Start a Business and Make Money Online from Home

Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog, Set up your Business and Make Money Online:


Hello, friends, my name is Puneet Singh and you are here at tech4uonline, today we will discuss how to set up a complete blog and make money from it.

Blogging is the best way to make money online nowadays because it opens thousands of other ways to earn money online when you set up a blog.

When I started blogging I also don’t know about deep knowledge of SEO and content but I set an aim that I learn all and today I am capable to teach you what I learn.

start a business

If you want to start a blog to earn money or you love to write, want to share knowledge blogging can be your best friend in this.

So don’t wait for the right time this is your right time to go ahead read this complete guide and start your careers in the blogging field.

I hope you know if not let me tell you that there are many bloggers who quit from their 9-5 job and select blogging as a permanent earning source.

So this much scope is in blogging and it is going to bloom in upcoming years as digital transformation is going on be a part of that.

If you made your decision lets began here I will tell you how you can start from 0 to 100 I will cover all information so be patience.

There are 11 steps you need to follow I will tell you to step by step, but before that, I want to tell you one thing be serious then only start this.

There are 2 ways to start one is free and other is Paid both have their own benefits.

How to start Free or Paid services:

As I said there are two ways free and Paid so let’s start from here, Free start here you need not invest a single amount of money to start.

But there are many limitations and issues with free as we also know nothing is free in this world you need to give something in return.

So if you want to start just as a hobby or you want to check, you can go for free here are some limitations in free,

1.) Limited monetization options

2.) Fewer customizations and facilities

3.) No support staff for 24/7

4.) Not able to handle medium traffic

5.) Any time goes down or server error

Sometimes you need to pay your earning share if you were able to make some amount of money as you are using their resources.

You can start from Wix, WordPress, Blogger for your free journey, But if you are really serious about it and want to Start a Business and Make a good amount of money using Paid.

Paid provides you many facilities and cover all the issues that are you are facing in free you did not need to give earning a share.

Provides you the full facility you can create however you want and get high returns so let’s start with steps,

11 Steps to Start your blog:

1.) Domain Name Choosing

2.) Web Hosting

3.) Blog Platform

4.) Create essential pages

5.) Define your audience

6.) Content Writing (proofreading, grammar fix, etc)

7.) On-Page Optimization

8.) Article Publishing

9.) Content marketing

10.) Monetization methods

11.) Do content Marketing

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Monetize your website without Ads ( Infographic)

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1.) Domain Name Choosing:


domain name


You can also say that your Online Business name, a brand name which you are going to establish or it is the identity of an online presence.

So you can understand how much important is your brand name because it represents your business, represents you.

That is the reason selecting a good domain name is essential, you can buy a domain from any domain provider I will suggest

These are some key points which you need to look before buying a domain name

1.) Your Domain name should be unique

2.) It should be related to your Business which you are going to establish.

3.) Easy, Rememberable and eye-catching

4.)  If it contains the keyword in it then it is a plus point

5.) It should not be too long

Note: DNS lookup is processed when a request made to check domain so buy a domain from a good company son that DNS look is fast.

As it does not much affect on page speed but it can not be neglected so keep this point in mind.


How to buy a domain name:


So now you are ready to buy now the question from where you can buy your domain name so follow this:

1.) Go to raj softech solutions and head over to the menu and click on the domain name as shown below

buy domain name

2.) Enter your domain name and click search, you see an extension like .net, .org, .com, .in these are called extension which is essential for targeting.

find your domain name

Choose your extension .com (for international audience) .in (for India) .org (for organisation) select your and click buy.

3.) Fill out all the details and proceed for checkout.


2.) Hosting Platform:


how to buy hosting


Hosting or server is a place where you store all your website or any data which you want to use in your website.

It includes your articles, plugin, images, theme everything is stored here, so it needs to be in an optimal condition so to get better performance.

It is the second and most important thing as it is responsible for your website loading, the traffic it can handle, better optimize for the response.

There are various types of hosting depending upon your needs and requirements such as

choose hosting plan


1.) Shared hosting

2.) VPS ( virtual private server) hosting

3.) Dedicated server hosting

4.) Cloud hosting

5.) Managed or WordPress hosting

These are types and you can upgrade any time from one to another according to your need all have their own benefits.

Most used type in the start is Managed WordPress hosting as it is the best for initial start and you can upgrade later.

There are companies such as site ground, Miles web, Blue host, studio press and much more which provide you hosting.

Now you are thinking about why? so If we talk about Managed hosting it is further divided into plans such as startup, Big and ultimate.

Which provide you different benefits such as traffic it can handle, Catch level, response rate which is very essential for your site speed.

So Before buying Don’t go for cheap hosting go for best and better optimized hence I suggest you.


How to Buy hosting step by step:


The next step is you need to choose the best hosting for your website or blog and managed WordPress hosting is best as a starter you can upgrade anytime.

1.) Click here to go to hosting page and select hosting type managed WordPress hosting or any other which you want to buy.


choose hosting services


2.) Select your Plan to start from 89, depending upon your need and requirement choose one best one is,



hosting plan


3.) Select a plan and click buy now and fill up all the details and proceed for checkout.



4.) As soon as you completed with the purchase you can proceed for building and creating your blog.


checkout page while buying hosting


3.) Blog Platform:


how to select blogging platform


Now you are done with two steps now you need to select the platform whether you are going for blogging, E-commerce.

There are various blogging platforms like Wix, tumbler, WordPress, medium, blogger, etc.

But for blogging WordPress is best if you are serious for this, because it is an open source platform and you can install it free.

There are two versions of WordPress which is and .org, is self-hosted open source platform to build your site.

Self-hosted means you need to buy a WordPress hosting which I explained above, there are some pros and corns lets look.




1.) The best platform which provides thousands of themes for customization.

2.) Free plugins for your help

3.) Provides features like online forums, online store.



1.) You need to check your security and take backup by yourself.

2.) Learn implement and learn

Just install it and you are ready to go you can now see your first impression of your site and further customize with themes and all.

There are many free themes and plugins are available for your help to set up a good looking and optimized blog.


4.) Create essential pages:


Now its time to go for actual work on-site, create essential pages for your blog such as About us, contact us, Home, Privacy policy and Disclaimer.

Create all these pages and fill all the pages which content telling about your blog, your self and all things related to your blog.

And after that create an amazing landing page which is very essential for your business in order to generate sales.


1.) Home page


This is the landing page of your site every visitor once visit this page or if he/she is not able to find something they move to the home page.

Add your feature post, trending posts, social links and link all your pages to this page as it is the most important page of your blog.


2.) About us


It is the most important page for your blog as when a user comes to your site check you about us page or when someone reads your post want to know who is behind this.

And then he/she move to your about section to know who you are and what things you provide what are your actual goals.


3.) Contact us


When anyone facing some issue or want to ask anything related to your site they move towards your contact page so optimize your contact page.

Integrate a contact form with all the information also provide an email and phone number for contact related problems, link social media accounts.



4.) Privacy policy:


This is something you can say boring stuff is there as here you need to provide all the details related to the privacy policy.

What type of data you collect how you use it if you are selling any product or using advertising you need to add this page.

Check our page for more information.


5.) Disclaimer


Provide all the disclaimer such as who provides information about what are my rights.


5.) Define the audience:


One of the biggest mistakes we unknowingly have done is to try to appeal to everyone, it is good as more audience know you but not useful audience.

Audience or viewers are the most important part which you need to focus on when building your online presence as the audience is everything.

Proper selection of the audience can build a high quality engaging and loyal audience which is essential for business growth.

let’s see an example: you invested money for an ad and 100 people see (nontargeted) all are non targeted hence let’s take 10 bought your product but when you did target ad there is change 50-60 people buy because all are interested in your produced because you target them.

Before creating your content keep in mind that which type of audience you are targeting for example students, people interested in online earning, financial, tech lovers, food lovers, facts, etc.

After this do search that what type of content is preferred by your audience follow and target community and groups of people interested in this.


5.) Pick your theme:


Now its time to design your blog because the first impression is the last impression so how your blog look is much affecting.

How your blog looks, whether viewers like it or not because if people not like your design and how your blog is organized then they leave without reading.

So design your blog, and this can not be done by free default themes as they are not providing many facilities to edit and design.

And also your theme needs to be responsive and fast loading, and good looking for that Buy a premium theme.

NOTE: it also helps you to get fast Adsense approval.

Buy it from here


6.) Get essential plugins:


Now you have done with the theme now next step is the move towards the plugin, they help you in further expand your functionality.

There are various plugins for your need and are free and paid so not go for a large number of the plugin as it increases your page load time.

Go for paid best and essential plugin only such as a plugin for your

1.) SEO help

2.) Social shares

3.) Contact form

4.) Spam protector

5.)  OPtimse and catch plugin

These are some which you need, always go for lightweight plugin and plugin which can do your two for three work.

BUY from here



You are now done and you can see your first look of your blog now the time comes when you need to work on your niche which you have selected.

Go research about your niche, before you to start to check whether you are going with the right topic or not, things you need to look

1.) First thing is that your interest doesn’t go just because everyone is working on that topic or anything else, find what is your interest.

As if you are working without your interest and knowledge in that field then you are going to fail or leave after some time to focus on your interest and knowledge

2.) It should be not soo competitive as if it has more competition then you need more time and efforts and you have to compete with high authority blogs.

3.)  Target to the specific type of audience or you can say niche target as it helps you to get fast results and you will get authority on that niche.

4.) Less competitive with good search volume as if there is no search volume people are not searching for that then there is no benefit.



9.) Optimize Your Images:


Images and videos are an important part of your content as they provide graphical representation about content.

It also helps to engage viewers, increase time on site and viewers love to interact with graphical representation use infographics.

But these are also the heaviest part of your site as one image is minimum of 10kb and if you use 3-4 images its goes 56-60 kb size of one article.

So there is the need for image optimization use proper size images and compress your images before you upload in your article.

You can use CDN or image compress plugging to get further better results to use lazy image loading option which enhance your page load time.


10.) Publish your Content:


Now you have performed all the steps and your article is ready to do a final edit of your content and publish it.

Check for grammatical mistakes, all the headings are properly aligned and content is well formatted and proper images and Points are mentioned.

Write a Good Title and meta description for your article in order to give proper information and easily recognized.



11.) Do content marketing:


After Publishing your content now its time to market your content thousand of blog post uploaded daily so you need to market your content.

Share your content with your friends, your social accounts, facebook groups and join the community and share your content as much as you can.

Get feedback about your content make necessary changes and update it with the latest information do proper SEO and slowly you start seeing the results.


12.) Monetize your content:


Now at the final step time to monetize your content, there are many ways through which you can monetize your blog.

The most used and best way is to display ads on your blog and earn money this will be your recurring income.

Use Ad network such as Google Adsense, in order to monetize your content, just submit your site for approval.

If you have followed all the steps correctly you will get Approval within one week.

There is also some other method to monetize your blog without ads as affiliate marketing, sell ad space, Reviews and much more.