EyeEm 

This app available in both Android and Ios, just downloads the app make your account free of cost and then fill up the seller page and done.

eyeem app to make money

Connect with millions of creators, share your knowledge connect with them and upload your photos and select tags from auto-generated tags.

If you want to sell your photos then you should be the owner of that photo and the photo quality should be at least 4MP.

Your photo will be reviewed and if approved you will get 50% commission on the sale of the image

14.) Foap:

This is another good app which you can use to earn money by selling photos available in both android and ios platform and you can sell your video and photos.

The commission is split 50/50 between you and Foap, this app is featured on ABC News, CNN, BBC and The New York Times.

FAQ Questions related to Earn Money By Selling Photos:

Q1.) Now the first question is which type or which photos you can sell?

The answer is any photo whether it is yours, your child any vacations trip photographs, plants, nature, wildlife photography or random clicks.

only use those photos which you clicked because of these photos copyright free stock images that can be sold and earn.


Q2.) Where to sell and who will buy my photos?

Once a viewer asked me in Quora that how can I monetize my photos which he clicked on holidays trip, so this question is mostly asked by everyone where to sell photos, who will buy them,

So, friends, there are many sites who buy stock photos, small and big business buy photos for their marketing purpose, you can make your own photo selling portal.



Earn 100% commission  by selling your photos online:

Setup your own photo selling website, promote it connect with the buyers and earn a full payment of your photos you don’t need to pay commission.

If you want to get the best results on your earnings then follow this way and make your own brand.

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