Best Ways How to Earn Money online in India Legal ways

30 Legal Ways on how to earn money online in india in India With Little or No Investment:


How to make money online without paying anything or how to earn money online in India Is it possible? Well, the answer is YES.

But the question is how what you say? Is there anything in this world is free, Offcose no because, if you didn’t give anything you will not get anything.

So what is the cost for this, Ans is Amount of work, effort, dedication & Aim for success open way to make money online in India.

how to earn money online in india


Note: This is not for those who want quick money because it takes some time, has some patience work hard with smart ways, you have to provide value to your viewers provide quality, informative content.


Zero’th step on how to earn money online in India?


Today, the world is finding a massive way of earning and spending their precious hour on the earning aspects.

People want the best ways to make money online without investment below are the steps which you need to follow before going to the actual work.

Before going on the ways of how to earn money online without investment in India, first, let us discuss what are the important points you need to keep in mind.


1.) Select Your interest:

Yes, Your first goal is to identify your interest, you may also be called a niche or area where you think you are good, can do something innovative.

Or even can work without earning because at the end if there is no interest after some time you fell bore or left it.

Earning will come, but it takes time, doesn’t just follow others find interest work on that and BOOM you are on the right way.


2.) Choose the way of earning:


There are many ways even below there are more than 31 ways on how to earn money, but it depends upon you whether you want to earn through Ads, Affiliate marketing, Pay per click, your own business or Direct selling.

Even if you have knowledge regarding something, you can start a blog and monetize your blog/website and start earning.


3.) Never give up:


Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

A famous Quote, it does mean what is written because when you come to online earning you have to work hard, try new things, never give up be innovative.

Find what people like & what not and work according to what going positive for you and be creative and innovative always try new things.

Is this the end, on how to earn money online in India, NO this is the start look below.

Are you considering the best way to earn money without any investment plans? If yes, then you need to find some realistic means of making money, while sitting in your home.

So if you have tried earlier and didn’t get success then here are some essential aspects of earning money online is waiting for you.


how to make money online in India through facebook creator studio click here.


Ways on How to Earn Money Online in India:


1.) GPT sites:

If you want to add some extra income to your account then it is crucial to join Get Paid To (GPT) sites. You can earn money by taking a small survey of playing games, watching videos, and involving many activities.

This is the best and easy way to earn money online in India because of the huge increase in the digital era.

There are numbers of GPT websites, but only some are paying money to their member on the spot. So, choose the right site is quite remarkable. Meanwhile, a member can receive payment by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer


2.) How to earn money online in India through Survey:

How to earn money online in India through Surveys, you can make money while completing the small and large surveys. Hardly, it takes 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the requirements. Earning can rely on the length, for an instant, you can make $1 to $20, depending on three things:


1.) Your living state

2.) Profile

3.) Period of the survey


All of you need to write an opinion and feedback regarding the survey, only write according to the question; you don’t have to add other things like including your advice and other aspects. This is the best and secure way in, how to earn money online in India.


3.) PTC sites:

Pay To Click (PTC) sites is considering the perfect way of earning extra money. On every click, you will receive some amount which at to your account. However, if you need less than $200, then PTC sites are the best platform for you. All of you need to click on the video and watch the advertisement for about 20 to 30 second.

Today, there are many websites, which are designed explicitly for PTC earning. The following are the process:

1.) First, register on the sites through the filling foam

2.) Second, click on the advertisement and start earning


4.) Captcha Solver:

earn money by capture solving


If you are thinking to add some further income, you need to become a Captcha solver. Mostly, peoples believe that it is a more natural way to earn money while sitting in your home.


Duties of Captcha solver:


Meanwhile, the word CAPTCHA is the abbreviation of “Completely Automated Public Turing Computers and Humans Apart.” It means that the abuse of the website is quite profitable. A Captcha solver has to follow the following essential points:


1.) Click on the Captcha

2.) Read and type it accordingly

3.) Your speed must be super fast

4.) Earn when you completed 1000 Captcha


However, there are 3.5 million sites, which are providing the facility of Captcha earning. First, you can test after that chooses this way for extra earning.


5.) Sell your designing skills:

How to earn money online in India, if you are an artist or love to design different aspects of cards, craft, making unique things, then this side business is best for you. You need to sell your service on a relevant platform like Etsy or other graphics sites. Focus plan is:

1.) You need a smartphone or digital camera

2.) Snap the product

3.) Put the craft photo on site


In this way, many people quickly convince to buy the product. So, the more you work, the more you earn.


6.)how to earn money online through Google Adsense:

The most used and the most favorite way of earning is the use of AD networks. Naturally, you need to develop your website and apply some tricks to bringing traffic to your site.


Moreover, when your website is run through confidential and quality work, then you can use the AdSense after six months of the site running.

There are many courses available which are only here to prepare how to use AdSense? So, it can the most comfortable way of earning, whether you are a housewife, students or a job holder. You can make more than $200 to $1000 / per month.

How to get Adsense approval for your blog or Youtube

How to get approval for your blog


7.) How to earn money through affiliate marketing:


how to earn money by affiliate marketing

If you are a hardworking guy or quite severe in extra earning than Affiliate Marketing is specially design for you. Today, the scope of Affiliate marketing is reaching the top level, because of the high growth of shopping.

People are moving forward from the market to online shops like Amazon, Clickbank, Flipkart, eBay, OLX, and CJ. These are the primary aspect of marketing:


1.) Sign up with your account

2.) Publish your product add

3.) Promote your product

4.) Meet the exact seller


The necessary work in the Affiliate Marketing is to promote the product bring traffic and insist peoples to buy the product and earn a commission like 5% to 20% in one product. So choose the right place and signup with your account and earn money for your future. However, a hardworking guy, who can represent things on the website, can make money by using Affiliate marketing.

Earn online by helping others be a debt settlement affiliate 



8.) Virtual Assistance:


It is like personal assistance, means a person can earn money while working on behalf of others without physical presence. However, a variety of task is included in the virtual support, like in, proofreading, content publishing, website look after, marketing, app development, and research working.


More than dozens of companies are offering the virtual assistance facility like MyTasker, uAssistMe, HireMyMom, 123Employee and many more. You need to sign up and enjoy the facilities.


9.) Freelancer working:


To become a freelancer is a significant change to add an extra amount of earning. This process comes at the third point after affiliate marketing or using AdSense. You can make up to $500 to $2000 in one month, depends on your hardworking.


Today, it is the most popular way to show your hidden skills, while working from home or any office. However, as a freelancer, you can accomplish.


1.) Big and small companies

2.) The temporary or permanent basis


Meanwhile, freelancers have many skills in web designing, content writing, graphic designing, data entry and provide SEO service. There are many websites, which are designed explicitly for freelancing like Yorkshire, People per hour, Upwork, Elance, and Freelancer. You can deal with thousands of client from that platform.


10.) Become a writer:

Today, the better and most convenient way of earning is to become a writer. Usually, people are paying 1.5%, 2.5% or 5% for 500 words, depends on the institute, company, and people. All of you need to:

1.) Write articles and content

2.) Provide 100% quality work

3.) Do academic work

4.) Provide work on time

Meanwhile, it is quite remarkable to work with the best platform, because many people face fraud in the payment transaction. So, before working, first, choose the trustable peoples.


11.) SEO working:


how to earn money through seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks the top online business. On every month, many companies are spending thousands and millions of people on SEO work. So, in this way they can easily rank their website on Google, just putting some critical keywords.


In case, you are new and don’t have tricks that how you can develop the SEO, then you need some practice or proper training.

Top 5 winning tips to boost your social media marketing check out


12.) Website designing:


How to earn money online in India through website designing, you have any idea how to design a website; then you can develop a website and make money by taking the order. Many individuals are in search of improving their site because of promoting their business or brand.


In case, you don’t know how to develop a site then you can take training or idea through watching videos. It is a high potential to become a web designer.


13.) Micro-working:


A micro worker can earn more than $200-$300 in one month, through simple ways. There is a variety of different task like:


1.) Identifying an object

2.) Small reach

3.) Finding content details

4.) Rating and commenting

5.) Writing articles and contents


In case, you are interested in becoming a micro-worker then you need the best platform, so you connect with them and start working.


14.) The seller on Fiverr:

earn money through fiveer

How to earn money online in India through freelancer,  A Fiverr is a place where you can find any service, starting from $5. All of you need to visit the site and select the service, which you are interested in offering. The best part is to become a seller on Fiverr and create gigs.


When a person sees your gigs, they will hire your service, if they like and want to connect with you while looking at your gigs and profile. In one day, you have to complete one gig, and at the end of the month, you can earn maximum 10,000. With the help of the training material, you can quickly make money.


15.) YouTube Channel:

Today, the scope of creating a YouTube channel is increasing rapidly. People love to watch short clips and video, So anywhere in the world, you can do the business and become a YouTube Partner.

You need to make a unique video and upload to your YouTube channel. More people view your channel more you can earn. However, you will be paid for every click of view.

How to get more views on Youtube for free


16.) Become an online seller:

The business of selling a product online is come on a top level. It is not like traditional or face to face selling. You need to some necessary skills in selling. Many websites are here which are helpful for the seller. Like eBay, Snapdeal, and Amazon, etc

1.) List the product which you want to sell

2.) Bring traffic to your add

Make sure that you are selling the quality product. Trust me, you become a best seller when you apply some tricks of selling product.


17.) Stock trading:

earn money through trading

A lucrative way to earn money is the buy and selling of stock in stock marketing. If you don’t have any idea, you can go for paid courses or read a newspaper or websites. Meanwhile, if you don’t have proper knowledge, then you might be at risk.



18.)  Domain Trader:

If you want to do online business and wanted the best aspects of high profit, then you need to become a domain trader. It is a kind of investment that you buy or sell the domain.

Before starting this business, make sure that you are enough trained or qualified. You can register the domain or buy it from GoDaddy. Less than 10$ you will get your domain. Below is some sort of informative things to run a domain business:

1.) Skills matter

2.) Knowledge of buying and selling

3.) Identify great domain

4.) Book the domain

5.) Contact the owner

Sometimes, companies don’t find the domain, so they contact the owner and offer the deal. It’s a kind of best profit earning business.


19.) Website flipping:


How to earn money online in India through website flipping, it is just like domain business. For the purpose of making money, the website flipping comes at the top level of the business list. Meanwhile, you need a proper dealing system in the website flipping.

1.) You need to create a website

2.) Work on it for about 4-6 month

3.) After 2-3 month put the site on a different platform

4.) Sell the website

You will earn 15-20 times greater than the average price. Monthly you will make thousands of money. So, avoid other things and choose website flipping for a side business.


20.) Provide consultancy & training:

How to earn money online in India through consultancy, if you have some excellent skills in teaching or training, you can go for a consultancy business. The best part of this business you can do it online. However, you can provide training on different things like:

1.) Technical topic

2.) Computer courses

3.) Medical consultancy

4.) For treatment training

5.) Teaching some aspects

Also, you can create pages on the social media platform, and place the ads regarding your skills.


21.) Forex Trading:

Just like the stock marketing, Forex trading is also dealing with buy and selling of currency, gold, or silver. Solid training is the best part to become a trader.

If you want some knowledge, you can watch CNBC or economic times newspaper. When you are doing the Forex trading business, you have to face profit and loss margin, in short, it is a risky online business, without sufficient knowledge.


22.) Get money from a smartphone:

 There are various apps, which is helpful in making some amount of money. You need to complete the specific task on your smartphone and cash can be transferred to your account.

Today, there are most favorite ten apps, which are design for extra income. The range of earning is about $100 to $150. Just you need to signup, watch the video, play games or complete the specific task.


23.) Photography business:

how to earn money by photography

If you love photography, then this is the best sort of earning. Only, you need to take the photo of the place, dishes, nature, people, and homes, etc. Also, you can find some sites which are design for selling photo online. You will get the payment when someone wants your picture or painting.


24.) Sell old stuff:

There are many things in your home which is not useful for you like your old stuff, so take a picture and upload it to selling sites like Quikr and OLX. With the help of little efforts, you will get some extra amount, while selling your old stuff. All of you need to do:

1.) Find the irrelevant item

2.) Take a photo

3.) List the things (like qualities)

4.) Put your expected price

This is quite an easy way to run the business. Also, you can sell the items to your nearest friends and family. Through this process, you can earn some commission


25.) Real Estate Investing:

If you want to develop a substantial amount of extra income, then you need to invest in the real estate business, in which buy and selling of homes are included. First, you need to buy the property or house with your own money, then sell it including your commission.

Like buy the property in less amount and sell to the hefty commission. It is a highly leveraged asset in which borrow the rest are significantly more valuable than equity.


26.) Virtual Lottery Tickets:

How to earn money online in India through virtual lottery You need to buy the tickets and scratch-off; it is a free assortment of winning money digitally. Meanwhile, luckiest people can make $10,000. However, this is the best assortment of earning money.


27.) Proofread Documents:

A proofreader must read the documents, content or articles after that keep an eye on formatting or grammar mistakes.

How to earn money online in India this is the simplest way to make $17 per hour. Meanwhile, make can depend on your efficiency and skills. If you are curious about proofread learning, then you can go for mini-courses. In a couple of days, you become a perfect proofreader.


28.) Rent your accessories:


earn money through rent

It becomes a side business when you rent your accessories, like a book, clothes, jewelry. If you have a lot of unique things like high-quality products, then this side business is suitable for you. Mostly, people love to hire high-end clothes, which is style and have the best designing. Per order, you will earn some commission like 2-4%.


29.)  How to earn money through Instagram:

2019 is going to be  Instagram due to a huge increase in user base, currently, Instagram is the most engaging platform among all social media platforms and this is the reason all marketers and brands approaching to Instagram influencers.

how to earn money online through instagram

Instagram does not provide any direct way to earn money but You can use these tips or ways to earn money through Instagram.

You can earn money through the sponsored post, sponsored stories, Affiliate marketing, sell your photos or sell your own product want to read in detail on how to earn money through Instagram in 2019 read here.

Influencer Marketing is going to be the game changer in 2019 because Brands and Marketers approaching towards influencer and they are Paying around 50$-500$ depending upon your engagement.

Who are influencers?

Influencers are the people who promote your brand, product, services with their followers, how much you get paid is dependent upon the number of followers and engagement per post.


30.) How to earn money online in India through online tutoring:

Online tutoring and online learning are increasing, students prefer to learn online, do courses attend online classes.

And this interest of students and comfort of any time anywhere study help you to earn money online if you are a tutor.

There are many sites where you can register yourself as a tutor and teach students to take online classes and in return, you get paid up to 20$ per hour.

Check out the complete post on how to earn money online through online tutoring.

Some sites are

1.) Chegg


3.) Smart thinking

4.) My tutor 24



You read the complete post if not first readout here I told you more than 31 ways on how to earn money without investment in India. Online earning is not so and not so easy you need to work hard to start your online earning.

Making-up your mind, positive attitude & patience are the most important things before anything because if there is no interest in your works after some time you left and forget that just two steps ahead your success is waiting for you.

Check Out other cool stuff hope you like if you have any questions comment below.

Now you know what the tips and how you can start your earning from today go ahead and start your earning from today.


Thank you.

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