How to get Adsense approval : Blog and Youtube

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Are you also apply for Adsense and got rejected, not verifying, insufficient content and other error want to know how to get Adsense approval for Youtube & blog.

If you apply for Adsense you have lots of questions in your mind like thinking can I get Adsense approval with blogger, how long does Adsense take to approve.

Today I answer your all questions and provide step by step approval process so that you get approved one attempt.

Today we will discuss

  • What is Adsense?
  • How to get Adsense approval?
  •  Approval for blogger?
  •  Approval for Youtube?
  • AdSense requirements to approve a blog/website?
  • How much time Adsense take to approve?
  • Why Adsense cancel the application?
  • How to reapply for Adsense?
  • What are some other ad network and Adsense payout?

Are you ready be relax read out this whole article and you will be the master of approval request?

how to get Adsense approval 

First, let us know about Adsense,

As we all know Adsense is the largest and most trusted ad network.

Adsense is the best way to earn money online from your blog or your Youtube account as it display ads to your blog/channel and you make money.

But the critical question is that How to get Adsense approval fast?

Google is making better and better in their absence so that they can display the most relevant and accurate ads so that you can make more money and advertisers get more customers.

Currently, Google launches its Adsense auto ads service, through which from a single code it automatically scan your blog and display ads and you free from ad placement problems.

Now when you go for Adsense approval you mostly get rejected, if you apply for the blog, you get the error like insufficient content, not appropriate, violate privacy policies. 

 how to get Adsense approval for Blogspot  or website

To get blogger Adsense approval, you first check your website/blog is compatible with Adsense or not.

One thing keep in mind when you apply for Adsense blogger (Blogspot) approval that your blog should be Six months old readout Eligibility to participate in AdSense.

how to get adsense approval for blogger

Now after reading the eligibility, if all ok then we move to next step blogger Adsense sign up the process.

It is so easy, just log in to your blogger account > select your blog >click on earning on the left side here

you find sign up for Adsense if not read out the eligibility as I mention above for blogger for the self-hosted  process is much more comfortable and you didn’t have to wait for 6 months.

If you feel any issue read official blogger AdSense sign-up and ad placement guide.

For self-hosted blog/website

Sign up for Adsense account fill out your correct details and finish the sign-up process.

Once you have done login to your Adsense account go to other products and add your blog URL and summit. (the process in different on youtube and Blogspot as they are hosted account ).

When you submit you get an ad code, login to your admin panel of WordPress and go to theme editor and go to theme header.

Adsense auto ads where to place

Add your ad code and summit once you summit go to Adsense click ok and it will take maximum one week to approve your blog.

If you are uncomfortable with this process, you can install Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

Read out how to insert header and footer code,

You get a confirmation mail in your Gmail, and your ads now live.

Once you reach to 10$ mark in  Adsense will send you verification pin through the post-summit pin and get verified.

Once you reach to 100$ mark Adsense send your payment to your bank account, you get update balance on 11 of every month and credit on 23 to your bank account.

Things you need to follow to get fast Adsense approval

As I explain the whole process above here, I discuss essential things you must do before applying for Adsense for your blog.

When you ready, check out these things

  • You must buy a custom domain for your blog as Adsense only accept custom domain and also good for ranking and SEO.
  • Use license theme for your blog which increases your loading speed, SEO and help in fast Adsense approval.
  • A proper landing page with the clean and super simple layout so that it looks professional and with appropriate navigation.
  • Make a homepage, subpages, category a proper menu for your blog so that viewer easily navigates to your blog.
  • The most important thing that every new blogger miss that, you do not add contact us, about us, a privacy policy page in your top menu.
  • All the pages should contain at least 3 article with a proper fill of contact, about us page.
  • Make your site theme mobile friendly and do submit your blog URL to google webmaster and sitemap of your blog.

If you follow all these steps you 100% percent get approved by Adsense also read below what are the reasons why Adsense reject your application.

how to get Adsense approval for Youtube

Youtube Adsense, is also a hosted Adsense account it means sharing ratio is 45-55.

To get Adsense approval for youtube is super easy by following these tips.

As Youtube updated its policy for the approval of your Adsense for Youtube is that you must complete 4000hr watch time and 1000 subscriber in one year.

Make a youtube channel, search for what people are searching pick topics that are in your niche and make quality rich content.

Read my whole step by step guide on youtube.

How to get Adsense approval for youtube fast? simple rule is

Focus on views and watch time and make good and original content when you complete this threshold your application automatically undergo for review and after1-2 week you get approved.

Once you get approved select ad formats and ads are live on your Youtube channel.

Youtube launches its new studio for creators, and you’re earning now show in youtube analytics.

AdSense requirements to approve a blog/website

  1. Your blog Must contain a sufficient amount of content 10-15 posts in the whole blog before apply.
  2. All the post must contain more than 300 words with proper image and alt tags and proper SEO.
  3. Super simple layout and easy navigation make it better and easy to approve.
  4. Your blog must be summited to google webmaster and with XML sitemap for proper indexing, you can also use Yoast plugin to generate a sitemap.
  5. Original content, not a copy pasted or duplicate content write fresh and new material.
how much time Adsense take to approve 

If you follow all the steps, you get verified within three days

Why Adsense cancel the application


Many of my readers say that when they apply for Adsense to get reject and most of the cases, it is due to

  • Insufficient content
  • violate policies
  • Already approved Adsense account.
  • not proper navigation

So if you also get these error when you apply for Adsense so how to solve these problems

  • Insufficient content

When you apply, an Adsense employ has a list for which they look your blog.

Insufficient is when your blog does not contain a minimum number of articles as I explain above.


Your Top menu does not contain contact and about us pages with filled details

  • violate policies

If your content is a copy, not a unique content or using copyright images.

 already approved Adsense account

Yes, this is also a big problem as when you apply you get this error it means you already had an Adsense account.

This is because the details which you fill matching with your already existing account and Adsense does not allow multiple accounts.

So always make an account with fresh details and information to solve this problem.

  • not proper navigation

Use a simple and clean theme for your blog fill all the details with copyright and provide easy navigation for your visitors so that they can see your whole blog.

how to reapply for Adsense

Reapply Adsense is super easy when Adsense reject your application you get a mail with error and reapply link.

Click on the link, see for which reason your application is rejected and solve the issue, then follow that link submit your URL and click that you resolve the issue and reapply.

You get a code to submit it in your theme header, and within one week your account approved.

What are some other ad network and Adsense payout?

There are many other ad networks you can use as an alternative if you do not want to use Adsense.

Thank you for reading this hope you like this if you like share it with your friends and follow us.

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