What is YouTube How to Earn money From YouTube

What is YouTube? Earn Money for your talent Share your knowledge and Earn for That:


Hello, and welcome friends so today we will start a new series of article in which I tell you about what is youtube how to earn money.

It is the most significant platform, to earn legal money just share your knowledge and you can make a good amount of money.

For video content creators, it is the best platform for video sharing content and Video content is the future so if you are a creator read out this.

I also provided other articles such as how to Make youtube channel, how to upload the video so check out all.

Millions of video shared every day, and if you know anything which can be beneficial for viewers you can create content and earn money.

What are the Other ways to Earn Money Online?


What is YouTube?


It is the product of Google which is famous or you can the best platform for videos sharing, streaming and all.

News, Bollywood song, comedy, science, etc. if you have any unique talent or you want to do something different, and you have the passion for doing then you have to come in this platform and show your ability and also earn.

Today we will know what is youtube is and how it works, how we can earn through it.

When you watch any video on YouTube in any category, then there are some ads.

Which is coming in between the video or on the side of the video or something in starting of the video.

Youtube serve these ads in your content, and you get money for that.


How YouTube Works?


Now, what is youtube? I think you all get your answer, it is a company that has an advertising network which is known as Ad Sense.

AdSense publishes ads on your videos and you get a percentage of that when ads displayed on your video.

AdSense take money from the advertisers to advertise their ads and give a percentage to you and make some commission itself there is a 45:55 percent ratio so now you know how the YouTube system works.

If you think it is difficult to make a YouTube channel, link your YouTube channel with AdSense, how to upload a video, how to grow your channel and much more.

Don’t worry I am here for all your questions.

I will write step by step guide for you so that you get all your questions solved.


Top Indian you tubers BB ki Vines, Technical Guruji, my smart support,  make a joke of and much more ( T series, zee music …………).

You can see how these people are growing day by day.

You can also do this; you can do more better than they are doing, just need to start finding your talent.

Let me know if you have any questions about this feel free to comment. I love to help you out.

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how to make a channel and then step by step other …

Know more other ways

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