Profitable Small Business Ideas For Men That You Can Start in 2020

Want to do business but not able to decide which one to pick what are its requirements and more read out this post on small business ideas for men and women.

You know most of the people working 9-5 and they get a definite amount of salary every month but this life can’t help you to be a boss.

Build your own business select the best profitable business in India or anywhere you live because profit is what we look at the end.

Nowadays due to the cheap internet and digital revolution more and more people, you find on the internet and this becomes the best place to start your business


small business ideas for men

Benefits of Small Business:

There are lots of benefits in starting a small scale business because,

High growth – Due to small in scale and new and young talent, it has high growth potential, new ideas always attract customers and chance to high growth.

No Middle Man – You also know that if there is any middleman in any business then the price for the product or service get increase due to middle man fees.

Government Benefits- These start-ups get the support of government if the idea is unique and have potential also you get investment and promotions.

Full control and expansion benefit- When you start and run you have full control over it you can run according to your idea and also have a chance of collaboration with big firms.


How business opportunities can be converted into a business idea?

Interesting question Right? so before answering this question, I would like to know how many of you know about the difference between opportunity and idea comment below.

In short, I can say that opportunity arises when you find any problem, and to solve that problem you need a solution this is your idea.

To better understand let’s take an example you all wear a helmet but what about when fog is there? or pollution, we feel uncomfortable.

So here is an opportunity and we can make a smart helmet which includes a mask with fog light this can be the solution and your idea.

Looks interesting off course so follow this complete post on small business ideas for men for more such great ideas.

List of Best Unique Business Ideas:


Creative small business idea: Handmade Craft Store

This business idea is super effective as here you can create handcrafted gifts and sell them online here you need to be creative.

And believe me most all the young generation like these types of gifts to gift to their loved once even me because they are far better than all same type of gifts.

Now you think that is there is any investment in this so my friend you are wrong you can start it without any investment.

Here you only need to give your time and effort, show your creativity with paper and other things to make unique presents.

Make an Instagram page or Facebook page upload your all gifts video and pictures and say if you want to buy contact me.

Run Facebook and Instagram ads to reach more audiences to target them, and you will see amazing results in sales that you generate.


Digital marketing agency:

Yes, my friend, this idea is booming and has an amazing scope you can it is the future business ideas if you know digital marketing.

If not go start learning and implementing your ways to be a master in this filed.When you learn this skill you can launch your digital media marketing agency.

Believe me a small business owner in this field can generate a huge amount that you can’t think more than 5 Lakh see here in the survey.

More and more businesses coming online and all of them require marketing you can catch them do marketing for them and grow your business.

Here the only investment is your skill and knowledge polish your skills and you will see your bright future in this field this is not a small business idea for men this future.


Blogging business: $1000+ A month

You all know about this way if not go check how to start blogging you will find the details article on this topic but let’s see a quick view.

Start your blog write content on any topic which you want to write and you know because quality content is required.

Also, you need to know about SEO because to rank on google you need to optimize your content with off-page and on-page SEO.

Monetize your blog through Adsense, affiliate marketing or video ads whats ever you like see how to monetize your content.

Drive traffic to your website and you will start earning money but keep in mind that this is not soo easy because you also need to learn SEO and digital marketing.

If you have money then you can hire SEO and digital marketing expert to help you with this.


Content writer: 

This is the heart of the online world because any content which you find on the internet is written by someone and the person who writes it called a content writer.

Even if you start your blog then you need to write, start your business then you need to write a sales page or product reviews, description and much more.

There is a huge demand for a content writer in this era and if you know this skill then you can start your own content writing business.

See you make here that content is the king so to generate that quality of content you need to be expert in this how you can just do the practice.

Make your website and Facebook page to connect with users get registered your self on freelancing sites to get more jobs.

There are many other ways to make money by writing or you can say typing.



Currently, everyone is asking about this that what is dropshipping? So in simple words dropshipping means, you need to generate sales nothing else.

In more detail here you need you to need to create your online store in the pre-established online store that provides this opportunity.

After that pick, any product which you want to sell and add profit to it and then share or market it when someone buys you will get your commission and the owner will deliver that product.

This is the best small business idea for men because you only need to generate sales and you get a commission for that.

This is the most popular small business idea for men and among youngsters and also much similar to affiliate marketing main difference is that here you can add profit by yourself.


Fitness trainer

Yes, fitness is essential to everyone, and no one gets time in this busy schedule. So you can be an online fitness trainer teach them how to plan diet and home exercise so that they can stay fit.

You can charge them as per our requirement when they get the result you see your business growth automatically increase.

So first focus on the Tips ads guide you provide make a good diet plan and set up your online fitness page.

While searching, I found some of the pages which follow this business model and generating a good amount of money.


Start your tutoring business

Teaching is one of the best jobs, and if you want to start your business in this field so you can do this in three ways.

  • start your blog and teach students to provide paid courses
  • Make a video course and sell them
  • Join online teaching platform and work as a part-time tutor

I have written a complete article on how to earn money through online teaching. You can up to $20 per hour through part-time so you can imagine how much you can generate if you start your own teaching business.

Teach students online from your home comfort any time when you prefer such as an awesome small business idea for men or anyone.



Now, most of you thinking about why I started with offline ways, so there are online and offline ways both and you can also do both when you want to expand.

When I researched this I found many profitable business ideas for men with very little investment that can help you to generate a good amount of money.


Best business ideas to make money with couple Oriented Restaurants:

Now, you may be thinking you all heard about restaurants but what are couple oriented restaurants? Right

So my friend I already told you that I have a list of most profitable small businesses you keep with me I have some cool ideas.

When I was In the market I was roaming here and there in search of a restaurant and thereafter some time I found a good one.

Some of you may think there are lots of restaurants available so I need to research, the answer is because I am searching for a couple of oriented.

Today’s generation like outdoor party hangout with friends and girlfriend and tasty fast food I’m right or wrong comment on your view.

There I found this great profitable business idea you just need a place and focus on,

  • Beautifull theme based interior design that helps to attract your customers.
  • Tasty and variety of fast food availability
  • A celebration lawn where you can organize birthday parties, anniversary, and other functions.

This is a one-time investment but I assure you that you are going to generate huge profits.


Ball pen manufacturing business:

Yes, my friend ball pen manufacturing we all know that the study sector is always a profitable business sector from fast times.

You need very little investment in buying the equipment, even then most of us forget about this awesome small business ideas for men.

You will not get a huge amount of margin in selling this as the selling price is low but if you know about the concept that drop by drop of water can fill a tank.

As the selling price is low, demand is also more and by selling in large quantity you can generate a large amount of profit.

Here you need to buy ink, pen cover and a machine for assembling all, you can easily set up this business from your room.


Small business ideas for small towns – Clothes selling

If you are living in a small town or an area where the market is far from there so this small business idea for men is profitable.

This can be tough to get fast success in big markets and cities because already there are many sellers so completion is more.

You can open a jeans shirt selling store, this is the best option because all the age group people wear these types of clothes.

You can buy them from a wholesale market and sell then according to your rate as per the quality.

Water purification plant:

Water is very precious we all know and we also know that very little quantity of fresh clean water is available to earth.

Most of the places you here that there is a shortage of water so they need to buy water for their living so this is the problem.

If you are living in such an area where the quality of water is not good so there you can set up a purification plant and supply it to everyone.

You have seen in your are that some people deliver a big bottle of purified water in your home or offices they are generating a good amount.

Here you need a place to set up the plant and some people to deliver it some initial cost is required but it will provide you with good results.

One thing you need to remember is that do not open this where already one plant is setup ed because if you go for this then competition is developing.

And this business will not able to sustain because it is already running at low cost and profit plus two plants in one area further decrease water level.

You can also expand it to areas where there is a shortage of water and sell it there.

Fast food store

This business is the most demanding one because everyone loves to eat tasty fast food, even me and you also love to eat.

You can open a fast food cafe in the market area and you see that your business will grow at a very high rate because of demand.

Mainly focus on taste and quality of the food decorate the place for sitting and boom you are in use this tip and you see amazing results.

One thing always keeps in mind that is the decoration of the place as well as your food because this will help you to attract more customers.

Mobile repairing

My favourite and never-ending business idea are this we all go to a mobile shop for repairing our mobile phones and you find that the coast is soo high.

You can learn the mobile repairing and set up a shop, you may think that this thing everyone is doing so what’s new.

So implement these tips and you will find that your business will skyrocket in my view this is best among all small business ideas for men discussed here.

Always give a time frame to the customer and try to make as fast as possible because no one likes to wait and deliver on or before time.

If late in delivery give them a discount as you are late in delivering that device or you can say the net time I will give some discount.

Make a time frame and charge money according to that it means that say I will repair within 2 hours but the charge will be more.

By applying all these tips you will see that the loyalty and sales increase which result in you in generating more income later on you can hire workers and open a new branch.

Construction Material franchise

This is a business idea where you can take a franchise of one the company which provides construction material.

Plus you can also buy other material which is used in construction in wholesale stock quantity and sell in distribution items.

After that, you need a place where you can operate all this business also there is a need for 2-4 men for transporting material.

A good amount of commission you will get and you can also open sub small division which helps you generate a good amount of commission.

Toy store

Now we are where a huge amount of commission is available, the toy selling business children love toys and parents always buy them.

This is a small business idea for men and women both, just need a shop and toys and place your shop near the market where mostly children found.

Point is from where you buy toys and the place where your shop is situated because if you are selling where demand is low so success will not as much.

You can buy toys from the wholesale market and sell it, this is what everyone is doing, you can add on this innovation to your business.

Now if you can invest some money at starting and buy a small 3d printer which can help you to print small 3d toys and you can easily get a large amount of commission in this.


Bodybuilding gym

Small business idea for men, with the one-time investment you can earn long term profit that is fitness bodybuilding gym.

But there are some problems arise so you need to overcome these most people join the gym but after some time they leave so always interact with them and provide membership for the long term.

Provide a trainer or if you itself can train go and teach your members to provide proper guidelines. Machines should be good in condition and properly aligned.



Now we are at the end of small business ideas for men and women so if you have any question and feedback reading this post comment below.

I have given my best profitable business ideas which you can start with very low investment and able to generate a large profit.

An owner or person who wants to start his or her enterprise two things keep in mind that always be a first mover and think like an entrepreneur.

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