How to Write a Strong Thesis statement for Beginners

How to Write a Thesis Statement step by step guide 2019:

Nowadays most of us don’t know what is a thesis, how to write a thesis statement, so today we will discuss this.

It is a statement or you can say an argument regarding anything which you want to prove or something you found on the research which you are going to prove.

In simple words, it is a statement which you are going to prove and for that you do research, find evidence then write long-form content.

The long-form of content about a specific statement or study which a highschool boy or a degree holder, researcher decide to write.

First, he/she will make a statement based on their research, it should be strong and tells what you are going to cover.


The statement completes with the first paragraph and reflects what is the whole idea it can be a question-based statement or research.

how to write thesis or research paper

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Thesis statement definition:

It is the one-sentence which tells you the main idea or aim of the research paper, in which you are going to argue & prove yourself true.

Not the topic or you can say that the topic and thesis statement is not the same, topic maybe earn money but earning money online from blogging is the best way.

It should not be a fact because facts are true you can not argue on that so select only when you can argue on that, collect proofs.

Basically, it is the last line of your introductory paragraph, it should be short, to the point and covers the main idea which is going to be covered.

Always provide your point of view and be clear don’t just say anything always covers why anything is good is not enough why it is good, find uniqueness.


1.) Always write your solid thesis statement in the starting or first two lines in order to provide a clear idea to the reader.

2.) Be specific and don’t confuse your reader to be clear with what you are saying and provide answers that why it is so.

3.) Underline your research points and be original with what you did and then further carry on.

4.) With your complete paper always provide reference links and data sources with your original research.


How to write a strong thesis statement?

Whenever you write any research paper regarding any topic it should be strong enough, well researched so that it looks like a solid thesis statement.

Or when students select an essay topic sentence it is not the thesis statement it only helps you in developing your ideas.

A strong statement consists of, a length of statement, position, question, and proof combine that make it a great thesis statement.

To make it more strong collect more and more proof, evidence, and do well research about your argument.

Example of a weak thesis:

To make a good looking body you need protein, carbs, fat and rest.

Example of a strong thesis:

To make a good healthy body you have to do exercise, calculate calories intake then take proper diet.


When you edit or revise or refine your thesis in order to get clear and exact meaning that what actually your argument want to say follow these tips.

Always follow your argument and points on your paper when you write paper based on that, should revolve around your statement.

At this time one thing is important is how specific you are dont go off-topic, check wheater there are long unlinked sentences.

If yes remove them and link you’re every sentence from the previous one so that when there is a lot of content it should not be boring.

Your argument is unfocused if yes then sit rethink and modify your thoughts and stay focus with one specific statement.

Is your argument is original:

Your original work what everyone wants when you did just again go through it and check your statement is original or not.

Coping general used examples and statement make your reader bore at least give them some new examples tell why is it so.

Use some real-life examples, connect with your thesis with examples keep it interesting, give some new points to think and ask.

And always ready with your answers that why I write this, give a reason behind it because if the reader will bore they left.

When you writing long-form content always start from the base and basic idea which develops interest and make it solid.

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What are the steps to write a thesis:

First or before start writing create a draft, write down the important points, data and heading in order so that you never go off-topic.

A well-organized content is an important factor because if you know what to do in the next step you can able to draft a good thesis.

The connection among previous paragraphs, arguments, supporting evidence and at last, conclusion makes it way better.

The article may be argumentive, analytical or expository.

If it is argumentive then you need to convince your reader, provide supportive points, start with a good thesis statement as a question.

Provide answers to the questions and defend your thoughts and data which makes it more interesting and engaging for the reader.

Always provide focus points and data with exact research authority figures behind it makes content authoritative

How is a thesis statement supported:

When you give any thesis these points need to there in order to provide the support your opinion.

  1. Examples
  2. Evidence
  3. Accounts
  4. Research
  5. Statistics
  6. Quotations
  7. Data
  8. Comparision


How do you write an introduction to a thesis?

We all do proper research and collect a lot of useful content about a topic and now its time to start, the first thing is how to write an introduction.

As it is the most important part of your thesis if the reader doesn’t like your introduction he or she will not going to read further.

So, how to start or what should be in the intro, there is not any set plan which works as you need to think different for every paper you write I will tell you some points which will help you.

But don’t be stick with these points always try some new and better way to express yourself your thoughts, these are some basic points.

How is the introduction constructed:

You should start with 1-2 hook statements these are written to catch the reader’s attention and develop an interest in reading.

Then write A very strong thesis statement and proved 7-8 supported statements and end up with the conclusion.


1.) Who is going to read:

When you are going to write first think who is going to read, your teachers, friends, boss or anyone globally it will help you to decide how to start.

Keep it simple and interesting that it can easily be understood by others, link every sentence and write briefly so that the reader could understand what he/she going to get after reading.

When you are targeting a wide range of reader your readability score should be good so that everyone can easily understand.

How easily the reader can understand and relate it with real-life is your success of a great thesis.


 2.) How to start:

The first sentence is the attention-seeking line, you have to grab the reader’s attention, check out other papers and see how you and other skips all if they don’t link the first line.

Starting with asking a question or using some already said the comment is common, find a new way to start such as start from.

A sentence which is related to research, widely connected with all related tops or you can start with some studies which you think can catch attention.

So the reader will engage and ask the question with real-life examples if possible so the reader can relate to what he/she is reading.


3.) Provide key points and background:

Keypoints keep the reader connected with your thesis he/she knows what is going to come more when reading further.

Tell them about the background of the topic so that they can relate it and connect it with the present, provide general knowledge about topic.

Do not make it boring, keep it interesting, stay up with points and slowly move further interconnect your last para with upcoming.

Always ask questions in between and answers the question as you proceed, ask a specific question refine your thesis to write an effective thesis.


Whatever the assumption you have taken need to support no false claims and data should include whatever you write.

Always select for or against the topic, never argue from both the side as it creates confusion in the reader’s mind.

A complete thesis includes all the resources from where the data is collected which analysis method is used, results and reports.

It also includes a draft of the presentation, review from people, statements of your work all the process so that users can easily understand.

Always keep the deadline date of the project in mind because it helps you to complete it within the given timeframe.

A timeline is very important because it guides the process and allows you to stay on course by meeting deadlines.



Now we are at the end of this article and I hope now you know how to write a good thesis, statement, I still have questions comment below.

All the points which are cover above are my opinion so implement and comment on whether they are helpful for you or not.

Starting a thesis with a question can be a good option and complete it by answering all the questions and providing your evidence.

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