How to properly upload video youtube to get more views

How to properly upload  video YouTube

Hello, and welcome friends, today we will talk about how to properly upload video youtube.

so that your video get more views and high ranking,

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And in the next article, we will talk about how to rank your YouTube channel, to the YouTube search ranking.

Today we discuss, what are the things you have to do to rank your video in the YouTube search ranking.

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Quality : properly upload video youtube

How to properly upload video youtube, after making a valuable content, a good content you are ready to upload.

 So when you are going to upload a video to YouTube first thing is the quality. 

At least 720p HD video and a good audio quality because it much affects the ranking nobody told about this.

How to write Tittle for YouTube video

Second thing is that when you are going to upload a video, you write  the title,

In this article, I will cover all the things title, description, tags, cards, and the end screen.

Tittle should  not be more than 20 words and your title must contain a keyword,

A single focus keyword related to your video,

and you should also talk about that keyword in your video, first one minute.


The description is a very important part, it contains all the information about the video,

so writing a description is the very important part when you are going to upload a video,

in the description, you have to use or put that keyboard  3 to 4 times, not more than 3-4 times because it is not fair use.

write a complete description of the video, give your social links tell them to subscribe your channel,

and give the link to your past videos related to that topic.

The description which you are going to write it should be related to your video.

So that it can get good ranking in the Google search, also in other search results,

because when anyone search, Google analyses description.

properly upload video youtube played a very important role in youtube Seo.


then coming on to the next topic, which is the main part of this whole process called tags.

Tags are the words which people search, so  put your keywords in tags,

Question is how to properly put tags and which tags you should put in your video, let us take an example as  you are making a video about

Bitcoins, so some people search what is bitcoin? , somehow to invest in Bitcoin, what is the rate of Bitcoin Bitcoin in India, how to mine Bitcoins.

Every people do not search the same type of keyword for the same topic so you have to think how

other peoples think and search about the topic and then you have to put the keywords

you can also take the help of keyboard planner in Google Ad Words it is a very good tool. 

Provide you trending topics and the best keywords for which the people are searching so that it could be helpful for you.

Always prefer the keywords  less in competition more in search results this will definitely

give you a higher ranking then after that we’re coming to the final step which is your, thumbnail so basically most of us we do not focus on the thumbnail.


Thumbnail is the first image of your video when anyone search they saw your title and thumbnail.

so it should be eye-catching and related to what your content is all about you should edit the thumbnail, according to your content to make it eye-catching.

when you see your thumbnail first ask the question, to your self that if 

I am searching and this is the result will I click on this, if your answer is yes then that is the best for your video.

when you make a good thumbnail, people forget to do 3 more things which are basically the important after uploading a video.

important after uploading a video 

After uploading your video click on the video edit when you click on the edit  it reaches to your Studio edit tab,

where there is an option, end screen so when you go to the end screen you can add 4 things,

I suggest you put first you channel, second your most watched video, you recently uploaded video and a playlist.

this makes a good combination and when anyone watch your video till the

end this suggest to then and there is the probability that people like your other video, they will subscribe , watch your playlist.


cards are basically the i button suggest your video channel in between your video, use of card screen not told by everyone so the card is the next after the end screen where you

can put your channel link,  video link and pool question also.

when any one watch your video cards suggest to them and there is the probability that people click and that and it trigger your other video.

video language or subtitles always good subtitle and language so that it could reach to the search results when anyone

search based on language and sub title you get the benefits.

this is all for this topic, how to properly upload video youtube.  

find any question or problem please let me know and comment below if you want any questions or any other problem let me know and don’t forget to subscribe at the newsletter of this blog can mail

 us we will reply as soon as possible.

In next which is going to be how to make your channel visible In the search ranking you know that

when you search on YouTube as your channel name let it be x so you see your channel is not there so how to rank we discuss on next article.


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  • Updated June 15, 2019
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