How to Earn money from Facebook Creator Studio Best Ways

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Best Ways on How to Earn Money from Facebook, Facebook Monetization eligibility:


Hello friends, are you also get bored with 9-5 jobs & want to earn money from your home comfort today I am going to tell you how to earn money from facebook.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform which enables many direct and indirect ways to earn money from facebook.

Facebook also provides many tools which allow us to earn money, by posting images, videos, text, and audio so if you are interested read out this post.

Such as video monetization, instant articles, and many other ways if you want to know more online earning ways check,


How to earn money from Facebook creator Studio:


As I said facebook provides many ways to earn money, recently Facebook launched facebook creator studio for video creators.

how to earn money from facebook

That means now you can earn money by posting videos on Facebook, you can also use instant article, marketplace and much more.

Below are some of the ways which help you to earn money online through facebook but if we talk about Facebook creator studio.

It is the Creator platform for the people who make video content it is similar to Youtube creator studio to help Video content creators.

As you all know and see that video content is the future of content because viewers more like to engage with video.

All the social media preferring video content and give more push to video in compare to text or pictures so if you are a video content creator this option is best for you.


Facebook video monetization:


On 29 August 2018, Facebook launched facebook watch, Ad breaks, creator studio globally read more about how to enable video ads.

Facebook video monetization in India is now live for creators who create video content and want to earn money from facebook.

Video monetization, there is the monopoly of Youtube as it is the biggest video content sharing and earning platform but with this step of facebook, youtube monopoly end.

To read complete details on how to enable video ads on Facebook click on the above link, if you don’t have facebook creator studio account read out this complete post.

Facebook creator  Android app Launched:


After a long wait facebook launched its facebook creator Android app, this is similar to the Youtube app here you can capture videos, go live and access to insights.

Install this app and start upload video, grow as a video content creator, Ios app is also available so you can use it,

android app for facebook creator studio


so first let us know, what is the Facebook monetization eligibility & signup process is… and how to make money from Facebook.

Facebook Creator Studio (Infographic):

Facebook creator studio sign up process

infographic facebook creator studio signup


Facebook has introduced one mindless, passive video consumption into “time well spent” and presently It is stars to social media users with a powerful tool to enhance their communities around their contents.


Facebook monetization eligibility:


Before anything else, it is important to know about the facebook monetization eligibility standards as you can see many people lose their monetization due to unaware about the latest eligibility standards.

And Facebook is now very strict in terms of eligibility and term and conditions so follow these standards

1.) Follow their Community standards

2.) Comply with payment terms

3.) Page terms

4.) Content guidelines for monetization

5.) Share authentic content

6.) Establish an online presence

Facebook monetization eligibility Standards you need to follow in order to enable monetization, new people first need to develop their online presence to check out this.

If you are new to online earning don’t worry but keep in mind one thing that before anything you first need to establish online presence minimum 90 days with sufficient amount of followers.

Read complete Monetisation eligibility standards click here




Facebook creator studio has proven to have the following benefits, which makes it more reliable for its competition with YouTube creator.

It is a platform where you can manage all your insights, tools and can edit your video content which you are going to post.


Earn money through Facebook video ads this is as same as if you know about Youtube earning process.


How to sign-up for Facebook creator studio:


For the sign-up of Facebook creator studio, you only need two things and if you don’t have these go and make it,

1.) A Facebook account

2.) A Facebook page

If you have both then follow these steps for registering yourself as a video content creator so to do that first,

Go to Google and search Facebook for creators or facebook creator studio and click on the first link, which redirects you sign up page.

When you on the creator page scroll down and click on sign in with Facebook, if you login already with facebook this process complete.


Join start registration for creator studio on how to earn money from facebook


In the next step enter your Gmail, linked to your Facebook account in order to verify that details belong to you,

Some other details, the category you are working,  part-time or full-time creator, social links and click on let’s do this.

registration for facebook creator studio


Hurrey, You are done now if any update related to face creator you will be notified by mail. Go to FAQ and toolkit get started guide for more help and learn about this.

completed registration for creator studio

to see this feature if you do not have facebook page go to create pages > select art, brand public figure choose a category,  video creator, and click get started the sign up for the page.


If you already have a facebook page, you go to page setting and edit page and make it video page or other as you prefer.

This is it now you are in you have successfully registered for enabling video ads there are some requirements and steps for that I provided a link above.

Now we will discuss what are the other ways other than creator studio through which you can make money from the facebook page.


1.) Earn money from facebook through facebook instant article:


The Facebook instant article is the framework developed by Facebook in order to provide lighting fast speed loading pages.

But one issue is you can use or see this feature only in facebook app this feature will not work as AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

So you can say that Facebook develops this feature in order to retain the audience in facebook app to increase its user base.

You all know or seen lighting sign pages on facebook which open very fast in facebook app these are called facebook instant article.

This feature fetches RSS feed article from your blog and integrates Facebook ads and then you can share it on your facebook page.

People are making 500$ a day from the instant article but you need to verify your page and follow some guidelines to know complete detail on how to earn money through the instant article you can follow this link.

So if you are a blogger or a content writer you can use this way to make money from your facebook page.


2.) Facebook marketplace:


E-commerce is growing at a very fast rate and people prefer online buying and selling but there is one more market sell buy old products.

You know about OLX where you can sell old goods or you can buy the same concept is used by facebook where you can sell old/new goods.

The Facebook marketplace is a great place for online buying and selling and this the free place where you can list you all product, services and offers share it with facebook community.

This helps you to reach a thousand of people, get notified just like your own store where you list your products and buyers searching for that product can buy from you.

You can shortlist by price, date and other related products as per your requirements, you can also use high demand product and services to increase your earning.

This can be a good way to start your online business and you can make a good amount of money through it.


3.) Affiliate marketing on Facebook:


Affiliate marketing is a well-known term when we talk about earn money online, here you just need to promote other product and services.

And whenever anyone buys product or service from your link you will get a commission for that every time when anyone buys.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users and you can join Amazon, Flipkart, hosting providers such as site group, Hostgator and other affiliate network and earn a commission based earning.

You can join their affiliate network and promote their product and services and on every purchase, you will get a commission.

Share it with your follower’s search for the people who may want to buy the product sell them and you will get a commission for that.

If you have a Facebook page with a good amount of followers then this is the best way you can use to earn money.


4.) Influencer marketing on Facebook:


Influencer marketing is the most preferred ways to promote product or service by marketers so you can use this way for you.

This marketing is a great way of earning if you have a good number of followers with engagement as this is good to promote your brand and brands also prefer for direct sponsoring.

You can promote product and services with your followers and get a direct payout from brands but keep in mind that the product is relevant to your audience and follows facebook guidelines.

Because if you promote a product which is not relevant to your audience then you start losing your audience so always review before promote.

Produce amazing and engaging content connect with your followers will help to increase your growth in this.

You can also use the Instagram best place for influencers and growth of Instagram is very high so focus on the target audience and use this method.

Earn money from Instagram ways to earn money through Instagram.


5.) Direct advertising:


This is similar to influencer marketing here small business owner can post an advertisement on your facebook page to catch the attention of the viewers.

Direct advertising is very used fully for small business owners because it helps them to reach the new specific targeted  audience

As selling ad space on your page you will get payout depending upon the time how much time owner want to display ads.

Partnership with relevant business owners that match with your audience need will increase the benefit for both business and you.

You can also create and sell your product to your audience in order to add extra income source in addition to all these tips.


6.) Be a Social media manager:


Yes, Social media manager make an awesome, engaging Facebook page and promote this service as your work Facebook page manager.

When people see your page, layout how you manage your page can catch their attention and they can hire you as  Facebook page manager.

Or you also teach others how they can manage their pages and charge for that if you are good brands are searching for you.

This job is not easy but if you are good in it it’s cool you can make money from this and Facebook is the best place to start you can expand for all social media.

Small and Big brands are always in search of good social media managers for their brand as it helps them to reach more audience and catch attention.




This is all the best ways on how to earn money from facebook and if you work you definitely get results I itself using these ways.

Youtube is dominating in video share platform because there is no competitor but after facebook creator studio.

Good option for content creators, now we get a better platform, appropriate policies, and end of the monopoly of youtube.

Able to earn more income and reach more audience as Facebook is a massive platform in social media.

Comment your reviews on How to earn money from facebook instant article share this.


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