Unique researched small business ideas for men in 2020

How many of you want to live a boss's life? I think every one & how many of you working for that comment your views, today I will tell you about small business ideas for men.

You know most of the people working 9-5 and they get a definite amount of salary every month but this life can't help you to be a boss.

Build your own empire select best idea to make lot of money and live a boss life, be a job provider. 

Nowadays due to the cheap internet and digital revolution more and more people coming online and this makes online platform the best place to start your business.

small business ideas for men

All the big established brands already targeting people online and new too so why not you start your own small business without investment you just need an internet connection and a laptop.

The most important thing required is an idea and that's why I came up with unique small business ideas for men and women.

Be ready don't skip and after reading the full post you will get your best idea.

The huge profit you can generate I will tell you many examples that have zero investment and now they are making a ton of dollars a month.


Now, most of you thinking about why I started with offline ways, so there are online and offline both ways and you can also do both when you want to expand.

When I researched about small business ideas for men and women, I found many profitable ideas in offline as well as in Online world.

You can expand reach of your offline business with the help of line so doing both help you to expand more and generate more revenue.

Couple Oriented Restaurants

Now, you may be thinking we all heard about restaurants but what is couple oriented restaurants.

So, my friend I already told you that I have listed unique researched ways believe me you will find something new.

When I was In the market and was roaming here and there in search of a restaurant and thereafter some time I found a good one.

Some of you may be thinking there are lots of restaurants available so why I need to research, the answer is because I am searching for a couple oriented restaurant.

Today's generation like outdoor party, hangout with friends or girlfriend and tasty fast food
I'm right or wrong comment on your view.

There I found this great profitable business idea you just need a place and focus on,

  • Beautifull theme based interior design that helps to attract your customers.
  • Tasty and variety of fast food availability
  • A celebration lawn where you can organize birthday parties, anniversary, and other functions.

This is a one-time investment but I assure you that you are going to generate huge profits.

Ball pen manufacturing business

Yes, my friend ball pen manufacturing we all know that the study sector is always a profitable one.

In this idea, you need a little investment for buying the equipment and the other things which are required.

You will not get a huge amount of margin in selling this as the selling price is low but if you know about the concept that drop by drop of water can fill a tank.

As the selling price is low demand is also more and by selling in large quantity you can generate a large amount of profit.

Here you need to buy ink, pen cover and a machine for assembling all, you can easily set up this business from your room.

In my opinion this is the best from all business ideas for men, who is finding a less investment more profit type idea.

Clothes selling

If you are living in a small town or an area where the market is far from there so this small business idea for men is profitable.

You can open a jeans shirt selling store, this is the best option because all the age group people wear.

You can buy them from a wholesale market and sell then according to your rate as per the quality.

Water purification plant

Water is very precious we all know and we also know that very little quantity of fresh clean water is available.

Most of the places there is a shortage of water so they need to buy water.

If you are living in an area where the quality of water is not good so there you can set up a purification plant and supply it to everyone.

You have seen in your are that some people deliver a big bottle of rose water in your home or offices.

Here you need a place to set up the plant and some people to deliver it.

You can also expand it to areas where there is a shortage of water and sell it there.

Fast food store

This idea is the most demanding one because everyone loves to eat tasty fast food, if you recognized.  

You can open a fast food cafe in the market area and you see that your business will grow at a very high rate.

Mainly focus on taste and quality of the food decorate the place for sitting and boom you are in.

Mobile repairing

My favorite and never-ending business idea is this we all go to a mobile shop for repairing our mobile phones and you find that the coast is soo high.

so You can learn the mobile repairing and set up a shop, you may think that this thing everyone is doing so what's new.

So implement these tips and you will find that your business will skyrocket.

Always give a time frame to the customer and try to make as little as possible because no one likes to wait.

If late in delivery give them a discount as you are late in delivering that device.

Make a time frame and charge money according to that.

Construction Material franchise

This is a business idea where you can take a franchise of one the company which provides construction material.

Plus you can also buy other material which is used in construction in wholesale stock quantity.

After that, you need a place where you can operate all this business also there is a need for 2-4 men for transporting material.

A good amount of commission you will get and you can also open sub small division which helps you generate a good amount of commission.

Toy store

Now we are where a huge amount of commission is available, the toy selling business.

This is a small business idea for men and women both, just need a shop and toys.

Point is from where you buy toys and the place where your shop is situated.

You can buy toys from the wholesale market and sell it, this is what everyone is doing.

Now if you can invest some money at starting and buy a small 3d printer which can help you to print small 3d toys and you can easily get a large amount of commission in this.

 Bodybuilding gym

Small business idea for men, with the one-time investment you can earn long term profit.

But there are some problems arise so you need to overcome this
Most people join the gym but after some time they leave so always interact with them and provide membership for the long term.

Provide a trainer or if you itself can train go and teach your members to provide proper guidelines.

Machines should be good in condition and properly aligned

​Delivery services

We all do online shopping and prefer this way because we get product delivered to our door step, did you know who deliver this.

Most of us know that all these online shopping platforms have their delivery partner who provide these delivery services.

If we talk about 2020 and in upcoming years the online shopping/e-commerce platform has a great scope as a result demand for delivery partner also increase.

You can work on these small business ideas for men who are not much educated and provide them job as delivery boy.

Online small business ideas for Men and Women

Handmade craft gift store

This idea is super effective as here you can create handcrafted gifts and sell them online you can operate this business from home.

And believe me all the young generation like these type of gifts to present to their loved once because it looks unique.

Now you are thinking that is there is any investment in this so my friend you are wrong here you only need to give your time and effort.

Make an Instagram page or Facebook page upload your all gifts video and pictures and say if you want to buy contact us.

Run ads for your page and you will see the amazing reach and sales you generate, create engaging video for your ads.

Digital marketing agency

Yes, my friend, this business idea is booming and an amazing future scope if you know digital marketing you can generate revenue from your home comfort.

If not go start learning and implementing your ways to be a master in this filed buy online courses, read blogs learn as much as you can. 

When you learn this skill you can launch your own digital media marketing agency and work from home as this is home based idea.

More and more brands and companies coming online and you can catch them on social media provide your service and grow your business.

Here the only investment is your skill and knowledge polish your skills and you will see your bright future in this field.

Blogging business

You all know about this way if not go to this post and you will find the details article on how to start a blog from scrach.

Start your blog write content on any topic which you want to write and you have knowledge provide value to your readers.

Monetize your blog through AdSense, affiliate marketing or video ads whats ever you like you can also sell your online courses.

Drive traffic to your website and you will start earning lot of money but keep in mind that this is not soo easy because you also need to learn SEO and digital marketing.

If you have money then you can hire SEO and digital marketing expert for help, you can operate this business from home. 

Content writer

This is the heart of the online world because any content which you find on the internet is written by content writer.

Even if you start your blog then you need to write, start your business then you need to write a sales page and here these content writer can help you.

There is a huge demand for a content writer in this era and if you know this skill then you can start your own content writing business.

Make your website, Facebook page get register your self on freelancing sites to get this job stay active on social media to follow this post for complete info.

Start your own business with content writing detail guide on home based idea.

Drop shipping

Currently, everyone is asking about this small idea they don't know what is drop shipping?

So in simple words drop shipping means, you need to generate sales nothing else, no capital investment required. 

In more detail here you need create your online store in the pre-established online store such as Shopify, Oberlo.

After that pick, any product which you want and add profit to it and then share or market it when someone buys you will get your commission and the owner will deliver that product.

This is the best small business idea for men because you only need to generate sales and you get a commission for that.

Most popular business among youngsters home based.

Fitness trainer

Yes, fitness is very important to everyone and no one gets time in this busy schedule.

So you can be an online fitness trainer teach them how to plan diet and home exercise so that they can stay fit.

You can charge them as per our requirement when they get the result you see your business growth automatically increase.

So first focus on the Tips ads guide you provide make a good diet plan and set up your own online fitness page.

While doing a search I found some of the pages which follow this business model and generating a good amount of money.

Start your tutoring business

Teaching is one of the best jobs, and if you want to start your business in this field so you can do this in three ways.

  • Start your own blog and teach students to provide paid courses.
  • Make online courses and sell them.
  • Join online teaching platform and work as a part-time tutor.

I have written a complete article on how to earn money through online teaching.

You can generate up to $20 per hour through part-time so you can think how much opportunity available in this field start your own teaching classes.

Teach students online from your home comfort any time when you prefer such as an awesome small business idea for men or anyone.

Graphic designer

If your interest is on creating stunning graphics, logos, Infographics then this idea best fit for you because there is demand in the market.

And if there is demand business idea is available do not wait go create your Instagram page, publish your creativity.

Start connecting with brands and build your community, home based idea specially for women because they are much involved in these things.

It require very less capital investment and graphic designer can work from anywhere just require an laptop and internet.

You can also expand it by learning web development, because you can implement your graphic designer skills in web development.

Business consultant

Now here come the twist every one is start their small scale business, and want to grow in future, right?

So you can start teaching them how they can grow provide tips and actionable ways to  scale up their empire.

This is the job of business consultant, you need to study about this require a bit hard work but once you learn this is the most profitable ideas for men and women. 

CLeaning business

Cleaning? what I said you may be thinking this but this is unique idea which can help you to generate maximum profit.

An article I read on enterpreneur you can also look here in detail, they said that most of people who started this, say that this is best.

You need not to invest more, not to target only house made, get connect with large entreprises and take cleaning contract.

Because all such big companies, malls, require a cleaning staff, you can provide this service and start your cleaning business.        

Real estate

Thinking about seven figure income only this can help you to achieve this, but problem is not every one able to get success in this.

Real estate is little bit difficult from all others because here you need to crack deals with high commission, need to plan do search.

Those who don't know what is it so real means physical estate means property here we deal in property be a good marketer to get more success in this.  


For all the readers who want to start their own business, want to become a job provider, I have came up with small business ideas for men.

I know how difficult is to go for 9-5 job daily basis for the people who want to live a boss life these ideas can help you to make this dream true.

No one going to help you out only you can take a step forward for your dreams select one or comment if you have any other so that other can take help. 


What business can I start in 2020

This year 2020 and in upcoming years online platform is going to be first choice because every one is online users prefer online buying and selling.

The most popular and profitable one's are Drop shipping , Business consultant, Digital marketing agency you can start any one.

All of them discussed above small business ideas for men if you still have some question in your mind comment your query below.

​How you can start a business with no money

Money is main problem when we are going to start any business?

NO, you can start you need an idea, just one well researched idea can make you a million dollar man/women.

Business such as consultant, digital marketer, drop shipping, blogging, Crowd funding, content writer and much more require no money.

You only need an idea and knowledge how to work on that, example of oyo rooms he just work on his idea now you can see success.   

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