5 Winning Marketing Strategies for Local SEO Marketing


Local SEO Marketing Importance How it will Affect your Business Growth Know More:


Local SEO marketing has become increasingly important as in today’s world most of the people rely on Google to get any information that they require. It can be related to the utility service providers in the area or restaurants, clinics etc.

As more and more people started relying on Google to get information, businesses also started to look for enhanced visibility on Google’s local business listing platform.

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It requires the use of local SEO strategies to be visible on Google. Here are 5 winning strategies for Local SEO marketing.

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Make Yourself Visible on Google’s Local Three-Pack:


Google My Business is where the crème de la crème of local search lies today. Thus, any SEO company in Hyderabad, Delhi, or wherever you hire it makes it mandatory to get their client’s website on it.

Thereafter, it depends on how good they are at optimization because only the best get a place in Google’s local three-pack.

The best ways to enhance your visibility is by adding a Google Map of your location, specifying the store hours, giving landmarks and adding testimonials of your satisfied customers.


Get Listed in Local Business Directories:



The local directories work positively for expanding your reach. So, utilizing them is an important part of Local SEO marketing.

You should list your business profile with complete details on some local high-value business directories. Besides containing the details of your store like address, contact details, working hours, some high-quality recent images etc., it should also have a link to your website.


Establish Relevance and Authority:


Local SEO marketing gives great importance to inbound links. This is a proven method to boost local visibility. If you get good inbound links, then it is taken as an indication of your authority and relevance by the search algorithms.

You can get these links by following methods like organizing community events, guest blog postings, sponsorships etc. Small businesses also build relationships with the prominent and influential people of the area and then if they get mentioned on their platforms then also it leads to link building.

Did you know mobile first index, as more and more people surfing the internet with smartphones, so making your business site AMP(accelerated mobile pages) ready can help to rank up on google?


Make Use of Local Schema Mark-Up:


This can prove to be a very effective Local SEO marketing strategy as only 32% of the websites are using it so far. Structured data markup, when added to the website’s code, provides the search engines with more vital information about the business and hence the probability of getting preferred by them increases.

This structured data markup helps the search engine spiders to crawl and see what the site is all about, like the products or services you offer, the reviews posted on it etc.


Post Quality Images and Videos:


Images and videos engage the users better, but care should be taken about their quality. Poor quality can result in harming the ranking.

The images need to be optimized so that they get reduced in size and properly formatted. Otherwise, the site will take time to load, which will go negative for you.

Posting videos is an integral part of all non-local or local SEO marketing strategies these days, but they should be optimized properly. The titles and metadata need to be more clickable and incorporate thumbnails.

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Following these tips will ensure that your website ranks higher in the local searches and you would be able to make your mark felt among your prospective clients. All good digital marketing services in Pune, Delhi or anywhere else know that the SEO strategies don’t work individually but cohesively. Faltering on anyone might result in breaking the entire chain and will impact the success of the entire strategy.

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