How to Monetize a Website Without Google ADsense Infographic

How to Monetize a Website without Google Adsense and, best Alternatives:


Are you also want to know, how to monetize a website without ads? how sites make money through traffic.

Convert your hobby into a passion and start your earning through online monetisation.

We are growing speedy and more & more people are coming on the internet which gives us a massive reach to the audience through the internet.

facebook monetization

Online earning is not soo easy, but if you do hard work you can make money online, there is no any shortcut for this.

Monetization means add income source in the hobby.

If you can engage the audience, you can convert them into your leads, or you can say earn money.

There are a lot of methods of online monetization you are most familiar with Adsense, but today first we will discuss how to monetize a website without Adsense.

How to monetize website without ads or video Ads


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1.) Affiliate marketing:


When we talk about how to monetize website without ads affiliate marketing is the second largest earning source.

Most of you know about this-this is the best way to make money but it takes time, or you can say depend upon the conversion/sale.

In this method, you promote products and services to your visitors, and if they purchase through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

The commission can be 20%,50% or more depending upon the product price and demand.

Let take an example if you promote a product cost 100$, and the commission is 50% then you get 50$.

You can promote in your website/blog, facebook page, email list below some affiliate network.

Some affiliate sites

1.) ShareASale– clothes and accessory

2.)ClickBank– high paying affiliate site.


2.) Facebook instant article:



Facebook is the largest social media platform, and recently they launched a service called the Facebook instant article.

This service uses your RSS feed to fetch content from your website and insert ad code then published into your facebook linked page.

This is the best method if you have a good quality and engaging audience page many people earning 500$ a day through this.

Know complete info about instant facebook article earns 500$ a day.

3.) Sponsored post:


This method can be used for Sponsors you can write a post/ review of a  product or service and get paid directly through brands.

You can provide a featured post or sell ad space in your website, and you can charge for that depending upon the number of visitors you have.

This can be a good earning source through the direct providing sponsored post.

Let another know that you are selling ad space and provide a featured post.

1.) BuySellAds– the best place where you can say that you are selling ad space

4.) Sell your product or service:


This is the best and high earning method if you provide any service or product you can directly sell through your website.

You can provide online guides, class or consultant about a particular service and charge for that service.

This is a high earning method because there is no third person between buyer and seller and you can set your price according to your service.

But this looks easy but actually, it Is not because creating your product that uses full for others can be a challenging task.


How you collect payments, how you deliver the product and service after selling can be an issue but if you are ready with all this can be the best way.

5.) Become a connecting line between company and buyer:

Yes, when you build an excellent website about service and visitors like your content, you can connect the company searching for selling their product.

Let us take an example you writing content about SEO and you are getting the right amount of traffic and people are engaging with your content.

You can redirect that traffic to the company product page who are selling SEO tools and earn money through this.

Find Such offers



3.) Peerfly


6.) How to monetize a website through video ads?

Yes, video ads you can join ad network and insert video ad in your website, vi video intelligence video ads, this can generate a massive amount of income if you are getting the U.S, U.K  traffic.

1.) Sign-up for a new user on

Scroll down for sign-up.

signup for vi video ads

2.)  Fill out all the details and accept term and condition and hit register, after some time you get a mail of welcome and one another mail with confirmation with username and password.

vi video ads approved

3.) Use that credential and login you see an interface like this

vi video dashboard interface

4.) Navigate to integrated tags there you find all details scroll down and you get generated tags click copy clipboard

how to add meta tag for video ads

5.) Add this code in widget section or in HTML code paste code where you want to show ads, and your ads are live.


6.) The payout is the same as Adsense when you complete 100$, you can withdraw you’re earning through bank details or PayPal navigate to setting to fill details.

that all you need to do all the best now you activated with video ads now wait for the results and you get what you deserve.


How to monetize a website with Ads:

monetize  your site with ads & the best solution is Adsense, facebook audience network, Info links, etc

1.) Adsense:

Adsense is one of the most trusted ad networks; you can sign up for Adsense and monetize your website.

Getting any error to follow how to get Adsense approval for a website.

2.) Facebook audience network:

This ad network is new, own by Facebook, you can sign up for this and monetize your website, app and game apps.

Know more about the Facebook audience network.

3.) Media Net:

If you are running a blog and focus on the U.S audience, you can also try this ad network only accept English content.

Know complete info about how to earn money with

4.) Infolinks:

If you are interested in link content-based ad, you can use info links to ads know how to setup Infolinks

Hope you like this content on how to monetize a website if you have any dought or question comment below.

Monetize your video with Facebook video ads, Facebook launches its creator studio, ad break service globally.

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