Instagram Video Vs Vine: What’s The Difference?

Instagram is a great photo app for Tablet and Smartphone devices which allows the people to take photos and share them on their social networks. But later, Instagram added the video function in its app.

Like images, you can now share your videos on other social networks. This feature is especially the great selling point of another app called Vine (designed by Twitter).

instagram video

Due to the Instagram videos, the number of people using the Vine app was decreased gradually. Before the update of Instagram, people had both the Vine app and Twitter app on their devices (Instagram for sharing pictures and Vine for sharing videos).

Now Instagram has come up with both the features (image and video) people usually would like to have only the Instagram app on their devices.

When compare to Instagram Vine has only fewer features. Here are the few key differences between Instagram and Vine app:


1. Length:

The Vine app allows users to upload longer than 6-second video clips. The Twitter and Vine app put a lot of science and research into this length and determining that it is the ideal length for video consumption.

The small length forces the user to think outside of the box in order to tell a story shortly.

In terms of Instagram video, it allows the user to shoot and upload up to 60 seconds. It is quite large and convenient for the creator than the Vine app.


2. Interface:

Instagram’s interface is more visceral for the first time user. It clearly gives how the app works. But in the Vine app, it is more confusing when you first fire it up.


3. Filters:

Yes, by using the Instagram filters now you can even change a shaky handheld home video from amateur to artist.

Nearly 13 filters are available on the Instagram app which gives extraordinary look to your photos as well as videos.

The best thing is that you can buy Instagram views from instaboostgram, idigic or famoid and get tons of views on your handheld home video.

Again this awesome feature is not available on the Vine app.


4. Looping feature:

The looping is a nice feature in Vine but it is not available on the Instagram app. Due to this feature; the video clips on Vine constantly repeat or “Loop” themselves, making this as a great network for animations.

In Instagram due to longer shoot time, they don’t automatically loop the videos, if users want to see your video again then they must hit the play button again.


5. Editing:

In terms of Editing, the Instagram app definitely has more flexibility than the Vine app. The Instagram app allows the user to delete the video footage while editing.

It is a most needed feature; unfortunately, it is not available on the Vine app.

Bottom Line:

Both the apps will “get the job done” in helping you to create an interesting video for your company and also for your personal use.

If you already have an account on Instagram then we recommend you to develop your videos on that platform itself, instead of creating a new one on the Vine app. If you newly created you need to put more effort to grow.

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