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Why Is It Worth Choosing An Exact Logistics Management Program?

In wholesale, high margins and optimization of logistics processes are of high priority it is important to buy and sell products at competitive prices while maintaining full insight into your inventory all these possibilities are provided by exact logistics management software.

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  • Exact logistics management software
  • Lower costs of the warehouse management system
  • Optimization of logistics processes
  • Access to a single source of reliable data
  • Reports and automatic notifications
  • Local operation or in Exact Cloud

Logistics Management for business

Advantages Of Exact Logistics Management Software:

Exact logic management software combines financial, logistic and administrative processes in the form of a single system.

All data is stored in one central location so that each person works on the same information. That is why Exact for Logistics and Distribution simplifies internal logistics processes and facilitates optimization of margins.

An intelligent warehouse management system, reporting, and automatic notifications allow reducing costs.

With the Exact module for Logistics and Distribution, you can use the local level or the private cloud – so that you do not worry about the cost of maintaining it.

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Want to know how exact software can benefit your business? View the webinar about the Exact solution for Logistics and Distribution or give us your details. We will contact you to arrange a meeting and presentation.

The Basis Of Multi-channel Strategy

Modern wholesale is characterized by a multi-channel strategy. This means that besides a physical sales point, the company should also be present in the network.

Online wholesale is undoubtedly a trend that will continue in the coming years. Customers expect the availability of desirable data, the ability to order goods and to combine their own processes with wholesalers via the network.

This system is a single source of reliable data that forms the basis of all activities undertaken on the Internet.

Exact for Logistics and Distribution acts as a central source of information, from which it collects, among others, online store, EDI system, and applications for sale.

This is why our solution is necessary to implement a successful multi-channel strategy.

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Exact For Logistics And Distribution Service Essentials

Exact logistics management software will streamline the warehouse management system and allow for optimization of logistics processes used in the company, and hence – will bring high margins and higher quality of service.

This is why, apart from the logistics program, we also offer best-in-class customer service.

We achieve this goal using Service Essentials. Thanks to us, you can fully use the potential of your logistics management system – from analysis, through consultation and implementation of the <a href=””>CRM</a> system, to training and support.

We offer Service Essentials not only to new customers. With equally high commitment, we also make them available to existing customers who want to optimize their logistics management.

You can start using services at every stage of our service cycle.

Uninterrupted View From Anywhere Thanks To Exact Applications

We have many applications for users of our wholesale logistics management software, thanks to which it is possible to use its full potential.

Additionally, there is, among others, a Service Management application that enhances the quality of service management, as well as a CRM application providing insight into customer relations, activities, and meetings – from anywhere, anytime.

The Exact application center allows you to search for intuitive applications available on smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android and Windows.

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