How to Monetize Facebook Page And Generate Revenue From It

Searching for online earning and not getting proper information here is the solution I will tell you how to monetize the Facebook page and generate income.

It is the biggest social media platform that enables many direct and indirect ways to make money from it.

You can earn money from Facebook page likes, accounts promotion but this will not give you a regular income, as selling page likes only give you 50- 100 rupees per 1000 likes.


how to earn money from facebook

There are many other ways to make money online you can check this post for more details, all the ways other than selling Facebook page likes will give you good earning.

Some ways are totally free and some need less investment in starting but you can make a lot more after small investment.

Implement these Ways to Monetize Your Facebook Page and Earn Money

1.) Facebook page likes

People often ask me how to monetize the Facebook page and my answer is your fan page, business page or you can say a page.

The page where you post your content, videos, anything which you think can add value to your followers.

When you post all the content related to your business and viewers find your content useful and knowledgeable naturally your page grows and more followers and likes you get.

As soon your page grows you can engage with your viewers and use your page to,

1.) Derive traffic to your product selling page.

2.) Sell your products directly through your page.

3.) Do affiliate marketing.

4.) You can post sponsor content.

5.) Promote small business.

6.) Sell advertising space on your page.

7.)  Promote other pages and charge for that.

8.) Earn money from Facebook videos.

Like an influencer, do promotions but always display the trusted and valuable product for your audience.

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2.) Monetize Facebook page with Facebook Creator Studio:

Are you a video content creator and finding the alternative of Youtube then facebook creator studio is for you.

It is a platform for video content creators and helps them to make money by monetizing their videos with Facebook ads.

Users ask how to earn money from Facebook videos, it is similar to Youtube creator studio to help Video content creators.

As you all know that video content is the future of content, viewers more like to engage with videos the more engagement you get the more you earn.

All the social media channels preferring video content and give more push to video in comparison to text or pictures, so if you are a video content creator this option is best for you.

This is the best answer on how to earn money from Facebook because this is the most trusted way.

Facebook video monetization:

On 29 August 2018, they launched the Facebook watch, Ad break, creator studio globally read more about how to monetize your Facebook video.

Video monetization in India is now live for creators who create video content and want to make money from it.

There is the monopoly of Youtube as it is the biggest video content sharing and earning platform but with this step, youtube monopoly will not exist.

What you think about this step, will it going to help you, in my opinion, this is going to the best way to make money online.

3.) Selling products on the Facebook marketplace:

E-commerce is growing at a very fast rate, people prefer online buying and selling, but there is one more market where you and I sell or buy old products.

You know about OLX where you buy or can sell your old products, this same concept is used by Facebook where you can sell old/new goods.

The Facebook marketplace is a great place for online buying and selling you can also list your all products, services, and offers and share it with the community.

This helps you to reach thousands of people, get notified just like your own store where you list your products and buyers searching for that product can buy from you.

You can shortlist by price, date and other related products as per your requirements; you can also use high demand products and services to increase your earning.

This can be a good way to start your online business, and you can make a good amount of money through it by proving discounts.

4.) Monetize Facebook page with Affiliate marketing:

earn money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known term when we talk about make money online, here you just need to promote other products and services.

And whenever anyone buys product or service from your affiliate link you will get a commission for that every time when anyone buys.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users and you can join Amazon, Flipkart, hosting providers such as site group, Hostgator and other affiliate networks and earn a commission based earning.

You can join their affiliate network and promote their product and services and on every purchase, you will get a commission.

Share it with your followers to grow your social networking search for the people who may want to buy the product sell them and you will get a commission for that.

If you have a Facebook page with a good amount of followers then this is the best way you can use to make money always share, quality content with your audience.

5.) Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is the most preferred way to promote products or services by marketers so you can use this way for you.

This method is a great way of earning if you have a good quality fan page with a number of followers and engaging audience, brands also prefer for direct sponsoring.

You can promote products and services with your followers and get a direct payout from brands but keep in mind that the product is relevant to your audience and Facebook friendly.

Because if you promote a product that is not relevant to your audience then you start losing your audience so always review before promote.

Produce amazing and quality content, connect with your followers will help to increase your fan page growth and your reach.

You can also use an Instagram best place for influencers and the growth of Instagram is very high so focus on the target audience and use this method.

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6.) Earn money from Direct advertising on the Facebook page:

This is similar to influencer marketing here small business owners can post an advertisement on your Facebook page to catch the attention of the viewers.

Direct advertising is very used fully for small business owners because it helps them to reach the new specific targeted audience.

As selling ad space on your page you will get payout depending upon the time how much time the owner wants to display ads.

Partnership with relevant business owners that match your audience’s needs will help to increase social networking.

You can also create and sell your product to your audience in order to add extra income sources in addition to all these tips.

7.) Be a Social media manager:

Social networking is an important part of the social media manager to build a quality fan page by providing quality content to your audience, list some examples of your work.

When people see your page, layout how you manage your page this all can catch their attention and they can hire you as  Facebook page manager.

Or you also teach others how they can manage their pages and charge for that if you are good brands are searching for you.

This job is not easy but if you are good at managing pages then it’s cool you can make money from this it is the best place to start you can expand for all social media.

Small and Big brands are always in search of good social media managers for their brand as it helps them to reach more audience and catch attention.

9.) How to Earn Money From the Facebook instant article:

We all have Facebook accounts and pages but are you aware that you can use your accounts to make money from it.

how to earn money through facebook instant article

The instant article is the framework developed by them in order to provide lighting fast page load speed and better user experience.

But one issue with this is you can use or see this feature only in its app this feature will not work as AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

So you can say that they develop this feature in order to retain the audience in its app to increase its user base.

This feature enables you to make money from your Facebook fan page, but for this, you need a separate website or blog for content.

This feature fetches RSS feed article from your blog posts and integrates Facebook ads on then you can share it on your page.

People are making 500$ a day through the instant article but you need to verify your page and follow some guidelines.

Provide useful and engaging content, make contact and engagement with your audience to find out their interest and work according to that.

If you are a blogger or a content writer you can use this way to monetize Facebook page, grow page like by providing quality content.

10.) Sell your own product:

Instead of selling other products and affiliate product you can sell your own product such as any video course, training guides, ebooks and much more.

As the digital generation growing more and more people want to learn from home do online courses and take the training.

If you have knowledge about anything which can add value to your users, make a digital product and sell it to your users.

You can make 100$ or more depending upon the sales you get, take feedback from users to make a better product for them.

11.)  Earn money from Facebook groups:

Facebook groups nowadays are more engaging than any other platform, this is the reason why messenger based marketing is growing very fast.

People more like to open the message and hence you can use this platform for you earning where you can promote products, sell your own products do affiliate marketing.

Make a Facebook group and add only those people who are interested in your niche( topic or category)  and then send useful information to make relations and sell your product.

This is the best and easy way to start your online earning through without investment so try out this way and comment on your feedback.

FAQ Questions on How to Monetize Facebook Page

1.) Can we make money from FB:

Yes, if you read this article now you know that you can earn from FB, keep one thing in mind from the day one that you have to earn anyhow.

Find the way from which you want to earn, such as if you thinking about online selling then go for Fb marketplace,  affiliate marketing then a fan page is a good option.

Find the niche and the topics in which you are interested then create useful content around that topic and amazed to see the results.

2.)How can I  monetize Facebook page?

You can not directly monetize your Fb account, as it is your personal account to you only can share and redirect visitors to your page or website.

You can monetize your Fb page, as there are various ways to make money from the page you can check above,

Create a page, build an audience and provide useful content to engage with your followers and then you can sell services, upload videos it’s up to you.


This is all in the best ways on how to monetize the Facebook page and if you work you definitely get results, be consistent.

I have listed all the earning ways from Facebook page likes the marketplace, instant article and much more for more updates to stay in touch with us.

All the ways are well tested and working the only thing you need to focus on is that you have some patience and always try new things.

Now it’s up to you which one you choose all the ways are well tested so if you face any issue comment below or contact us.

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  2. Hello Puneet, I have a question? I have an old page of videos uploaded I just forgot abt that before 4 yrs. But I have still this page with more than 1500 likes and 3000 followers. But all video content doesn’t belong to me it’s from YouTube or some other websites…so now Facebook has started monetizing feature as YouTube so they will strike by copyrights. So if there is an option to convert this page as a creator without that videos of course, but don’t wanna loose followers and likes. Please reply if u have some solution.


    • Hello

      As facebook video monetization is in testing and as soon as this service launch, there is also the same procedure of copyright as in youtube.
      So if you want to save your followers, my suggestion is that delete all video from your page and start uploading your original video content.

      I suggest you, download the Facebook creator app and start working in your own content from today onwards which help you in the future.

      Any other question feel free to ask.
      Thank you.

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