How to get Media Net Approval Within 5 Hour with proof

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How to get media net approval Fast

If you are a blogger, content producer, getting an approval of ad network is very important as of to start your online earning there are other ways to monetize your blog but ads networks are the most used and easy way to start your earning.

When we talk about online earning, monetizing your Content is the first thing comes to mind when we talk about monetization, there are only a few ad networks that provide the best quality of ads, Revenue And are Trusted. is one of them the 3 Largest AD network with its high-quality contextual ads. ( is the Yahoo! & Bing Ad network).

But getting Approval from these ad networks is Harder some of you know about Adsense if not look at this Adsense approval process.

Today I will tell how I get Approval within 5 Hour and how you get media net approval, what things you need to keep In mind before Apply.

How to get approval

If you apply earlier and got disapproved or want to apply for this, one thing keeps in mind that disapproval is not the end.

When I apply for I also get disapproved you can look below.

media net Approval

So after this, I re-optimized my blog and got approved within 5 Hour interesting.

Here is mail reply of request submission 31 July at 2:37

get media net approval

Now here is reply within 5 hour


Today I tell you how you optimize your blog and what are the media net terms and condition, traffic requirements so that you did not face any issue.

Get approval from

When I get approval, I fell amazed when I get a dedicated manager of my ad publisher account; you also get, when you get approved.

how much pays

Some of us thinking how much we can make through media net, so media net give up to $2 RPM.

Means $2 for every 1000 impression.

But the point you have to keep in mind that if your majority of traffic is from US/UK, it’s fantastic but if not then you’re earning go down. program guidelines

As I said it is a joint venture of Yahoo! And bing Ad network & provide contextual ads, there is 4 Major area you need to focus to get approved.

  1. Content language
  2. Traffic Source
  3. Non sensitive content
  4. Sufficient content


  1. Content language


When you talk about, they only accept English language content so if your blog is not In the English language your application gets rejected.

if your blog does not contain English content start providing English content of if you are running a Hindi blog you can make a separate blog with English content.

Some of us run a blog in multi-language so if your majority of content in the English language you can apply.

The reason why they only approve English content because they focus on US/UK country for there ads and there English is the most preferred language.


  1. Traffic Source

This needs to focus because as they said that the majority of your blog traffic should be from US/UK/ Canada.

So if your traffic is not from these countries, then you have to think because they clearly mention that the majority of traffic should be from there countries.

If we talk about revenue, definitely is one step up as it focuses on high quality of ads and high CPC, rpm country.

  1. Non-sensitive content

The content on your site provides quality to users and not abusing, or any other untrusted fake news or sensitive information is there.

Provide quality post rich with knowledge and information.

  1. Sufficient content

Content is the king, you all have heard but if your site does not contain sufficient amount of content then this can be an issue.

Make a professional blog mentioning all the pages, subpages, contact us, about us, privacy policy & category.

Fill all the pages with the content, don’t provide thin content.

If you are new, then you need to publish 5 article per page so that your site be content rich with regular update.

As they also focus on active sites so do regular update your site & optimize for better performance.

Some Basic but important points

  • Use a paid WordPress theme which increases your page speed and are SEO friendly.
  • Simple but best customizable landing page with proper navigation so that user can easily navigate the site.
  • Excellent quality of content with proper SEO & every page should contain content no blank pages.
  • Proper contact details & site/blog information so that user can contact you easily.

Can we use Adsense and in the same blog?

Yes, you can use both ad network in the same blog, most of us thinking that if we use both ad network, then Adsense ban our blog/website.

But it is not correct you can use both ad network there is no issue with Adsense till as you maintain the quality of your blog.

Media net blogger

There is some misunderstanding about whether we can use in blogger or not so Ans is YES you can use media net with blogger but the point you need to focus is first you need to verify your blog.

And use a custom domain.


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  • Updated November 16, 2018
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