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Hello friends, want to know how to earn money from facebook here great news for you, Facebook creator studio or facebook video monetization to make money.

If you want to earn money online, get confused after so many updates on youtube, facebook is here with its video monetization or facebook creator studio.

Here is a recent update from Facebook creator studio, a new tool for creators.

Read out this complete guide to the new tool and how to signup for creators studio and how to earn money from facebook.

Video monetization, there is the monopoly of Youtube as it is the biggest video content sharing and earning platform but with this step of facebook, youtube monopoly end.

Currently, this feature is in the testing phase but around April 2018 facebook launch this feature globally, now you can signup for this feature for updates.

There is new tool update for the creators who want to work and earn money from facebook.

so let’s know what facebook studio creator and signup process is… and how to make money from Facebook

facebook creator studio How to earn money from Facebook

Facebook creator studio sign up process
infographic facebook creator studio signup


Facebook has introduced one mindless, passive video consumption into “time well spent” and presently It is stars to social media users with a powerful tool to enhance their communities around their contents.

With this Facebook creator, it has offered influencers live creative kit for merging intros and outros for broadcasts.

After a promise made by Facebook to possessing a creator studio, which took place back in June at VIDCON and today it is launched, and it is an update of the Facebook Mention App since 2014 that was limited to only verifying pages and public figures.

Although it is now open to everyone, one surprise until now is that it still appears as “Mention” in the App store.

Every individual has a Facebook page or profile can have open access to Facebook creator studio to help enhance fan engagement tools.

One fascinating about this update by Facebook is that it has a forum for beginners to learn and create their engaging video and also to monetize their page through this creator studio and gain more audience to their fan pages.

It has created some frequently asked questions for others to gain know the solutions to various problems and also acquire more knowledge.

The main update is the “Live Creative Kit” which makes Facebook a must go to place to live stream. They have made a revolutionary live streaming space in the creator thus, leaving their competitions behind.


Facebook creator studio has proven to have the following benefits, which makes it more reliable over its competition YouTube creator.

What’s the Facebook Creator App?


facebook live kit

Live Videos are apparently the way to go for maximum reach.

Facebook studio creator comes along with a friendly interface for authenticating its users, with this it has improved its popularity.  Creative studio takes live-streaming to a new stand entirely.

It also introduced a Live Creative Kit that makes Facebook Live the best live streaming social media on the internet.


Before now Facebook has been struggling with its competition but with the introduction of its studio creator, which turns out to be the most impressive part of going live streaming with good authenticity.

having this feature, you can update your intro and outro whenever needed. Starting now will be one of the best choices ever for an individual who wants to showcase his creativity.

In the outros, you can include a standard call to action convincing your audience to follow your fan page or whatever is important.


Give this a second thought with Facebook introducing live streaming video to ease pain and cost of employing another person to do the job for you; you have been opened to so many opportunities.

Thanks to Facebook you can now add whatever you feel like to your video to make it stand out.


You can also include a customized reaction in place of 1 default reaction. Facebook Studio Creators can use this feature to brand themselves with as many emojis as possible.

For instance, when you are producing a video about a product, you will need smiley and avatars to fully describe sells point between seller and buyers and also testimonials of successive buyers.


Facebook designed especially for the creative Studio which makes it unique and can be this made it much better than YouTube. The main reason is the:

AR Camera

YouTube Creative Studio only has Analytics. Leave AR camera; it has no option to record videos on the go. In a smartphone world, this is a considerable shortfall.

The person needs to create videos separately and then upload it using their main YouTube App. What a stress on YouTube!

Using Facebook Creator Studio, you can shoot more than one video, photo or you can even stream live in the app! The features of the AR is AWESOME!!!

Lastly, we discussed the Live Creative Kit that is unmatchable even for YouTube’s main app itself.

HOW TO USE FACEBOOK STUDIO and How to earn money from Facebook

Unless you are creating videos that are very personal, it’s better to start a page.

If you have a fan page on facebook, you have a higher opportunity, and your content will be more discoverable by audience across the globe.

Even having a Fan Page/Profile on Facebook, created videos will be open to the audience, the reach still has limitations.

You obviously need a profile to create a page. Log in to your FB account and create a new page.

While Creating make sure you choose Artist, Brand or Public Figure after which you can select the Video Creator and boom you are already suitable for video creation, enjoy!

If you want to activate this feature create a facebook page go to setting and then click on video here you get the option for the live creative kit.

facebook creator

Looking interesting, How to earn money from Facebook, and if you want to signup for this follow these steps.

 How to earn money from Facebook

The Facebook instant article is currently running, people making a good income from this and video monetization is the next step.

In facebook video monetization a creator can create a video and then monetize it.

Earn money through Facebook video ads this is as same as if you know about Youtube earning process.

If you want to join the creator’s studio,

Things require before signup.

1.A Facebook account

2.A Facebook page

Step -1

Go to Google and search Facebook for creators or facebook creator studio and click on the first link, which redirects you sign up page.






Step -2

When you on the creator page scroll down and click on sign in with Facebook.

If you login already with facebook this process complete.


how to earn money from facebook

Step 3

In the next step enter your Gmail, linked to your Facebook account.

Some other details, the category you are working,  part-time or full-time creator, social links and click on let’s do this.

how to earn money from facebook


Hurrey, You are done now if any update related to face creator you will be notified by mail. Go to FAQ and toolkit get started guide for more help and learn about this.

how to earn money from facebook

to see this feature if you do not have facebook page go to create pages > select art, brand public figure choose a category,  video creator, and click get started the sign up for the page.

Facebook creator page

If you already have a facebook page, you go to page setting and edit page.

Facebook also launch the app, but currently only available for ios and soon for Android too.

Points to Keep in mind

As I early mention that you need a facebook page having more than 1500 likes.

Your first live stream must watch by 300 people for enabling monetization process.

Currently, this feature is for live stream video as it is testing phase.

Soon available for upload video and monetize it.

Unskippable ads for 20 second after 4 minute of the live stream.

This is all about how to earn money from facebook.


Youtube is dominating in video share platform because there is no competitor but after facebook creator studio.

Good option for content creators, now we get a better platform, appropriate policies, and end of the monopoly of youtube.

Able to earn more income and reach more audience as Facebook is a massive platform in social media.

Comment your reviews on How to earn money from facebook share this.






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