10 Profitable Ways on How to Earn Money From Facebook

Best Ways How to Earn Money from Facebook smart and Easy:


Hello friends, are you also get bored with 9-5 jobs & want to earn money from your home comfort today I am going to tell you how to earn money from facebook.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform which enables many direct and indirect ways to make money from it.

It also provides many tools which allow us to make money, by posting images, videos, text, audio (podcast), etc so let’s get started with it.

how to earn money from facebook


If you want to know more ways other than facebook to make money online then also check out this,


1.) How to Earn money from facebook through the instant article:


how to earn money through facebook instant article


We all have Facebook accounts and pages but are you aware that you can use your accounts to make money, yes you can.

The instant article is the framework developed by them in order to provide lighting fast speed loading pages for better user experience.

But one issue with this is you can use or see this feature only in facebook app this feature will not work as AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

So you can say that they develop this feature in order to retain the audience in its app to increase its user base.

You all know or seen lighting signposts which open very fast in its app these are called facebook instant article.



This feature fetches RSS feed article from your blog and integrates ads and then you can share it on your facebook page.

People are making 500$ a day through the instant article but you need to verify your page and follow some guidelines to know complete detail on how to earn money through the instant article you can follow this link.

So if you are a blogger or a content writer you can use this way to make money from facebook page likes, grow page like by providing quality content.


2.) Facebook marketplace:


E-commerce is growing at a very fast rate and people prefer online buying and selling but there is one more market where you and I sell or buy old products.

You know about OLX where you buy or can sell your old products, this same concept is used by facebook where you can sell old/new goods.

The Facebook marketplace is a great place for online buying and selling you can also list your all product, services, and offers and share it with the community.

This helps you to reach a thousand people, get notified just like your own store where you list your products and buyers searching for that product can buy from you.

You can shortlist by price, date and other related products as per your requirements, you can also use high demand product and services to increase your earning.

This can be a good way to start your online business and you can make a good amount of money through it.


3.) Affiliate marketing on Facebook:


earn money through affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is a well-known term when we talk about earn money online, here you just need to promote other product and services.

And whenever anyone buys product or service from your affiliate link you will get a commission for that every time when anyone buys.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users and you can join Amazon, Flipkart, hosting providers such as site group, Hostgator and other affiliate network and earn a commission based earning.

You can join their affiliate network and promote their product and services and on every purchase, you will get a commission.

Share it with your follower’s search for the people who may want to buy the product sell them and you will get a commission for that.

If you have a Facebook page with a good amount of followers then this is the best way you can use to make money always share facebook friendly, quality content with your audience.


4.) Influencer marketing on Facebook:


Influencer marketing is the most preferred ways to promote product or service by marketers so you can use this way for you.



This method is a great way of earning if you have a good quality fan page with a number of followers and engaging audience, brands also prefer for direct sponsoring.

You can promote product and services with your followers and get a direct payout from brands but keep in mind that the product is relevant to your audience and Facebook friendly.

Because if you promote a product which is not relevant to your audience then you start losing your audience so always review before promote.

Produce amazing and quality content, connect with your followers will help to increase your fan page growth and your reach.

You can also use the Instagram best place for influencers and growth of Instagram is very high so focus on the target audience and use this method.

Earn money from Instagram ways to earn money through Instagram.


5.) Direct advertising:


This is similar to influencer marketing here small business owner can post an advertisement on your facebook page to catch the attention of the viewers.

Direct advertising is very used fully for small business owners because it helps them to reach the new specific targeted  audience

As selling ad space on your page you will get payout depending upon the time how much time owner want to display ads.

Partnership with relevant business owners that match with your audience need will increase the benefit for both business and you.

You can also create and sell your product to your audience in order to add extra income source in addition to all these tips.


6.) Be a Social media manager:


First, build a quality fan page by providing facebook friendly and quality content to your audience list some examples of your work.

When people see your page, layout how you manage your page this all can catch their attention and they can hire you as  Facebook page manager.

Or you also teach others how they can manage their pages and charge for that if you are good brands are searching for you.

This job is not easy but if you are good at managing pages then it’s cool you can make money from this and Facebook is the best place to start you can expand for all social media.

Small and Big brands are always in search of good social media managers for their brand as it helps them to reach more audience and catch attention.


7.) Earn Money from Facebook Creator Studio:


As I said facebook provides many ways to earn money, recently they launched facebook creator studio for video creators.



That means now you can earn money by posting videos on Facebook, it is the Creator platform for the people who make video content it is similar to Youtube creator studio to help Video content creators.

As you all know and see that video content is the future of content because viewers more like to engage with video.

All the social media preferring video content and give more push to video in comparison to text or pictures so if you are a video content creator this option is best for you.

Facebook video monetization:


On 29 August 2018, they launched the Facebook watch, Ad breaks, creator studio globally read more about how to enable video ads.

Facebook video monetization in India is now live for creators who create video content and want to make money from it.

Video monetization, there is the monopoly of Youtube as it is the biggest video content sharing and earning platform but with this step of facebook, youtube monopoly end.


8.) How to Earn Money through the Facebook page:

Facebook page is very much similar to your business page where you post your content, videos, anything which is related to your business.

When you post all the content related to your business and viewers finds your content useful and knowledgeable and you and query of viewers your page grows and more followers and like you get.

As soon your page grows you can engage with your viewers and use your page to derive traffic to your product selling page, you can also sell directly through your page.

You can post sponsor content and post just like an influencer, but always display the trusted and valuable product for your audience.

You can also promote small business and sell advertising space on your facebook page and earn a good amount of money.


9.) Sell your own product:


You may be thinking what is different in this sell your own products so friends as you know about the Facebook market, facebook page through which you can sell products.

But Instead of selling other product and affiliate product you can sell your own product such as any video course, training guides, ebooks and much more.

As the digital generation growing more and more people want to learn from home do online courses and take the training.

If you have knowledge about anything which can add value to make digital product and sell online and through this you can make 100$+ per month.


10.)  Facebook groups:


Facebook groups nowadays are more engaging than any other platform, this is the reason why messenger based marketing is growing very fast.

People more like to open the message and hence you can use this platform for you earning where you can promote products, sell your own products do affiliate marketing.

Make a facebook group and add only those people who are interested in your niche( topic or category)  and then send useful information to make relation and sell your product.

This is the best and easy way to start your online earning through facebook without investment so try out this way and comment your feedback.




This is all in the best ways on how to earn money from facebook and if you work you definitely get results I itself using these ways.

Youtube is dominating in video share platform because there is no competitor but after facebook creator studio.

A good option for content creators, now we get a better platform, appropriate policies, and end of the monopoly of youtube.

Able to make more income and reach more audience as Facebook has a massive audience in social media.


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  • Updated June 18, 2019
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