Messenger Based SMS Marketing tips for your Business

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How to optimize your business with messenger based SMS marketing Growth tips?

Messenger based SMS marketing can always be one valuable channel for businesses for establishing and improve communication with customers.

This can easily take place on multiple platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and some of the similar chat based application.

Which will help in allowing users to connect with the brands worldwide solve their queries and droughts?

But, if you are completely new in this Messenger based SMS marketing,  then gaining high engagement might be quite tricky.

There are some council members who are ready to share their strategies for optimizing messaging marketing strategy. If you are looking for the right help, then going for the strategies might help you big time.

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Tips For You To optimize Messenger based SMS marketing:



Marketing in 2019 is not as much simple as it was earlier, now Digital marketing takes place here search engine became smarter, Advertising cost going high & high.

Due to more & more people coming online, more platform is now available for marketing your business, Voice search, Video marketing, Messenger based SMS marketing, is now growing at a very fast rate.

Social media marketing is evergreen but now messenger text marketing is growing so to grow your business stay updated with these platforms.

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1.) Treat the messaging sector like any of the other private inboxes:


Messenger marketing can always be stated as exciting and offers some of the great claims for amazing open rates, whenever compared to email.

While this point can always be stated as complete truth, the reality is that it is yet another inbox in the list.

Most of you might have rushed into the field of SMS marketing for so many reasons but failed to realize how these new channels will have to be respected for message frequency and style.

So, it is mandatory for you to treat this channel just like another touch point and as the best private inbox for gaining traction.


2.) A positive advantage of live event engagement opportunities:


The field of Messenger based SMS marketing is always proven to be useful whenever the brand is actually engaging with customers around some of the live events.

With the proficient use of messaging platforms, any attendee can easily receive useful information, not just before.

But during and after events while brands can always engage on the more personal level, directly with consumers.

You can follow the same text messaging section in terms of text charity and more to come, as well.


3.) Avoid using it as your standalone platform:


The most promising thing for you to understand over here is that the messenger platforms are not quite meant to be standing right on their own.

They are actually meant to be used for continuing conversation which some time create annoying.

No brand should be here to base their marketing effort solely on the field of messaging. All you have to do right here is just plug in the said amplifier and crank up the present interactions.

It can definitely work out well on your behalf any day for sure.


4.) Always put important people on top of the messages and their charges:


There are way too many brands on the market, which are putting some wrong people on the messenger scale.

In case you have one customer willing to engage with the brand on a real-time basis, then would you like to put up the top people for the spot of taking charge of it?

It is always mandatory for you to put those people in charge of messaging, who are ready to help you in creating an experience, which will deepen brand loyalty of the customers.

If you want, you can always use a bot for handling the easy stuff. But, it is always important for you to make it easy to just connect to the helpful human in a prompt manner.


5.) Adding up some of the interactive elements:


It is always important for you to include a link or even Call to Action in messenger based marketing strategy.

The conversation, you plan to have with the customer, needs to be personal in tone and should have customizable and interactive elements.

It might help in providing users with the perfect opportunity to learn something more about the service or product.


6.) Base the bot programming on some of the real customer conversations:


It is mandatory for you to go through the messaging history and try to identify some of the conversations with connections or prospects and end up with some common questions.

Later, it is time to use your intuition whenever trying to set up the chatbot and grow your business.

If you ever ask the bot to ask questions about connections business, then make sure to think about how that person should be able to respond in a natural manner.

You will be surprised enough to see how engaging the customers might become when you provide instant respond.


7.) Always try to make it personal:


Businesses can always engage in some of the real-time conversations, which will allow for some personalization whenever you are using messenger.

Those brands, which are planning to take advantage of engaging in such high impact tailored approach, can always check out the results.

Personalization forms one key while developing a strategy for utilizing messenger for your customers.

This source of messaging is always stated to be one effective way for those brands, which will ensure that every button, work, and link can provide some leads towards targeted experience.


8.) Avoid making it way too personal:


It is always jarring to open up the platform that you otherwise use quite exclusively to talk to friends and family.

Just to find message popping up right on the screen and promoting to purchase any product you viewed casually once.

It will definitely sour the experience and people might think it to be a violation of privacy.

This isn’t any of those helpful reminders now. For the business owners, it is important to ensure that consumers will opt into interacting with the brand on messenger.

If the companies try to be sneaky, they might lose trust instantly and which affect your business growth.


9.) Focusing on right time and platform:


Brands which otherwise focus on integrating messenger based marketing strategy into the broader customer journey and sales funnel can always see benefits from users, preferring messaging.

It is important to map your customer’s journey carefully and funnels to define and then test the best moment.

For offering audience value by just allowing them to interact with the brand on terms and with the preferred medium.

It is really important that you end up following the points easily.

The points are simple and will help to message to be a vital part of your business growth. Once you have done that, things will turn to work out well for you. Just rely on the points, as mentioned by the pros, in this regard.

This is all about Messenger based SMS marketing hope you like the article, go share with your friends, social media.

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