Top 10 Best Highest Paying Jobs in India for fresher 2020

Hello, my friends, today I am going to tell you the best jobs in India that you can pick after 12 or graduation, I also passed through this stage where we are unable to choose or decide where to go, but after today you will not get confused.

Today after reading this post, you will able to know which job is best for you according to your needs because here I discussed job qualification requirements, salary, and ways how to prepare your self for them.

If we talk about the highest paying jobs in India for anyone there are two ways to earn one is offline 9-5, and the other is online work from home job.


best jobs in india


I have had a bonus tip for you at the end of this post, so make sure don’t forget to check it out, so let us start from the beginning.


Highest Paying Jobs in India after 12th (Offline ways)

To live a luxurious and comfortable life, we need the right amount of money in our pocket, and choosing the best career option is the first stage towards your life.

Some of you may be thinking why I mention offline ways, so the reason is that now we are not only sticking with 9-5 work we have other choices too.

Whether you are from science stream, commerce, art, or completed business courses, look below the paid best jobs in India that are available for you.

And If you are still studying in 10-11, go for the mention of the course below and start learning to make a career option in the online world.

Try these ways to earn money online in India.


1.) Doctor

In our whole life, we all go to the doctor for some reason, whether we suffered from any disease, want to stay fit, or for routine checkups.

This demand tells us that there is always a need for a doctor; it still going to increase. This led it to be the best-paid job in India.

If you are a medical field student, then in starting, you have to do a lot of hard work to crack NEET and complete your medical degree.

But once you completed it, you can earn until you in the last stage of life; people also hire personal doctors and pay a high amount of salary.

And this is the reason why I put this on the number 1 position what you say about this comment your views below I love to hear.


Education Qualifications required:

To get enrolled in this MBBS degree, you should be completed you 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) with 60% marks.

Crack the medical entrance exam such as AIIMS, AMFC, to get a medical college and hence complete your MBBS degree.

Salary expected:

The starting salary for a fresher is 4.5LPA depending upon the experience and expertise in one field; it goes up to 17LPA.

You can also open your private clinics, become a family doctor provide consultant can add more earning to your pocket.


2.) Chartered Accountant:

This job is evergreen, or you can say it is the backbone of the economy because whether you were starting up a business or a multinational company.

You need a CA (chartered accountant), they are the people who help you in managing your accounts, help you to save taxes, safeguard you from policies changes by the government.

Recent GST implementation, salary-related issues everything any issues call chartered accountant, and they will rescue from all these problems.

So you can easily understand what the demand is and will be the future of this job, in every sector we need a CA.

Education Qualifications required:

If you are a commerce student, then 55% marks required for graduate/postgraduate, whereas others are required 60% to apply for CA.

You need to clear three exams during the 10 (CPC) basic proficiency course; after 12, you need to qualify for the CPT exam.

After that, you need to complete three years of article-ship or training under officially practising CA.

Best job in India on a salary basis:

The salary ranges for this job from 11 and goes to 25LPA, which makes it the highest paid job in India or worldwide.


3.) Software Engineers:

Well, all of us know that engineer are the person who makes our lifestyle more comfortable through various devices, software, etc.

And due to this digital revolution & digital India, the demand for software engineers in the IT sector is increasing very rapidly.

Top companies such as Google, Infosys, Amazon are always in search of this talent, so if you are in the engineering field, don’t skip this sector.

Because this can change your life if you got selected in top companies, listed on number 3 of the best jobs in India list of the highest salary jobs & is always going to increase.

Education qualifications required:

After completing your 10+2 with 60% marks, you can go for the engineering entrance exam, such as IIT Jee, Aktu/UPTU, to get a college.

Complete your four years to get a degree in (CS) computer science, or you can also learn it if you are from any other stream.


The amount of earning depends upon the experience and work and salary ranges from 3.5LPA to 18LPA.


4.) Lawyer:

The most demanding job is here, or you can a situation which never going to down because there are a lot of cases still pending and happening every day.

These people help you to get out of all issues wheater it is a case related to company problem, work as a shield to protect you from external threats.

You can be a private, personal, or government lawyer and get a high amount of commission in response to case solutions.

If you were able to make your presence in this job no other that can able to pay you more than this, plus you get job security famous people to hire a personal lawyer and spend the right amount of money.

Education Qualification:

To get into this, you need to go for a BA LLB  degree, which you can do after your 10+2, which of 5 years or you can go for this after graduation and then three years.

You can further go for MA LLB.


The starting salary for this is 7LPA, which further goes up to 15 LPA among all this is the top 10 highest paying job in India.


5.) Civil Services:

If you want power, fame, and respect with high pay salary this job is for you, the public services exam is ancient but till today among the best one.

Civil services are a high post-government job in which you need to do maintain law and order; you have heard about IAS, PCS, Indian foreign services, royal respect you get.

You need to do a lot of hard work and also physically fit to get this; your basics of study need to very clear and stay updated with current affairs.

Education qualification:

Study hard because you need to crack the UPSC exam, which is one of the tough reviews so-called, after graduation, you can apply for this.


You will get 8LPA as of starting package.


7.) Pilot:

At a young age, a high paying job that also provides you with the facility of moving from one place to another or sometimes a different country also.

Commercial Pilot, the only drawback of this job is you need to be in the air a lot, plus life in danger but because of these reasons, it is one of the best high paying jobs in India.

If you love to travel to different countries and also want to earn the right amount of salary, then you should go for these best jobs in India.

Education Qualification:

After completing your 10+2 with minimum 50% marks in Physics and Maths you can apply for this, you need to be physically fit.


The average commercial pilot salary in India, according to payscale, is 1,700,000.


8.) Merchant Navy:

This is a little different from our Indian Navy job; here you need to do shipping among countries through the sea, which makes it tough.

You need to be physically and mentally fit if you decide to go in this; most of the time will be transferring and managing shipping operation.

But due to all this, the salary for this job is high, and you get extra money when you transport goods from one country to another.

Education qualifications required:

To get into this job, you need to complete your 10+2 with 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM), after that study the course related to the merchant navy.

The entrance exam Indian Maritime University common interest test (IMU CET) or all India merchant navy exam.


Salary ranges for a junior engineer is 30,000 per month, and when you get some experience and get promoted, it goes to 1.5Lakh.


9.) Fashion Designer best jobs in India:

If Designing grabs your interest or you are in good in designing this job can open doors for abroad; there is a massive demand for fashion designers.

You need to able to good in art and also capable to convert your ideas into the particle, in the fashion industry you need to be good at designing clothes and accessories.

You can join this field. Just complete your 10+2 from any stream and then get enrolled in the fashion designing course at graduation entry-level.

The salary would vary from 30,000- 1,00,000 per month, or more if you were able to get into the Bollywood or open your store.


10.) Investment banker:

This is the job if you want to earn a huge amount of money, here the people who work between investment banks and business owner known as the banker.

There are banks such as Goldman Sachs(GS) they provide investment to the startups and brands who want to expand.

So the investment banker is an employee of there banks who crack the deal, analyze whether to give investment or not which business in good for investment.


Highest Salary Jobs in India per month ( Online )


1.) Data Scientist:

The name suggests that data scientist means a person who manages and analyzes the data to get profit for an organization.

In this growing digital world, there is a considerable amount of data and analyzing it necessary for growth, so demand is blooming and going to increase in the future.

This is the highest paying job in India if we go for the online world, there is a massive increase in this from the last few years.

Complete your 10+2, then go for graduate after that enrol in PG diploma in Data science, participate in the global competition to get a master in this.

If you are a beginner with the certification starting salary will be 4-12 LPA, and as you get to experience, it goes up to 60-70LPA.


2.) Machine learning expert:

Ai is the future we all know, so if you are interested in this file, then don’t think twice go for this job because you are planning for the future.

Machine learning help helps us to make devices that make our life easier and more comfortable there is a huge demand for this in the market.

It is the application of Ai where you create a system that learns itself and improves; we are moving towards self-driving cars, assistance that like a human.

So demand is going to increase no dought, the best benefit is that you can learn it online with your current course machine learning is going to be the backbone of the digital world.

If we talk about salary, your experience and knowledge will decide because it starts with 7LPa and goes up to 27LPA.


3.) SEO expert:

One of my favourite best highest paying job in India and worldwide is an SEO expert, whether you are running your own business, working as a freelancer, in a company, etc.

There is a need for an SEO expert everywhere because now every business is online, and we need a person who optimizes your online presence.

Whether you are any stream, you can learn SEO, and the best way to learn is practice take courses to learn to implement and get experts in this.

You can also start your own online business to make money by blogging, be an SEO expert in a company,  and salary among all the highest.

You can make up to 1000$ a month; if you get experience and become an expert in this filed, then this is the highest paying job in India without a degree.


4.) Blockchain developer:

You have heard about Bitcoin, which works on blockchain technology, this technology provides us better security and transfer of money.

You can manage all the transactions; there is no middle man in this all the sales are transparent; you can track your payment.

Due to the less skilled person in this field, the starting package is 4LPA, which goes to 45LPa if you get experienced in this.

Big IT companies and business such as Facebook, Google, Amazon are working in this field, and you will be the one working with them

While completing your graduation/Engineering from cs branch or any other, you can learn this course online,  get a PG diploma, participate in online competitions.


5.) Management consultant:

Management consultancies are the person who helps you in managing your business; they analyze your business and guide you on how to grow it.

This is not an easy job because here you need to give solutions for the problem related to growth, new trends, resources to solve problems.

Here to get a management professional job, you need skills, complete your graduation, and polish your communication skills and problem-solving ability.

With these skills knowing economics, business, and the environment help you to get the highest salary job in India.


6.) Become a digital marketer:

The most demanding and high future scope of this work is available, we all are moving towards online marketing to expand our business reach.

To do this in an effective way these people help us how to optimize and promote our business through an online platform.

In simple wards here you need to promote a business or brand in an effective way and due to high competition, this is not an easy task.

You need to learn this skill and improve it by implementing your knowledge, social media marketer, Instagram marketing expert are some posts.

The Salary is limitless because as you grow in this field companies hire you with the high packages or you can start your own business.


Bonus Tips For Students

Now you may be thinking I told you all the best jobs in India the online and offline world, so what will be the bonus, so there is some job.

Where you can combine your online and offline and with some little more effort able to generate a massive amount of earning.

Get any offline job and then learn online SEO, AI, Digital marketing, and 2-3 hour daily work in this help to get some extra earning.

And when you get settled in an online job, you can go for as a primary way of earning, and it also helps you to make after retirement.


FAQ Section:

Which stream has more scope?

When we are in class 10 we all have one question in our mind that which stream is best or has better scope in the future.

Because now we need to choose our stream weather to go with science, commerce Arts or Biology we all get confused right.

So my opinion is to go for your interest because every stream is good until you are interested in it you will get success.

Why I am saying this because every stream has scope if you are interested, do hard work you get results don’t go for just what others say.


Which job is best after 12th?

This question is very interesting because in this stage some are thinking about higher study, some for the job and some want to do the parttime job with study.

So after 12 if you want to go for defence services Army, airforce or Indian navy and merchant navy can be the best choice.

You can also go for higher such as NDA, various government posts are open for you some also provide a facility that you can join then study.

My suggestion is that if you are interested in the defence to go for NDA or start preparing for higher studies along with some courses.

If you are from Art or medical field then the best option is to go for a higher course to learn more.


Which course is best for the job?

This question is simple but also confusing because selecting the best course is easy but when we know for what purpose.

If you are preparing for any job opportunity you can go for the course which can help you to crack that exam but wait what about the interview.

Do join some course that helps you to stand out from the crowd such as marketing, SEO, Ai, business management or more listed in these best jobs in India post.

Nowadays a person who knows multiple things related to the current era plus with their stream can help to boost his/her career.



Now we are at the end of the best jobs in India. I told you about offline and online ways that can help you to decide which career option-best to choose.

We all face these issues when we pass out 10+2 then think where to go about job security, so these ideas with qualification requirements help you.

Don’t forget to read a bonus which helps you to add some more money in your pocket also provide your review of how you like this post.

Your feedback helps us to improve and provide you with a better experience also check sites that help you to make money.

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