7 best ways to Increase Mobile Organic search Traffic


How to Increase mobile organic search traffic Using AMP(accelerated mobile pages):


Did you know more than 55% search is done through mobile devices and it is increasing day by day are you optimized your blog to increase mobile organic search traffic.

Google launched its mobile-first indexing service, and From 1 July 2018, they confirmed that now page loading speed also is the ranking factor In mobile devices.


increase mobile organic search traffic


From the past few months, Google also said to use AMP on your website so to provide better user experience and fast loading in mobile searches.

So today I tell you seven tips that you should follow to increase mobile organic search traffic and outrank your competitors.

1.) Implement AMP on your site & use a responsive theme:



Make your site AMP(accelerated mobile pages); It is a framework which makes your site load super fast by reducing all extra CSS, javascript, and dynamic content.



You can look at these results when you search on a mobile device you see a lighting sign in below the search result.


Always use the responsive theme as you can understand that maintain a different theme for desktop, Mobile and tablet is much tricky so always use a good responsive theme.

You can use the studio press or newspaper as  best SEO friendly and lightweight theme which can increase mobile organic search traffic

2.) Increase mobile organic search traffic by site speed:


Today every one you and I want quick results we did not want to wait to load a page loading and loading so make your site load super fast.

1.) Use good hosting provider

2.) A lightweight theme

3.) Properly optimized images

4.) Not too many redirect


You can use page speed insight tool to check your page speed and optimization score and if there are some optimization require it will also tell you the tips on how to optimize them.


You can also use CDN ( content delivery network ) and enable mobile redirect so that you get best possible speed in your mobile search.


3.) USE  large and clear font size and use AMP ADS:


You know when it comes to mobile devices there are different mobile with different screen size so always use a large and clear font that can easy to readable.

If your font is not as much large to read people leave your page and bounce back which tells Google that this page is not relevant and your ranking drops.

If you monetize your blog, you know Adsense ads an ad script when loading whenever someone views your page and increase load time.

So to overcome this issue you use Adsense latest update Auto ads for AMP which provides relevant and fast loading ads which increase your website load time.


4.) Reduce pops, and a mail pops  notification in mobile searches:


Think if you do a mobile search an when you land on a page & it starts showing too many pops, email notification what you went do definitely leave that page and bounce back.

The mobile screen is smaller compared to your desktop and some time when any pop occur you don’t even find how to remove it as it not fit accurate with that screen size.

This increase bounce rate and reduce time on site, and both affect your search ranking so try to minimize pops.


5.)  Make your Site HTTPS:


6 August 2014 google officially Announced that HTTPS as a ranking factor. So make sure your site is https secured.

You can buy an SSL certificate and activate in your site if you not done till now do it fast as you are loosing most of your traffic.

If you have an old site activate SSL certificate and use a proper 301 redirect to you all existing pages so that all the link juice pass to your new https URL.

301 redirect is a permanent redirect which tells Google that you move your site to the new URL permanently.

If you face any problem is activating SSL, you can contact your hosting provider, and they do this for you.

6.) Do proper internal linking:


Internal linking is the way how you link your pages within your site with other pages.


Always use proper anchor text to link out your other pages which make relivance and make google bot easy to crawl your intire site.


Always link a high ranking page to low ranking so that all your pages combine built a good authority and by that way, your low ranking pages also start listing.


7.) Optimize your title and meta description:


how to optimise tittle and meta


Tittle and meta description are the most important part of your any article do optimize your title as this is the first thing which googles bot see in your article or page.

Tittle must contain your keyword but not look as keyword stuffing make look natural.

The meta description is the small description which you see when you do any search, and it is the summary, or you can say extract part of your post.

So always optimize your meta tag make it eye-catching and clickable so that it increases your CTR (click through rate) which increase mobile organic search traffic.



Seo is a vast topic, and it keeps on changing, so you always look for what is working and try to implement that.

Use these seven tips which help you in increase mobile organic search traffic and make your site load fast.

Increase mobile organic search traffic by dominating mobile search results as viewers prefer and mostly use mobile phones to search.

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