Want to know How to Earn Money through Instagram (2019)


Best Ways on How to Earn Money Through Instagram Actual working ways to Make Money:

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and within few years it overcomes Facebook due to increase rate, now the question is how to earn money through Instagram?.

Hello and welcome friends my name is  Puneet Tomar, provides you with actual ways through which you can earn money online bookmark for further updates.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, here you post images, stories, a short video which is the best platform to stay connected with your loved ones.

Due to high engagement & digital revolution, brands are approaching towards Instagram.

how to earn money through instagram

And by this Digital marketing is growing at a very fast rate which enables us to make money through these platforms.

Instagram does not provide a direct way to earn money through Instagram as Facebook provides Facebook video monetization for video creators.


Steps Need to Follow before Actual Ways :


So let’s first discuss what things you need to do to start your earnings as there are few things which need to look after it.


1.) Get followers and build a professional account, if you have an Instagram account or not, we start from scratch on how to earn money through Instagram.

Go to Instagram.com and create an account it depends upon you whether you want to make a business account or a personal.

I prefer business account as it provides detail analysis of follower and engagement which help in your growth.

Ok now you are ready, you have created an account, those have already an account can skip this step.

Brands love to connect with a professional account to make it look professional.

2.) Find a category in which you want to work and fill your bio with all the correct information.

Use keywords relevant to your category, fill your contact details including mail id, phone number, and put a link for your website or blog.

Awesome, we are done with step 2 now the next step is building your followers.


1.) Find what your followers like:


The first step is to find what your followers like so for that follow similar category pages and try to find what people like and engaging with what type of content, which gives you an idea to start.

Now create awesome iconographical content and Check the response from people, you can also share with your friends and ask how’s it, which help you to identify what mistakes you are doing.

Alright, now you know what to post and how to attract follows.


2.) Post regularly:


This is the golden step as thousands of images posted daily on Instagram so you need to post daily within a fixed time so that your followers know when you are posting and which provide you an initial boost to your post.

Post 1 post a day or 2 maximum is 3 because more than this result in negative results.

Best time to post.


1.) 9 AM

2.) 5 PM

3.) 2 AM


3.) Use the relevant hashtag:


The hashtag makes a huge difference in your post reach so always use a relevant hashtag for your photos.

You can see what hashtag your competitors using, what are trending hashtags to find out the good quality hashtag for your post.


4.) Use ALT TAGS:


YES, Alt tags are now available in Instagram to expand your reach to those people who are visual impairment.

You can find it on the edit section of your images and also in advance settings during uploading your images.


5.) Engaging with your followers:


All set this is the last step where you engage with your followers fix a time in a day when you go like images, comments to your follower’s images which generates engagement what we need.

As you start engaging, chances are that they also come and check out your Post, comment which built a strong bond.

So all we are done ?, now the time is to start earning, how to earn money through Instagram.

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1.) Sponsored post

2.) Sponsored story

3.) Sell your own products

4.) Sell your photos

5.) Affiliate marketing

6.) Influencers promotion / reviews



How to earn money through Instagram (2019)?


Digital revolution is on trending and it is the future of marketing and this is the reason more and more small and big brands coming to an online platform to promote there product or services.

New startup companies coming to the online platform due to benefits of the online platform, and they require influencers to expand their reach.

And this need solves our problem on how to earn money through Instagram.

1.) Sponsored post:


If you have a High quality engaging Instagram account with the good amount of followers so you can use this method.

You can do sponsored post you can find brands or if you have a good quality account with a lot of follower brands approach you and offer sponsored post.


Sponsored post rates depend upon the number of followers and engagement rate so focus on your engagement to expand your reach.

What I found in the search is that rates start from  50$ and go up to 400$ and more so there is a lot of money you can make just focus on content.

Provide quality content and value to your audience and you will get awesome, unexpected results just focus on the quality of your content.

Here are some sites where you can sign-up to connect with brands.


1.) Tapinfluence is a great place where you can sign-up and fill your all details with types of follower, engagement rate so that brands can pick you from there.

2.) Influenza it is another site where you can sign-up for influencers and fill your all details.


2.) Sponsored story:


The Instagram story is the best way to interact with the audience, story features are so useful as YouTube also launched this feature in the Youtube app.

AMP story is also started for bloggers so you can think how much scope is in this, focus on story try to connect with your audience.

The Instagram story is live for 24 hours and you can sponsor others story or product/ service and charge according to your day promotion charges.

This is beneficial for both you and sponsor as you can charge according to 24 hr rate and sponsors depend upon results can further expand promotion.


3.) Sell your own products:


If you are a content creator, blogger, video content producer or if you provide any other service you can sell your own products through Instagram.

Such as e-book or video course, you can directly sell through your account and make money with it and you get amazing results.

This method cut off all middleman and you can charge according to your choice so it depends upon you how much you want to charge for your service.

Provide value, listen to their problems and make long term customers which help you for future growth and word of mouth promotion.

This provides a greater amount of money with less investment and connects with your buyer if any problems occur you can solve which increases your trust and authority.


Example: Most of you know about bewakoof.com, a t-shirt seller which is currently making thousand every day.


They sell a printed t-shirt, own a website but a major amount of conversation comes from Ithe Instagram account.

And within 1 year now they established full small business owners.


4.) Sell your photos:


If you’re a professional photographer or you love to take photos, take good quality photos and post in your account.

Build a professional looking page with beautiful pictures and your photo details so that viewers can know about photos and about you.

Use watermark to your photos and follow the right audience which takes you to be photography Influencers or you can itself sell your photos.

Stock photos are very much demanding as we can use them without any copyright so people and brands buy stocks photos.

Here are below I am providing a few websites where you can you register your self as a seller and sell you photos.


1.) Twenty20.com

2.) Pixerf.com


5.) Affiliate marketing:


You all are all familiar with affiliate marketing those who don’t know affiliate marketing is the second most used way after ads to earn money.

Affiliate marketing is a best online earning ways in which you sell other product and services and when someone Make purchase you get a commission.

You can join Amazon affiliate, Flipkart affiliate or hosting provider affiliate program and earn a good amount of earning through promoting them in your account.

Some of the big affiliate marketers making 40000-50000 per month.

Here is a detailed article on affiliate marketing by Harsh Agarwal from shoutmeloud, his 60 percent on income come from affiliate marketing

Due to high conversion rates, you can make ga a good amount of money.


1.) Flipkart.com use it sign-up for an affiliate program, find the discounted product, new product promote it through your account.

2.) Stylinity great place for fashion lovers here you can join an affiliate program and make money.


6.) Influencer promotion and reviews:


Influencer marketing is growing at a very fast rate and as a result, influencer earns more and more money you can be an Influencer marketer.

You are also thinking about how to earn money through Instagram by becoming an Influencer.

Become an Instagram influencer and promote others account and product and you can change for that.

You can review a product and make video or slideshow and charge as per your engagement rate.

All now you know what to do to start your online earning through Instagram go Start building your business.

Find these tips helpful leave a comment share with your loved ones.


Instagram is the best way to make money online and this post on how to earn money through Instagram is the complete guide for your carrier in Instagram, hope you like this post share it with your friends and family members so that they can also take benefit from this.


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