How to Make a YouTube channel Easily and Fast

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Want to Make a YouTube Channel Follow these Steps to Start your First Journey:


Hello, friends so how are you, today we will start the first step of YouTube, today I tell you how to make a new YouTube channel.

So you all have a Gmail Id or if not then you can make your Gmail ID search Gmail on Google and then sign up for that.

If you have Gmail ID then it is superb now go to the Google search and type YouTube and open the  search result.

If you do not read what is YouTube how it works how to earn from it click here.

What are the Requirements to Make a Youtube Channel?


To create a YouTube channel you have been 4 things so first is

1.) A Gmail account

2.) Phone number

3.) Bank account

4.) Forth is your videos with you going to be upload in the future.

Then go to Google search and type YouTube, then open go to the homepage of YouTube,  in the top right side of the home page you see an icon written sign in.

Just click on the sign in and it will ask you your Gmail enter your Gmail ID and sign in.

When you sign in with your gmail id pass, now where you see the sign in the top right corner you see a photo or icon then you have to click on that.

When you click on that you see your name Name and your Gmail ID and just down list and title wrote creator Studio click on the icon creator Studio.

Then you click on that it will redirect to a page where you see written you must create a channel to upload a video and in front written to create a channel.

So you have to click on create a YouTube channel when you click on create a channel it redirects you and written as use YouTube as your name and second name and then submit.

when you submit that it will open a new page which is known as dashboard can In dashboard lots of option channel, video manager, community, live stream and many other options.

Verify your YouTube Channel:


Go to the channel option-click and many options on a window such as  uploading, monetization, live streaming click on longer videos and there you have to

Verify your self, click on the verify it will ask your country to select your country and then there are down two options call me or text enter your mobile number.

Enter that mobile number which is with you at the present time when you enter that mobile number click submit when you submit.

An OTP comes to your mobile so you have to enter that OTP in that verification portal and then submit when you submit that your account will be verified.

This is the main step you have to do and you get an email that congratulation your YouTube account has been verified and you can see verified written in front of your name.

How to change channel Banner:


After that on the top left three lines are there, click on that and select my channel it will open a page where you see your photo and banner.

For your channel, there is edit option from where you can change it redirect to google plus the page from where you can set your picture.

The second thing is the monetization option so the new policies of YouTube are that you have to first complete 10000 views on your YouTube channel.

Then you can apply for the monetization option so I will tell you what to do in our next article with this is the simplest way through which you can create your YouTube account.

You need to make an  AdSense account a product of youtube which displays ads on your video I will tell you how to make an AdSense account.

Link with your YouTube account but you did not earn until your YouTube channel get 10000 views.

Any Question or problem feel free to ask…….


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