Url Meaning in SEO make user friendly url for website

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Importance of URL in SEO What are 301 and 302 redirect complete guide:

Hello, friends today we will talk about the most critical topic in SEO that is, redirects, Url meaning & key points of SEO.


You have read many blogs, watched videos that you should use SEO friendly URL, did not use so many redirects, use proper redirect and not use redirect chain as they affect your page speed.

So many questions Right? don’t worry I will answer all the questions so that from now onwards you did not face any problem related to URL.

url meaning

But first, most of us may don’t know the exact URL meaning, which type of address we have to use for our website and blogs.

I have done in-depth research and found that yes, it is right and every top blogger or SEO expert talks about this topic, but most of us don’t apply it or don’t know the proper way to do this.

SEO plan makes a good plan don,t do these mistakes

URL is nothing it is just a uniform resource locator or you can say that it tells where the files are located or stored basically it is a type of address of your data.

Now one question comes in your mind that how google bot or spiders read it so there is an IP address behind every address something like ( we can’t see but spiders can read it.

There are many benefits of proper URL optimization such as it makes easy to index, crawl, fast loading pages and easy to remember.


 Table of content

  1. What is URL
  2.  URL redirect
  3.  Types of redirects
  4.  Redirect loop or redirect chain
  5.  Affect of redirect in SEO
  6.  Redirect issues on how to identify
  7.  How to increase page speed by the proper redirect.
  8. Common questions and  conclusion


1.) What does URL stand for?

url parts


URL ( Uniform resource locator ) is an address of any page/file present on the internet it tells where your resource or files are kept.

Every page has a unique address which we use to search and found that page on the internet and in the backend there is a unique IP address which is used by bots/spiders


1.) HTTP://example.com
2.) HTTPS://example.in
3.) HTTPS://www.example.com

You can see that there are three types of URLs and all can be differentiated between three-parts Protocol (HTTP, HTTPS), Root domain(example.com), Extension(.in,.com,.org).

A combination of all these 3 parts makes blog address, which has its some meaning for that particular page/file which we called URL meaning.


2.) What is SEO friendly URL’s?

Now you all know the exact meaning now the second question is that what are SEO friendly URLs?

You can search on the internet and found many types of, and if you are a blogger, you know them as permalinks WordPress.

Here are some Url meaning examples:

1.) HTTPS://example.com/123

2.) HTTPS://example.in/tech4uonline

3.) HTTPS://www.example.com/26-04-2018/

You can see that after // there is a difference in every address containing numbers in 1, keyword followed by the date.

Now, you tell me which one of URL you choose if you have to choose from the above three, most of us or every one chooses


Why? this is the question that comes in mind Ans is because it is more simplified, containing the keyword, easy to remember and google spiders also scanned it.

Points to remember for SEO friendly URL

1.) Simple

2.) Easy to understand & remember

3.) Containing your keyword

4.) Short URL

5.) With HTTPS secure

Shoutmeloud you know this blog very well also told that short address better rank in google to make it short, easy and rememberable.


3.) What is URL Redirect?

Meaning you understand entirely now we discuss redirect, What is URL redirect and how it affects our page speed.

Redirect made up of two words,

1.) Re = again

2.) Direct= direction.

When we modify any article or we have lots of material in our blog, and we want to change our domain or the address of that page.

In that condition we require the need of URL redirect means we redirect particular address to another for some sort of time or permanent.

Means now you have given the URL a new direction to load that particular page if anyone searches for that address.

You may be thinking why we do this or changes the so friends as time change new things come in the market we need to modify our post and sometimes also the address.

Or you have soo many articles on the same topic or similar problems so you can redirect all the URL to a single particular page that contains all the information.

Which makes your address more authoritative and you get better rank in google you can also use the redirect if you change the domain of your blog so that you did not lose your traffic.

But every redirect also creates some issue which we are going to discuss below the major issue is page loading speed.


4.) What are URL redirect types?

 types of redirect

Now you know what is redirected here we will discuss types of redirect, so there are only two types of redirect.

One is the permanent redirect, and the other is a temporary redirect to know them in detail you first need to know URL meaning and function which I explained above.


1.)  301 redirect:

It is a permanent redirect of a given address, lets us assume that you have a domain https://example.com and now you want to change this to, https://tech4uonline.com then you can use 301 redirects.

It tells Google that we change URL take all authority & ranking from that domain to the new domain name and it roughly takes 2-3 weeks to do this.

can easily be understood by think that you change your address or shifted to a new place now you tell your postman to deliver you all post to a new address.


2.) 302 redirect:

In this type of redirect, it is a temporary redirect means that you want to change your URL address for some time and then want to back to the original one.

Take an example that you went somewhere on holiday for a few months and you want you all emails and cards sent to that location for a few months.

A great example is that if you own an e-commerce store and in winter you sell winter clothes but for summer you can redirect that URL to another for few months.



Google looks both redirect the same you can use it for the whole domain or particular pages it up to you but don’t do redirect loop or redirect chain.


5.) Redirect loop or redirect chain:


redirect and redirect loop


From the word somehow you can understand that a redirect chain is a chain that means there are multiple redirects between the initial and the final URL.

And if the final or destination again redirects to the initial URL then it forms a loop known as a redirect loop.

There are two types of the redirect chain

1.) Let us take  one example;

A  redirect to B and then B to C

So here a chain is formed, and if C redirect to A, then it forms a loop and continues redirecting which affects crawling of your site.

2.) Site wise redirect

When you migrate from one hosting to another or moving from HTTP to HTTPS like

HTTP:// ⇒ HTTP://www ⇒ HTTPS://www

This can also be a redirect chain issue which takes a lot of time to load your page and slow down your page speed we will discuss in details in down below.

So you need to solve this issue as it also makes Google bot to crawl your page and well index your site fast speed.

I will tell you how you can find all those issues and how to remove and solve them so be with this post to know all

Google also says that too many redirects are not good for your blog or website as it makes difficult for the Google spider to crawl and index your site.


6.) How URL redirect affects your SEO?

Affect of redirect in SEO? A fascinating question that how redirect affects your SEO, is redirect effect in the ranking.

So my friend yes it does change when we talk about the redirect in SEO you understand what is redirect from the upper part of this article.

Google says that there is no limit as of how many redirect you can do but yes if we are talking about redirect chain then 2 in most.

When we do any redirect do we lose authority or page rank this question often asked and yes it affects our page rank

 When you do any redirect it losses its (10-15)% of its page rank or authority.

It is not much, but when you do multiple redirects or redirect chains, then it affects your link equity which results in the drop of page rank.

These redirects also slow down your page load speed which is most important when we talk about SEO in 2019 or upcoming years.


7.) Redirect issues on how to identify and fix:

Now you know all about URL meaning, redirect, redirect chain now question is how you identify them & resolve them.

There are many ways paid and free, paid tools are more accurate but if you can’t afford then I tell you some of the free tools which are 60-70 accurate and you can also buy paid one.

The top paid tool is ahrefs in which when you do SEO site audit you can quickly get all the redirect URL with a solution on how to fix them.

The best free tool is a screaming frog which I personally use because it is easy to use and can do all your work in the free version.

Just put your domain name in the URL box and click start and within a minute, it shows you results where you can find all redirect.

How you can do seo of your site in limited budget 

You can also use online free tools where you need to put your URL, and it analyzes and tell you all redirect issues.

After you know your redirects confirm that all are appropriately redirected and not broken and if there is redirect chain remove that and put proper redirect.

If you know coding you can directly go through your c panel but I prefer to use Redirection a WordPress plugin simply put you source address and destination and click confirm and it does a 301 redirect for you.


 8.) How to increase page speed by proper redirect:

When you do any redirect, it adds an extra to fetch which increases the load time of your page which slows down page speed.

Single redirect doest affect as much as redirect chain when multiple redirects are there in between initial and the final.

It takes much more time to load the page or some times shows server error if there is a bigger time gap in connecting with other URLs.

In latest updates of Google algorithm page load speed is an important ranking factor.

So you need to increase your page load speed so to higher ranking and it will also help you in Voice search results as fast-loading pages preferred in voice search.

Mobile users increasing day by day google also launch its mobile-first page indexing and also an open-source AMP framework for fast loading.

AMP( accelerated mobile pages) for mobile devices.

All these updates indicate that page speed is an important factor nowadays and the upcoming time as future is the voice and visual search where speed is the need.

Fast load time also provides a better user experience which is the key point of SEO as a better user experience is what Google is finding with knowledgeable content.



Now you Know What is URL? What is URL meaning, redirect and how it affects your page speed how you can resolve it?

For proper SEO of your blog, your blog should have to be technically strong, structure, redirect and redirect chain is the crucial part of SEO.

So after reading this please give your review and feedback and also tell does it benefit you or not.

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