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Do Smart Home Gadgets show our ever-increasing dependence on Android devices?

It is just not enough to measure the success of Android by looking at Smartphone’s only. The ubiquitous software that powers 85% of smartphones has become an integral part of our lives as it has infiltrated into many other gadgets like televisions, home security systems, safety systems, and wristwatches.

It is therefore not surprising to assume that someday Android would be the driving force behind every device and gadget we use, be it toothbrushes or stoves.

Artificial intelligence capturing all devices at a very fast rate becoming smarter day by day.

The open source availability of Android is one of the most important reasons for its popularity because anyone can improvise the software for their needs without infringing on trademarks and proprietary rights.

Today, Android is driving the digital revolution responsible for changing the lifestyle of millions of people across the globe.

Smartphone’s signaled the beginning of a new era when technology became highly portable that people could not think of earlier.

It also helped to usher in a new culture as people started using gadgets extensively. Right from the time we get off from bed until the time we go to sleep we are using gadgets throughout the day.

From babysitting to white noise machines, which create the modern day lullaby and drives us to sleep, there is a gadget for anything and everything that you could imagine.

The advent of numerous devices has opened up new avenues in digital marketing that reflects in the digital marketing quotes which focus on reaching out to consumers based on their choice of gadgets.

In this article, we have discussed some high impacting gadgets that can turn your beautiful home into a smart home ideal for Android users. From home assistants to high tech locking system and thermostats, you will find a range of interesting gadgets that would suit your smart lifestyle.


List of Best Smart home gadgets:


1.) Google Home:


Building smart homes begin with the home assistant which is the reason why Google Home is the first gadget in the list. The home assistant is fast coming up as an absolute necessity and is just second to smartphones concerning user preference.

Google Home is a ubiquitous device that can interact not only with you but also other home gadgets thereby enabling you to manage your home better.

Besides empowering you to monitor and manage your home more efficiently, Google Home acts as an information hub and creates the perfect synergy between you and your smartphone that helps to accomplish your tasks much better.

These smart home gadgets become the virtual assistant that never allows you to forget or miss out tasks and makes you a smarter person capable of accomplishing goals with ease. The device doubles up as a smart speaker thereby enhancing its versatility.

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2.) Nest Protect:


Building a smart home means you have to incorporate smart safety features into it, too. It is normal that homes have smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, but surely you would not mind replacing the traditional devices with today’s smart device like the Nest Protect.

The device comes with a brain packed with some useful intelligence that can trigger preventive action as soon as it detects some threat of fire.

This type of smart home gadgets device can connect to the Nest Thermostat and cut off the heating or cooling equipment if it recognizes CO leakage or fire thereby reducing the risks of disaster.

3.) Nest Thermostat:


The Nest products belong to the Alphabet stable, and it has total compatibility with your Android smartphone and Google Home.

The Nest Thermostat is a few notches above the traditional digital thermostats in that it uses a more sophisticated technology that makes it much smarter in its operations.

You can operate the thermostat from remote by using the smartphone that enables you to adjust the home temperature even when you are away from home.

You can control the device by using Google Home, and it is capable of adjusting the household temperature by learning the household habits and creating a schedule on its own.

4.) Kwikset Kevo:


Smart home gadgets for home security, upgrading home security must be your priority when you are moving over to the smart home, and the Kwikset Kevo smart lock is the leading name to consider.

The oldest brand in home security, Kwikset has tuned its products to meet the demands of time. The smart lock comes with a host of features like allowing you to unlock the door remotelyand for selected people you can allow one-time entry codes to authorize them to enter your home as per your wishes.

You can connect the smart lock to Nest Thermostat so that when you lock the front door when leaving the house the thermostat switches to the Away mode.

It is a great way to keep energy bills under control and relieve you of the responsibility of switching off the HVAC when you are leaving home.


5.) Philips Hue lighting starter kit:


Smart homes need smart lighting and Nest can take control of your home lighting provided you connect your bulbs to the network and Nest by using Philips Hub Bridge.

Once you have the system in place, you can control Phillips Hue bulbs from your smartphone or Google Home. As the network of bulbs remains connected to Nest, the safety features of the Nest also cover it.

It helps to save energy when you are away from home and offers protection during emergencies.

6.) Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub:


For opening and closing garage doors you need not to depend on the button attached to the visor of your car. As homes have become smart, can garage doors stay behind?

Smart garage doors are now available like the Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub that connects to the opener you have so that you can check the status of the door and lower or raise it, as needed.

You can use Google Home to control the garage door and even receive alerts of opening and closing the door.

Android is touching our lives at all levels and with the introduction of more gadgets that aim at providing more convenience, comfort, and control to homeowners, it might become difficult to think about life without Android.

These are some of the best smart home gadgets that make your home a smart home what you say.

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