Top 7 Social Media Management Tools to Save Your Time

Best Social Media Management tools use these to Save Time and Better Results:


The success of an organization hinges on effective management of all resources and making optimum use of available time is compulsory for attaining this objective and Social Media Management tools can help you out.

In this digital age, all commercial ventures or professionals are using networking sites for marketing and other purposes and it becomes necessary for them to invest in social media management tools as they help ease what is essentially a time taking action.

In search of solutions to manage your presence in the virtual world, you can take a look at the following options designed to handle multiple accounts conveniently.

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Supporting all the top platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, this popular product is equipped with an inbox which lets one look at all the updates that need to be viewed from every account along with past activities.

The scheduling feature allows for preselecting the date and time for uploading content and one can also use the queue attribute to share a selected matter repeatedly at regular intervals of time.

The in-depth performance reports make scrutinizing all the user data like conversion rate, reach etc.

A very speedy and convenient process. Suitable for an individual as well as large enterprises, it offers a range of reasonable monthly and annual subscription plans.

2.) Hootsuite:


Hootsuite  tool


Another well-known management mechanism that connects to almost every social media system, it enables setting up of streams for every desired channel one wants to monitor which can be further arranged into tabs, thus giving the user the freedom to create a customized dashboard.

One can compose bulk messages for every outlet, storing them in CSV format and slotting them for an update at a later date, using this tool.

The default reporting mode features concise and comprehensible analysis of the key metrics of the selected medium and it can be modified according to personal preferences to create customized reports.

Free as well as a variety of paid-plans aimed at solo users and corporations make it quite an attractive time management option.

3.) Buffer:


Compatible with all the prominent formats, this is another one of the most used social media management tools coming with functionalities like programming the posting schedule as per the user requirements and as well as adding an item found while browsing in the posting queue by making use of its browser extension.

Tracking the performance of your updates via its streamlined analytics which lists the best posts on a particular outlet while presenting the complete report evaluating all the parameters such as likes, clicks, shares, comments etc. in easy to assess formats, a basic version of this mechanism can be accessed for free.

For those who want increased functionalities, other versions are available which can be obtained by paying the requested fees.


4.) Sendible:


Just like every other entry on this list, it also comes with a neat time-management feature but in the form of an interactive calendar with drag and drop feature, where posts can be selected to publish on a selected date and time while also enabling repeating of a high- performance content.

In addition to connecting with all the notable platforms, it also provides for publishing directly on other outlets like WordPress and Tumblr.

The Reports Hub feature generates nine extensive research reports giving you an insight into the data which enables one to spot trends and accordingly plan further strategy.

Targeting the solitary customer as well as large corporates, it also comes in varied plan packages with different services offered, reports generated and a number of user options.

5.) SproutSocial:


Sprout Social tool


One can line up and publish messages to all the chosen systems through the web or mobile app or the browser extension and its Viral post technique suggests the best time to do so by analyzing the data for audience activity time.

Integrated with all the major outlets it also supports other useful frameworks like Google Analytics and Zendesk.

The Single Stream inbox of this tool stores all the messages from multiple sources which can be categorized by using customized tags which can be very helpful in team collaborations.

It gives visual, presentation-ready reports featuring not only the usual user data analysis but also your team’s responsiveness and engagement evaluation.

The first 30 days are free for any new subscriber, requiring signing up for a paid plan after that to continue use.

6.) Mavsocial:


You can handle a couple of Chinese networks apart from the usual bouquet of popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. on Mavsocial.

Campaigns are created for all the chosen avenues and then listed on the calendar for publishing which has the dragging and dropping functionality for carrying out any modifications.

This visual-aid helps in maintaining consistency in the marketing strategy of a particular product across media.

The in-built RSS reader lets you chronicle all your favorite reads while the browser extension enables adding any useful material found while surfing the net.


A single window makes it convenient to track the engagement history and preferentially sort messages across various channels which if needing any action can then be tagged and sent to team members for the purpose.

Coming in free as well as paid forms it has a built-in photo editor and a digital library with a collection of stock images.

7.) Socialoomph:


SocialOomph tool



It can be used to manage various social accounts but it is especially popular among Twitter users as it has a lot of functionalities for them like sending a preset welcome message to new followers automatically and auto-following them.

Another useful feature is the purge tweets one which lets you delete all tweets and DM from a Twitter account apart from enabling the user to schedule content.

Email can be used to post updates across all platforms and all unnecessary messages can be deleted after a certain period. Optional paid services are available alongside a free one.




Social media management tools are more than just scheduling mechanism designed for publishing content.

In fact, the analytic depth they provide makes planning and strategizing a marketing campaign an easy job in addition to the management comfort that they provide.

Optimize your presence in the virtual world and increase efficiency and reach of your enterprise by using them to manage your media accounts.

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