Best Inventory Management Apps on Shopify App Store

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10 Most Outstanding Inventory Management Apps on Shopify App Store:

inventory management apps

Are you also running an online business with Shopify and facing an issue with inventory Management Apps here is the solution.

Shopify development is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms in the world because of what they offer to their clients. They have plenty of options to manage your store.

Shopify Inventory Management is an add-on that manages all drop shipping when a supplier runs out of stock.

The following are 10 Best Shopify Inventory Management apps that simplify your store management:


1.) Katana for Shopify App:

This nifty Shopify App is built to cater to the manufacturers who want to easily manage raw material inventory, schedule operations, create a bill of materials, and monitor floor-level production.

It’s simple and visual interface makes it easy to navigate through. Users can integrate one or several Shopify stores and accounting software like QuickBooks.

The app also allows you to keep track of your business operations from one centralized point.


2.) Stocky Inventory Management App:

This is another inventory management app for Shopify website that measures the inventory levels of your business.

This app makes it easy to create stock orders for suppliers and vendors in a few clicks. It is also a very intuitive application that makes you pay attention to the most urgent supplier.

This nifty tool will also give you suggestions based on the latest or seasonal sales. This makes it easier while making such. You can also check out low stocks and grades this from low to high revenue.

In any business there are low budgets, therefore it offers you an opportunity to decide which vendor is more important.

Its sales reports allow you to be not selling so that you can clear that stock first. What I love about this inventory management app is its ABC analysis of the stock, where it automatically ranks stock.

The user can measure cam measure the stock that churns the highest revenue using this grade.


3.) Fishbowl:

Fishbowl is a complete inventory management app perfect for manufacturing processes. It goes through every stage of production. Since the tool is very easy to use, it is continuously tweaked for better user experience.

The mobile app is handy for taking pictures and has numerous customization options. It is a perfect app for ordering, inventory tracking, and automatic updating of inventory levels.

It also offers great customer support that tends to focus on business growth. One downside and of this app are issues that may arise when raising sales orders.

There are also hanging issues when connecting with QuickBooks. Third-party providers order processing function is limited.


4.) TradeGecko:

This Inventory management app for Shopify owners makes inventory management seamless and powerful. This great app provides full inventory control and the latest statistics of inventory in real-time.

Additionally, it has the option of multiple currency payments showing the dashboard in the user’s currency. The app integrates well with Shopify and other big players in the e-commerce industry.


5.) Stichlabs Inventory Management:

Stichlabs inventory management app is for online sellers in various platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and other e-commerce stores.

You will love its support and great interface making it a perfect choice for startups. With it, you can create multiple warehouses and effects transfers between them.

The app updates inventory levels after the sale in Shopify, automatically. The app integrates well with Xero for accounting facilitation. It also supports third-party integrations and predictive analytics forecast.


6.) Out of Stock:

This is a great app that does the work for you. Once installed, a simple script on your site, a pre-order button shows up for the item.

Consumers can click the button to go through the normal buying process, which allows you to make sales even when you are out-of-stock.

There is a notify button that allows customers to know the moment the item is in stock through email and/or SMS.


7.) ZapERP Inventory:

This best Inventory Management Apps for Shopify owners cum customer relationship management app is undoubtedly the most popular of all the inventory management Shopify apps.

The reason being: it has accounting and CRM integrations plus the system is quite intuitive. It has also notified users when inventory levels dip.

The app integrates with the third party and you will real-time inventory tracking on the dashboard. It also comes with 100+ templates for your invoice, Purchase Orders, and Credit Notes.


8.) Inventory Source:

The app integrates with your supplier’s inventory feed and product content data. You can auto-upload and update your products online without file servers or scripts. Orders are sent automatically into your supplier’s order management system.

You don’t need an email or manual entry for this. The inventory management app auto-routes shipment tracking back to your customers. No need for copy-pasting or updates.


9.) Stock & Buy:

If you want to run your online business smoothly by tracking your inventory and orders across all channels from one location, then this app will be perfect for you.

It automatically adjusts your stock levels as orders trickle in. Shipping status and available stock quantities are kept in sync with each channel.


 10.) Stitch Labs Inventory Management:

This app syncs and manages your inventory and orders automatically in real-time. This increases sales by expanding into new channels.

You can also create product bundles and gain deeper insights into your products. You quickly connect all your offline and online sales channels. It also has an accounting system.

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My favorite app when it comes to inventory management on the Shopify E-commerce website is ZapERP. It has integrated accounting and CRM functionality instead of liking with other third-party apps like Xero or QuickBooks. Its price is also fair compared to the other apps making perfect for small businesses.

The app is also suitable for ventures that handle a large number of operations. Some of its unique features are invoicing and integration with multiple payment gateways. Overall all these apps make your life very easy when handling inventories.


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