23+ Online Part-time Jobs from home for Students in { 2020 }

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Nowadays online part-time jobs or online jobs from home for students is becoming a need as everyone wants to earn some extra cash or you can say pocket money for them.

And when it comes to online earning, one thing you should know is what are the ways to earn money online because most of us don’t know them about them.


online jobs from home for students in India


But my friends, I would like to tell you that there is no shortcut or fastest rule, to make money online.

The thing which can help you is how much time you devote, your interest and smart work.

Today I am going to share with you 23 super easy online part-time jobs from home without investment so that you can also earn money from your home comfort.

Before Going to start this I request you to also check other articles that can help you to start your online earning and also provide your feedback.

As more and more people, college students are coming online in search of the internet part-time jobs, to earn some extra cash, due to this day by day competition is increasing so you need to work hard and smart.




List of 23 online part-time jobs from home without registration fee:

As a college student, pocket money is very necessary, but what if you itself can earn by doing free online jobs from home without investment or sometimes very less.

I listed ways and also some bonus ways and tips below to help you to make more so if you have any questions regarding this please do comment below.

There is various work from home jobs or online part-time jobs available for everyone you just need an internet connection and correct information, all jobs are home-based


How to find part-time jobs online

This problem is faced by everyone because there are many scams in the online world so how to find trusted and genuine jobs.

This is my promise that from today you will not face this problem because I will tell you genuine online jobs and also other sites from where you can find.

See there are sites such as Naukri.com, youth4work, Fiveer, google jobs, amazon jobs, and tech4uonline where you can do the job search for yourself.

And one questionary that how to apply for online jobs, so you just need to go to these sites and check the listing of the jobs, select which is best for you and apply that.

Once you get selected you will receive a mail or call for the further process.



1.) Amazon flex – Offline Part-time job for Students

The best free online job from home for students is where you can work with flexible hours because a student doesn’t have much free time.

Part-time job with amazon flex

Be Amazon delivery partner with Amazon Flex, a program launched for the people or students who want to earn money.

This is the best online job for students or even for anyone, here you need to deliver products which customers order from Amazon.

You only get those products which are needed to deliver in your area, work when you are free there are no reactions, be your own boss.

Work 7 days in a week or 5 it’s up to you, earn 15$-20$ per hour, earning depend upon the location or the time you take to deliver the product.

Currently, this service is only launched in some places so check whether it is available in your city or not, download the app and get registered without any registration fee and check for the update.

Sign up for Amazon flex for this free online.




2.) Make Money Online with Quora partner program

Want to generate money just by asking questions on the world’s top Question answer platform, If yes then get ready for this way.

Quora which is well known for getting answers to your questions have launched a new program called quora partner program.

This program enables us to generate money by asking questions, but the question needs to be unique and new, you can earn up to 500$ per month.

But you can only join this through invite bases, this program is currently not open for everyone you need to build some authority as a quora member.

And when you gain authority, automatically they will invite you for this program, here are some tips you can follow to get a fast invite.

Here are the tips on how you can get an invite for a quora partner program this is the best online jobs from home for college students on mobile.



3.) Search Engine Evaluator

Did you know-how search engine (Google, Bing)  social media (Facebook, Instagram) or any other social media sites and ad network show you the most relevant results.

We all know that all these results are algorithm-based but how these algorithms are made, so the ANS is User data collection and feedback.

Yes, all these sites take reviews, user preference, search history and behavior to make their algorithm most accurate and relevant.

So to collect that data Search engine evaluator job is there you can join these jobs give reviews and feedback and you get paid for that.

This is an online part-time job from home, you need to work for 1-2 hours per day and you can easily make  6000-10,000 per month.

Don’t be late get registered without any registration free need a mobile phone with an internet connection.

You can join here,

1.) Lionbridge 

2.) Workforce



4.) Online part-time jobs for teachers:

If you are a teacher or want to teach students then teaching students can help you to make money you all know but what if I say you can teach from home.

Yes, you can teach college or school students from your home comfort and time work when you want as an online tutor.

Online tutoring is the best way if you want to do online teaching, sign-up for online tutoring sites such tutor.com, my tutor 24, smart thinking and much more offer a part-time job.

Nowadays students like to study online they want someone who can solve their problem on the go and they are ready to pay 5-50 $ per hour of class.

You can register your self as a tutor in the above sites without registration fee and as soon you get verified you can start taking a query and online lectures and earn money on the go.

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5.) Earn 1000$ a month through Blogging:

If you know a little bit about online earning then you definitely listen about blogging, blogging is the best way to earn money online and it can give you recurring income if you work hard.

Blogging means a man or a group of people who write valuable content for others and earn money from that and a person is known as a blogger.

Nowadays blogging industry is growing at a very fast rate and you can be a part of it if you have knowledge about anything which can add some value to your readers.

It can be about technology, web designing, business, make money online, travel guides, cooking, reviews whatever you like just start a blog and write.

You can earn up to 1000$ a month through this way but need to keep some points in your mind that how to start things, tools you need to start your journey.

There are both free and paid ways to start a blog, first you need to set up a website, you can use a free platform such as Blogger or Wix whereas paid in which you need to buy hosting and domain and build a site on WordPress.

After that, you need to do keyword research and then write content about that keyword publish it as your content gets views, monetize it through ads and start earning.

You can also use many other ways other than ads to monetize your blog such as direct advertising and affiliate marketing read here.



6.) Make money with affiliate marketing:

This is the amazing Online jobs from home for college students or anyone who wants to work in home-based parttime jobs.

Affiliate marketing is the best way which can help you to earn some quick cash if you work smart and regular.

As you all already know that affiliate marketing means selling other products and services and when someone buys through you-you will get a commission for that.

You can earn more than 1000-2000$ a month through this way, you can get affiliate products from Flipkart and Amazon and other sellers to promote.

You can promote the product on your social media handles or start a blog, a business page, Facebook groups anywhere where you have an engaging audience.

For better results always keep in mind that always promote the good quality product and only promote to those audiences those are interested in it.

Making microblogs can be a good move if you seriously want to work on this, find a nitch and create content about a specific product or service and then promote a product related to that nitch.



7.) Content Writing:

Earn money online by typing pages, yes if you can write then this is the easiest online job for school students or college, you need to write good quality articles for others and make money.


content writing jobs for students


When I researched on majority job search from home for students without investment, what I found is that if you have good writing knowledge and typing speed, this job is for you.

You can make up to 500$ a month and more depending upon the number of orders you get, there is a need of both Hindi and English content writers, go and catch this job.

You can be an article writer, document writer, translator, news writer and much more you just need to register yourself on sites that offer part-time content writer’s jobs.

This job is home-based, and you can work any time you can say it is a time work-based, where the more time you invest the more you get.

Sites such as Fiverr, freelancer, up work or even you can set up your own business page to get clients through it, get more work by expanding your writing knowledge.

Customers’ service is very important in this sector because if your customer satisfied you will get more orders.



 8.) Freelancer Jobs work Parttime and Earn 100$ a day:

Most of us know and some are not that what is the meaning of freelancers, so my friend’s freelancer is the people who work for other any kind of work but not for the long term only for the short term.

And this can be a good way for students to work from home jobs, as a parttime worker and earn money for that, there are lots of jobs in this such as content writer, SEO experts, technical support, web designing, graphics design and more.

Be an expert in any one field and create a portfolio for that so that when anyone needs they can hire you and you get paid on the completing job.

Many people earning up to 500-600$ a month in this way, register yourself as a freelancer or make your own site or business page from where you can get a job.

Sites are Upwork, Fiveer and much more where you can register yourself and start your online part-time job to earn some extra cash.

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9.) Online Surveys:

Online surveys are the best and easy online job from home for students without experience, it is the simplest way that you can start and earn a good amount of earning.

There you need to fill surveys, fill out your details and do a survey and you get a commission for every survey, here are some sites where you can register yourself.

The only problem with this way is that you can not able to earn a huge amount of earning but yes you can earn 100$ a month if your serious work.

Big and small business owners conduct a survey for their product or for research purpose and you can fill out these surveys and earn a good amount of money.

Online surveys sites;

1.) Swagbucks

2.) Life points



10.) Earn money through mobile apps

Apps nowadays are a good source to make money online, there are many apps through which you can earn money or get rewards for task completion.

We all use Mobile apps nowadays what if I say you can earn cash yes, apps such as Tiktok, Dream 11, Google rewards, MPL and much more check complete list here.

These apps give a task or some are content creation apps where if you complete tasks and create content you can earn money through this way.

There are few apps which provide form filling jobs, we later discuss it in detail on data entry jobs, online part-time jobs for students without registration fee.

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11.) Sell Your photos online and make Money:

Photography is the best way if you love to click pictures if you are not professional then even you can use this way just you need to do some more work.

Click amazing pictures or if you have pictures that you clicked you can use them also these pictures are work as a stock photograph you can sell your images and earn money.

There are many sites such as stock photography, stock ultimate, I stock and much more where you can upload your photos and sell them.

Sign-up to these sites and upload your photos and when someone buys your photo you will make money, some points keep in mind that photos can be used for marketing purposes.

Depending upon the quality of photos and needs of the buyer your earning varies but you can make a good amount of money through this.



12.) Make Money by making videos on Youtube:

This Method didn’t need any introduction, mostly everyone knows about this way where you need to create video content and publish it.

As soon your content is viewed, get views you can apply for Google Adsense and earn money through placing ads in your video but it is not easy nowadays.

If you are a video content creator or want to create content then come to this platform where you earn up to 1000$ a month if you work properly.

Focus on your content quality and engage with your audience and as soon as you getting views then you are on the right track work more and earn more.

You can also post your videos to your Facebook page and monetize it, make some extra cash from Facebook video monetization.

This is the most trending and popular online jobs from home for students to read a complete guide here.




13.) Website developer Earn 1000$ per project:

If your interest is in this field then website designing and development can give you a lot of money this job is trending as nowadays every business is online and they need a website.

Blogger needs a blog, E-commerce website, and much more so if you have knowledge about website development or you are a website developer then you can apply for this job.

Register your self on the sites Fiveer, up work or make your own landing page from where people can hire you, use Facebook pages and groups.

You can make up to 100$ a day through this way if you get more orders then you can make more money design sites and develop, provide technical support.



14.) Promote products and services ( Influencer):

An influencer is the people who have a huge and engaging audience, you can be itself or you can run a business page which has a good amount of follower.

Depending upon the number of followers and engaging audience you have you can do sponsored posts, promote any business or product.

You can charge up to 100$ per post if you have good quality and niche target audience, Instagram nowadays is the best way for the influencer.

To do better in this you need to keep in mind that always promote a product related to your audience and value for your audience.

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15.)  Digital marketer future is here:

As you are seeing all the big and small businesses are now coming online and as a result of it, there is huge competition among each other.

To be on top of all, every business needs to promote their business and product to get more sales and expand their business.

This is the future of online jobs for school, college students as digital marketing are booming all the industries and business owners need a marketer.

So If you know this skill, sharp it and if not start learning from today get a course from Udemy or you can read blogs.

Get knowledge and start implementing what you learn by making your own blog or product and market it do practice and learns more.

Here comes the need of a digital marketer, a person who can market their business online it consists of:

1.) Content marketing

2.) Social media marketing

3.) Video Marketing

4.) Voice media marketing

So if you have knowledge about marketing, know how to do marketing then you can earn 1000-2000$ a month in this way.

You can also manage all the social media profile of a business and promote it, you can earn on a monthly basis from this.



16.) Data entry or form filling job:

When we talk about online jobs from home for students or anyone who want to generate some extra income through online data entry jobs.

The question arises that what is data entry, so it is a way of storing information or converting all information into digital format for storage or analysis.

There is a huge amount of data that needs to fill such as form filling jobs, data shorting, student’s data updating and much more which is done by data entry operator.

The problem, start how to find online data entry jobs because lots of scams are there, so always check site authority, when you go to apply.

I am providing you a link for such jobs that are listed on the Naukri website you can check and apply for these jobs.



17.) PTC sites:

Paid to click (PTC) are sites where you can make money just by watching ads, advertisements are shown to you, and you get paid for this.

You need not invest any money in this earn money online without investment, because of this you get less earning from 0.001$ to 0.01$ per ad.

Depending upon the length of the advertisement the earning varies, I know earning is low but something is better than nothing if you work with planning surely able to make more.

So the question is how to start or from where you can register yourself, here are the sites:

1. Neobux





18.)Virtual assistance:

This is an online home-based job VA, a person who works with you for you can say work for you this is similar to assistant in the office.

Who help you in all of your work in the online world these assistant are called virtual assistants, you can be an independent VA.

All the business owners and entrepreneurs hire or you can register yourself as VA in freelancing sites to get hired.



19.) Events/Promotion Executive:

Become a business ambassador in your college or school and promote, organize events and you will be paid for this.

Sites such as what after college organize events and workshops, as a student you can join this and promote the event as you get paid for this.

Become a college ambassador and conduct an Internshala awareness program, events and get rewards as well as the certificate.


20.) Online Consultant:

You have heard this term consultant, offline a person who guides you for a particular work and charges for that, similarly here we have an online consultant.

If you have knowledge regarding anything which can help others such as, digital marketing, SEO, web development, copywriting, app development and more.

You can be an online consultant and help people online, there are various small businesses that search for such kind of people.

You can make up to 100-200$ or more per month depending upon the number of clients you get, register yourself on Fiverr, work make your own business page.




21.) Sell you own video courses:

You all know how video gets more engagement than any other form of content, so if you are not comfortable with the above job.

You can go for this to make video courses, and then promote that course to your all social handles, groups or even you can use paid ads.

Sell your video courses, you can also list them in Udemy, Unacademy or many other sites that sell online courses, which help you to increase sales.

Here you need to invest some amount of money plus have a great piece of knowledge about the course which you are going to make.

But the earning through this way is amazing you can generate up to 1LAKH  just by generating 20 sales and the course of just 5000.




22.) Part-time call center job:

Want regular part-income, be a call center representative, take calls, solve queries of the customers, sell services to them.

College students are free in the evening or in the weekend and these jobs are soo planned that they shoot best for thing timing so students can work here.

If you speak clearly, no hesitation in talking with new people, easily convince people so this will be a best-fit job for you.

According to payscale the medium rates for this job is 13$ per hour, you can get updates through Naukri.com.


23.) Food delivery boy – Zomato, Swiggy:

As these ( Zomato, Swiggy )  food delivery business growing the demand for food delivery person increases you can join these part-time jobs.

You can sign up for this job and deliver food in your surrounding area, work according to your free time schedule, whenever you want.

You will get paid on a weekly basis, also get insurance cover and freedom for flexible working hours, you can work more to earn more.

Steps to Get a Job:

1.)  Apply for the job in Zomato.

2.) Wait for the call from them.

3.) Get verified and start earning.


NOTE: To apply for this job you need a 2 wheeler ( bike ) or 4 wheeler ( loader or van)  with complete papers and driving license.

You can work as a Part-time or Full-time it’s up to you.




FAQ Questions:

What online jobs can I do from home?

There are various full and part-time jobs available through which you can make money If I talk about work from home jobs then I already mention various jobs above.

Best of them are, jobs without investment freelancing, content writing, search engine evaluator, PTC sites, online survey.


How can I make money while I sleep?

This is an interesting question, that you earn while you are sleeping Right! so my friend yes it is possible you can earn while you are sleeping.

Jobs are BLOGGING, LET MONEY MAKE MONEY, you all listen about blogging this is the best one method that can generate money for you while you are sleep.

But what about MMM formula so this method is only applicable when you have some amount of money, have you heard of Mutual funds, Investment.

Definitely all of you heard so why not invest and generate from that, become angle investor for new business firms.



Here is the end online jobs from home for students, if you like any of the job please share this post and leave a comment.

All the work from home jobs listed above is well tested and trusted, start working from your home comfort and make money online.

Now you are aware of the variety of jobs available, now you need to decide which one best fits for you and if you face any problem connect with us.

I have also written a separate blog post in many of the above topics to get the detailed step by step way to start your online earning.

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