how to get more views on youtube – rank your video to increase your views, earning

Hello friend, are you not getting views on your youtube video, your video is not ranking, want to know how to get more views on youtube.

I am here to help you, buy using these tips not only your views but your channel also grow quickly.

Want to know how, read out this article, but first also check out this how to properly upload video to youtube.

So now you know how to upload video properly, in this article we discuss the Following question.

  • how to get more views on youtube
  • Video SEO tips
  • How to rank youtube video in (2018)
  • how to increase youtube views by Google search
  • Youtube ranking tips
  • How to rank your youtube channel on youtube search
  • Conclusion and some more tips

As of now you see getting views and rank your video/channel is much more difficult because a lot of people uploading a video every minute.

So follow these tips… to do some extra that helps you,

how to get more views on youtube

this is the most searching topic that how to increase views if you have or make new youtube channel you know about youtube new policy.

According to youtube new policy, you need 4000 hour watch time and 1000 subscriber in 1 year, to apply for Adsense.

how to get more views on youtube
how to get more views on youtube-tech4uonine


There are paid views some people think this is a good way to increase views, but let me clarify that when you stop advertising you did not get a single view.

so organic views, views by search result and suggested views is very important.

You have to first focus on your content because the content is the king, the better content you make more chance to get more views,

audience retention and engagement is very much important to increase youtube views we discuss it below,

now you have a very good content, the second thing is that video SEO.

Video SEO 

Yes video SEO plays a very important role in ranking your video and getting views it include

  • Tittle
  • Description
  • tags
  • cards
  • thumbnail
  • end screen

Tittle is main heart of your video because this is the first thing a viewer and search engine see, it should contain a focus keyword.

You should do a proper keyword research and use this keyword in starting, use this keyword 4-5 times in your description write a good description.

Find some related keywords for your keyword you can take help google/ youtube suggest words, use Ubersuggest.

Not put a lot of keywords, maximum 10 keywords, cards thumbnail and end screen are the additional things you must focus that help in rank your video in suggest videos.

This all help you in how to get more views on youtube.

How to rank youtube video in (2018)

there is a lot of changes google and youtube do in their algorithm to rank a video and if your video rank automatically you get more views.

Now how to get more views on youtube from google search the most important thing in which youtube focus is the watch time and engagement in your video.

The more is the watch time in your video the better your video rank, to increase your watch time make a good intro tell your viewers that what, you are going to tell in the video.

Ask question say them to share like comment engage viewers with your video, watch your old video see your audience retention in analytics and find what people like in your video and follow those try to provide what people want.

This also helps you to get 4000 hour watch time, find trending topics, do research about topic make a good video.

how to increase youtube views by Google search

Google search is a very important factor for blog/website but we cannot neglect it for youtube as if you search anything on google you get video result from youtube.

and if you follow all the tips do proper SEO your video definitely rank on google search and you get search traffic and this is long-term SEO plan.

As I tell you about Video SEO in the upper part, all thing everyone does but what extra you are doing here comes the trick.

when you going to make any video search for keyword see search result and monthly searches and pick a keyword.

Go to youtube type that keyword on youtube and see the result and see which video get more views pic that keyword.

Use in title, description, tags in starting then again search that keyword and youtube show you autocomplete result pic 7-8 and put it in tags.

If you apply these tips you see the results.

Youtube ranking tips

Now we come to main tips which can help you in addition to all this, as I explain you about audience retention and engagement now one more point is CTR.

What is CTR? CTR is (click through rate), you must focus on this as when viewers search anything or keyword in youtube give a lot of results see top 10 results.

see the difference in thumbnail and ranking you some video with fewer views rank up why?

this because of CTR and, youtube see which video people more click and how much time they watch.

for example, if people search a keyword click on first watch 1 for 30sec 2 video for 40 and come back and watch 3 video full.

It means that viewer found quality content on the video and youtube rank it up.

You can do it search the keyword in which you make a video and if it is ranking on 10 positions go and watch 9,8,7 video.

For few minute and then your video full do it for 10 days and then see your video ranking go up.

But not only depend upon it and not watch your video more than one time a day as youtube knows your IP and can count it spam.

Follow these steps any question and suggestion on how to get more views on youtube comment below..

How to rank your youtube channel on youtube search

This is also a question many views ask that how to rank youtube channel, their channel is not ranking up when search channel name.

If you also have the same problem read this and you get the result if you follow these tips.

First of all search your channel name on youtube see in which position is it ranking.

Go to your channel, put all information as name, country, Gmail id.

Description of around 200 words contain keywords related to your channel content choose the category of your channel.

When you do all this, go to your channel creator studio and click on the channel.

Then advance setting, here you find country and channel keywords.

Put you channel keywords as if you have technology channel you can use tech news.

technology, mobile review, and your channel name also.

Click save, now when you make video always put your channel name.

If you all this you see your channel ranking going up as well as your video also.

how to get more views on youtube
how to add channel keywords
Conclusion and some more tips

How to get more views on youtube, as I explain all the major factors that affect ranking.

And if you follow all these tips you get more views and your video/channel ranking grows.

Video SEO, CTR, and content quality are the major factors that affect ranking.

If your video gets ranked automatically you get views/subscribers.

Traffic through google search helps you to get more views.

Follow all these tips any question comment me I love to help you.

By following these tips for a month you views increase and don’t have to pay for ads and all other.


  • Upload content on regular basis, daily one video is good for you if you can upload.
  • Try to engage your viewers, ask the question, say to share follow and comment.
  • Check you Watch time in creator studio in which time you get more views and upload your video daily at that time.
  • Check a video which gets maximum views see what views like check average watch time and try to implement those things.
  • Find channel in your category and mail them do collaboration video.
  • Find trending topics, make quality content make facebook and google plus page share your video then you upload.

Thank you for reading out this article any question do comment below and suggestion please provide…



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