Social Media Networking Impact On Human Behavior and Society

We all are living in an era where social networking played a significant role in our lives; it also affects our behaviour.

So what you think Is social media good or bad, please make comment on your views in today’s post we will discuss about this important topic.

What is Social media? It is a platform where we meet with new, old and our family members through the internet,  also consume lot of information, get news much more.


Social media affects



Social Networking in Our Lives – IS It Important?

Social media is an essential part of life, as social websites and applications are flourishing. The majority part of social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

So let us look at some positive effects of social media, what are social networks used for in a business or in personal use?

It doesn’t matter how you use them, you are most likely using at least one of a social network.

These networks connect public and attach a large crowd in just a click. It is immense for businesses.

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But is that all there is to it? Of course not! We all know that social networks help us stay in touch with friends.


Here are five positive effects of social media:


1.) It helps meeting new people and increasing social circle:

Social media makes it easier than ever to attach with compatible people and this is the best positive effects of social media if we use in the right way because it is always good & bad in everything.

If we use in the right way we can connect with new people and learn a lot of new things.

2.) Social media makes education easier

A lot of teachers and educators now use social media to hook up with students and to contribute their study and research work.

A recent study found that academics believe “the interactive nature of online and mobile technologies create better learning environments.”


3.) Social Media assist lift up for the superior cause:

Nonprofits are more and more turning to social media to tell the stories of the good work they’re doing. The more people come to know about them the more charity is generated.


4.) Social media is excellent for the democratic system:

As the varying political scenarios demonstrate that social media gives immobilized public a right to be heard.

5.) Social Media assists discover the familiar opinion:

Until very recently, our friends were the people who survive adjoining us. Social media has totally altered that, now it’s easier to find public with common benefit.

When people gather around something they’re obsessive about, a group of people of collective significance is formed.

positive effects of social media are when we consume in balance, everything in excess can be a trouble.

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Reasons to use Social media:

1.) You feel more contented:

Cleaning the disorder of your social supply is comparable to Cleaning your mind. Your inspiration and efficiency levels are the bounce to rise because you’re in such a healthy emotional state.

2.) Your self-worth rises:

Since constructive communication will help out feel more self-assured. As a result, you illustrate cheerful people and satisfying occurrence in your life.


3.) You rid yourself of unnecessary drama:

Pessimism and tragedy go together. Warm people will trade any disturbing vampires who once steal from your power with their negative, demanding attitudes.

A clinical psychologist says “the more constructive force we impart, the extra we’ll be given.”


4.) You pull towards you more constructive people:

When you enclose yourself with never-ending hopefulness, you become more constructive yourself. So you can take it easy as you scroll somewhat than look forward to the subsequent angry post.

5.) Your efficiency amplifies:

When your centre of attention is on the best in life, you have a propensity to turn out to be more promising and therefore more eager to work towards your objective.


6.) You can take breaths easier:

Once you ride your social media accounts of fundamental venom, your feed change from the chilly, infertile domain into the shelter of affectionate, helpful warmness.

You will also start to feel more relaxed in common and better prepared to take on life’s daily confronts.


7.) You find yourself judging others less:

Frequently swallow the pessimism through social media, it tickles your brain, causing you to say or think unexpectedly appealing things.

Cracking down on your feeds is the best way to keep away from dropping yourself to the level of those who rant and rave for sport.


8.) You’re on the whole viewpoint get better:

You may not still understand how much of an effect social posts are having on you until you eliminate them completely.

The substance you chomp through is impactful, so you might as well digest a healthy diet of positivity. in any case, identical to Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”


9.) You communicate more appreciation:

Without anger and bitterness settle your feeds, you will begin to take notice of all the minute but significant stuff you should be thankful for.

Being affirmative makes you more intensely conscious of how to consecrate you are, and, in sequence, more grateful of the whole thing around you. in the end, you will feel more appreciative to be living.

10.) You become more of a do-gooder:

When you curate your social feeds to be a sign of the softer, kinder features of life, you, without doubt, turn out to be kinder yourself.

Somewhat than feeling hurt from what you come across online, you feel inspired to spread goodwill and cheer.

Sympathy motivates sympathy and an optimistic experience on social media will help you become more compassionate and self-sacrificing.

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