5 Ways to Make Money Online by Typing jobs Without Investment

Easy ways to Make Money Online by Typing  jobs From your home comfort:

Want to earn money online from your home comfort, online typing jobs for the people, with good typing speed and writing knowledge.

From the last 2 years, the demand for this job is increasing and that is the reason nowadays online earn money by typing is the best way to make money.

online earn money by typing

Whether you are a student, doing a job or housewife anyone can work from home and make some extra cash for them you only need good typing speed and knowledge.

Always be aware of scams and always work with trusted and reputed sites in the industry because there are scams too.

I have listed all the genuine and 100% trusted ways to make money by online typing jobs, also listed online typing jobs free registration sites.

You can earn from $50-$1000 a month through this way only you need is be consistent, good typing speed and provide good service to your customers.



1.) Good knowledge about the content which you are going to write.

2.) No grammatical mistakes, improve your English and various other languages in which you want to work.

3.) Improve your typing speed and skill.

4.) Try to write in such a way that from a student to a professional everyone can easily understand.


Don’t stick with one channel for getting the job try to use multiple channels connect with people and expand your reach engage with the audience.


Online typing  jobs without investment:

There are many part-time jobs available you can join free online but if you want to do typing work as a part-time job then below are the best ways you start with.

Below I listed ways and also the sites where you can register yourself for Online typing jobs, in sites when you get a job you can start working.

There are no registration fees just sign-up fill out the free registration form and other details when the job is available you will get a mail.


Earn Money Online by typing pages:

Typing pages is the best way to start your online job, you can register yourself as a freelancer at Online writing jobs and fill out details.

Here you get jobs for Hindi page typing, English and more if you know multiple languages you can also write articles.

You can also charge for per word or according to content length its depend upon the quality of the article you are writing.

But if you don’t want to wait for the mail and want to start your own online typing business, make your own portfolio and try these ways.


1.) Content writer job:

Content writer is the people who write content for others such as English content writer or Hindi content writer, News and documents writer and much more.

earn money by content writing

Nowadays when more and more people perceive online content there is a need for high-quality engaging content, fresh and updated content.

Due to this huge amount of content need if you have a good typing speed and skill of writing amazing content then you can make a good amount of money too.

Small business owners hire content writer for their business to write content for them and also pay a higher amount of Money.

You can earn up to 500$ a month through this way and more than this if you get the number of orders, make a portfolio describe that you are available for work show some of your work.

Promote your portfolio to all your social media channel and freelancing sites such as Upwork, fiverr and register your self and work from home comfort.


2.) Blogging

Blogging is the best way nowadays to start your online earning business, provide quality content to your views and monetize your content.

If you have knowledge regarding any topic or niche write content about it, content which can add value to your audience, tell your experience and engage with them.

It is similar to content writing only the difference is you don’t need to search for jobs, you can create jobs for others, write content for your blog.

You can make up to 1000$ a month through this way and it can be your recurring income source, make your own blog if you don’t want to work for others to be your own boss.

You can monetize your content in many ways such as Google Adsense, Media.net, Direct advertising ways to monetize your content.

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3.) Freelance jobs online earn money by typing articles:

Freelance typing jobs and content writing is pretty much similar here you make your gig or you can say a portfolio that you are available for this type of typing jobs and also mention charges for your service.

There are many freelancing sites from where you can get jobs, you just need to register your self and people can hire you.

These sites have a huge number of worldwide customers searching for a freelancer, discuss work complete your work and get paid.

You can earn from $5 – $500 a month through this way and way more if you provide quality service one thing keep in mind that these sites take some commission on every order.

Below are Top 3  sites where you can register your self:

1.) Fiverr

2.) Upwork

3.) Freelancer


4.) Content translate:

Translation jobs are now a day’s is in demand and reason for that is one content is seen by different audiences and with different languages hence translation jobs are very much in demand.

earn money by content translate

If you know multiple knowledge and can translate content then this job best fit for you, Hindi to English translation, Title translation and much more.

There are tools available which can translate but they are not soo accurate when it comes to actual blog content so sharp your skill and starts working.

You can earn up to 100$ a month through this way and much more if you work properly, set up your profile on the sites Fiverr, up work to get hired.


5.) Review writer:

Online earn money by typing, the best and easy way nowadays is review writing, you can be a paid review writer, write a review for other, product review writer.

Nowadays people love to read reviews about any service or product before buying anything and this is the reason this job also in demand.

You can earn up to 500-1000$ a month through this way as companies are paying you more than this for paid reviews.

Always write genuine reviews, write what you think and what is your experienced if used, people love to read genuine reviews and people trust on you which can help you to get more jobs.


6.) Transcription:

Video transcription, audio transcription the easy way to understand this is you need to type audio into text which is in demand.

Video in different languages can be understood by transcription to English and this also helps small business to reach more audience with different languages.

You can earn $100- $500 per video depending upon the length of the video so go choose your job and start your online earning.


How to find the sites doing scam in online typing jobs:

There are lots of sites and it is difficult to find which sites are doing scam until you try them but you need to look at these points to stay safe.

Don’t go for random sites or the sites which are not providing you all the details regarding work, payment and charging you for registration.

If sites are charging money for registration, or not giving the proper information about the site, do check how much old website is and its authority.

Check website owner details and whether the site is registered, check reviews about the site and then decide is it ok for work.

How Much You Can Earn:

Earning through online typing job is depend upon the quality and experience if you experience more than 3 years then you can earn Rs 10,000-15,000 a month.

But if you are a beginner or just started then you can earn below 10,000 depend upon your hard work it may vary.

If you work as a blogger then you can earn up to  $500 a month but you need to learn about SEO then it works better for you.


Here we end up with 6 work from home online jobs, earn money by typing jobs select your job which suits you and starts your online earning from today.

Only you need is good typing speed, knowledge of grammar, content formatting and skill to prepare easy, engaging content.

These are all the best jobs and the demand for these jobs will continue to increase in the future don’t go for the shortcut to learn and work.

If you face any problem related to this comment below or contact us.

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  • Updated July 13, 2019
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